Minkyu Kim: 2019 Winner of the ECS Korea Section Student Award

Minkyu Kim is the 2019 winner of the ECS Korea Section Student Award

The ECS Korea Section Student Award was established in 2005 to recognize academic accomplishments in any area of science or engineering in which electrochemical and/or solid state science and technology is the central consideration. To qualify for this award, applicants must (1) be a student who is pursuing a PhD at a Korean University, (2) be nominated by a university faculty member and (3) be a member of ECS at the time of the nomination.

About Minkyu Kim

Minkyu Kim is a PhD student in the department of materials science and engineering at the Pohang University of Science and Technology. As a PhD candidate under Byoungwoo Kang, he has been working on developing high energy density cathode material based on promising 3.9V fully cation-disordered triplite LiFeSO4F for lithium ion battery (LIB). Kim tried to understand the reason why fully cation-disordered materials, triplite LiFeSO4F, show good electrochemical performances such as high rate capability. Based on this understanding, his study clearly demonstrates that certain types of the cation disorder can be much easily controlled and then fully exploited to achieve full electrochemical performance, an unlikely general belief on the cation-disordered materials. This will extend the scope of electrode materials to the cation-disordered materials in addition to the cation-ordered materials.

ECS recognizes outstanding technical achievements in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology through its Honors & Awards Program. There are many deserving members of our scientific community and this is an opportunity to highlight their contributions.


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