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Paywall comes down from October 24-30

ECS participates in its seventh International Open Access Week from October 24-30, bringing down the paywall to over 171,000 journal and magazine articles and meeting abstracts. The ECS Digital Library on IOPscience is free and accessible to everyone that week. SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, organizes the annual global event to focus attention and inspire momentum toward the open sharing of knowledge.

“2022 International Open Access Week is an effort that ECS activates in solidarity with the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition to support and encourage open access publishing efforts and the barriers it removes for the scientific community. Scientific research needs to be widely accessible to aid in the acceleration of scientific advancement,” said Adrian Plummer, MPA, PMP, Director of Publications at The Electrochemical Society.

Open for Climate Justice

According to the organizers, 2022 International Open Access Week focuses on Climate Justice in order “to encourage connection and collaboration among the climate movement and the international open community. Sharing knowledge is a human right, and tackling the climate crisis requires the rapid exchange of knowledge across geographic, economic, and disciplinary boundaries.”

Research in ECS publications directly addresses the sustainability of the planet and solutions to climate change. Electrochemistry and solid state science hold the keys to innovation in renewable energy, biomedical applications, water and sanitation, communications, transportation, technology, infrastructure, and beyond.

Free the Science

The Open for Climate Justice theme supports ECS’s Free the Science vision to provide access to all in order to further advance research. From 2014 (when the Society began offering open access as a publishing option) through 2021, over 38 percent of all ECS journal content has been published as open access. Thirty-one percent of all articles published in 2021 were open access.

ECS held its sixth annual Free the Science Week from April 3-10, 2022, taking down the paywall to over 171,000 journal and magazine articles and meeting abstracts. That April, 654,965 JES, JSS, ECST, and Interface publications were downloaded—a 34.5 percent increase from 2021 downloads for the same period. (Note that the 2022 tally did not include ECS Meeting Abstracts data which was included in 2021.) During the week of the event, 207,927 downloads took place, representing 32 percent of the total downloads for the month of April. From 2020 to 2022, downloads in the month of the Society’s Free the Science Week have more than doubled, increasing by 113 percent.

ECS Digital Library

During 2022 International Open Access Week, the Society gives free and open access to the ECS Digital Library on IOP Science. Here researchers can retrieve content from the Journal of The Electrochemical Society (the flagship journal of ECS, published continuously since 1902), ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, ECS TransactionsECS Meeting AbstractsInterface, ECS Electrochemistry LettersECS Solid State Letters, and Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters. The Society’s two new Gold Open Access journals, ECS Advances and ECS Sensors Plus, are also available.

Save the date and share the news

Visit the ECS Digital Library from October 25-31 for unrestricted access to over 171,000 scientific articles and abstracts. In the meantime, support the global open access initiative by using the official hashtag, #OAweek.



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