Spread the News about PRiME 2020

Enjoy free, unlimited access!

ECS is reaching out to the community—our volunteer leaders, people registered to attend PRiME 2020, and people presenting during PRiME—to help spread the news that it’s free for attendees to register for the online meeting. Attendees can access all symposia and live events at no charge. However, registration for the event is required. Thank you to PRiME 2020 presenters whose nominal registration fee helps fund free access for the global community.

Here are some ways to help spread the news about PRiME 2020.

Share messages on your social media channels

We have created social media posts which you can copy and paste into Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn. Follow this link for post templates.

Post an image to your LinkedIn account

Grab more attention for your post with a PRiME branded graphic tells everyone that you’re presenting at or attending PRiME 2020.

Update your FB profile

Frame your personal image with a PRiME 2020 Facebook frame to spread the news about PRiME 2020.

  • PRiME 2020 presenters FB frame to tell everyone that you’re presenting at PRiME 2020.
  • PRiME 2020 attendees FB frame to tell everyone that you’re attending PRiME 2020.
Update your Twitter banner

Tell your contacts that PRiME 2020 is important by updating your Twitter banner with a PRiME 2020 branded graphic.

Use hashtags

Build online following and drive engagement by using hashtags. Anytime you post to social media, simply insert these hashtags within or at the end of your post:

  • #TheElectrochemicalSociety
  • #ECSMeetings
  • #PRiME2020
Feature a PRiME background on Zoom

Zoom is ubiquitous now in people’s work, learning, and personal lives. Using a PRiME-themed background image is a great way to share your support for PRiME (and you don’t have to worry about showing what is naturally behind you!). We created a number of different background images to choose from, provide instructions on how to install a PRiME-themed Zoom background, and tips for using it to the best effect. Follow this link for PRiME-themed Zoom backgrounds.

Online resources

There is a wealth of information about PRiME 2020 on the ECS website. Here are some useful links to include in your messages:

Questions? Contact ecs@electrochem.org.

Thank you for your help! 


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