Bill Nye the Science Guy first debuted in 1993, bringing an entertaining and educational program to public television. After 100 episodes, the show went off air in 1998, but Nye has continued to hold a prominent place in mainstream scientific dialogue.

Now, Nye is going back to his roots with Bill Nye Saves the World, set to air on Netflix on April 21.

The show aims to debunk anti-scientific claims, with topics ranging for climate change to alternative medicine.

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The National Park Service, which oversees more than 400 sites across the country, celebrated its 100th birthday on Aug. 25, 2016. During the centennial anniversary, Popular Science caught up with Bill Nye to discuss how climate change is affecting these public lands and their inhabitants.

Bill Nye On Climate Change In Our National Parks by PopSci
Learn more about what our scientists are doing to provide answers to growing global energy needs with clean, alternative solutions.

Solving Climate Change with Bubbles

In light of U.N. Climate Talks in Paris and the crippling air pollution levels in China, Bill Nye continuing the good fight against climate change with his latest pitch for a solution against the catastrophic force.

His possible solution? Bubbles.

Through a simple experiment, Nye explores the possibility of purposely inducing bubbles to potentially help satisfy water and sanitation demands as well as reflect light into space—helping control the global temperature.

In the full interview with Yahoo! News Live, Nye also discusses a carbon fee, the real threats of climate change, and “climate deniers.” Check out the full video.

PS: Check out what ECS scientists are doing to address climate change!

“If you want innovation, if you want to have engineers of tomorrow, you have to have science.”

Those were the words of Bill Nye the Science guy at the 2015 Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision K-12 national science competition.

A group of students from West Salem High School in Oregon took first place overall in the competition this year with their prototype of programmable bio-scaffolding that could eliminated uncontrollable bleeding from open wounds in those who take blood thinning medications.

Nye has been involved with this competition for more than a decade. Not only does Nye hope that this competition will help encourage young people to value the importance of the sciences, but that it will also highlight the need for gender inclusion in STEM.

“Half the humans are girls and women, so we want half the engineers and scientists to be girls and women,” said Nye.


Bill Nye + Deflategate = Climate Change?

Bill Nye the Science Guy drops some science on the Patriots and takes the opportunity to deliver a message on climate change.

Who Inspired You?

Mr Wizard

Donald Herbert better known as Mr. Wizard.

I’ll be the first to admit I need direction. I was attracted to this job as Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement because I love science and history and I’m a teacher at heart. The ECS mission – dissemination of knowledge – struck me.

Thank you Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson and my 6th grade science teacher Mr. Smott and the movie Race for the Double Helix and Meyer Moore and his dad who introduced me to model rockets just to name a few.