Visionary Speakers Present ECS Lectures

Koen KasWhat do Koen Kas and Valerie Browning have in common? They were both chosen to deliver The Electrochemical Society (ECS) Lecture at meeting plenary sessions. ECS selects only the most prestigious and forward thinking specialists to present these lectures. Koen Kas delivered the ECS Lecture at the 235th ECS Meeting. Valerie Browning will present the ECS Lecture at the 236th ECS Meeting. Plenary session attendees get to meet the speakers. So be sure to mark your calendar for Browning’s presentation in October at the plenary session of the ECS Meeting.

The ECS Lecture presenters speak on topics that are important for electrochemical and solid state scientists. Koen Kas is a lifetime member of ECS.  A renaissance man, Kas is known as a healthcare futurist, entrepreneur, professor of molecular oncology, acclaimed international keynote speaker, and author.

In his ECS Lecture, “Guardian Angels Turning Sickcare Into Healthcare,” he described how healthcare should be redesigned to combine different layers of biological code, data from visible and invisible sensors, and the connected Internet of Bodies/Things. He expressed his absolute certainty that we can create our future and that The Electrochemical Society and scientists working in the field will be fundamental in making the shift from sickcare to healthcare. Watch Kas’ ECS Lecture now.

While Kas envisions the future, Valerie Browning makes the future a reality. She serves as the director of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)’s Defense Sciences Office (DSO). DARPA makes pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies of national security. Electrochemistry and solid state science and technology play a vital role in DSO’s work. Browning’s ECS Lecture at the 236th ECS Meeting plenary session will highlight past and current investments in these areas.  She will present examples of research enabled by DARPA DSO including applications in unmanned underwater vehicle energy storage and portable power. Insights regarding how DARPA programs are generated and what might be on the horizon for future areas of interest will also be covered.

What is DARPA up to and how does your work relate to DARPA’s goals? Register now for the 236th ECS meeting and attend the plenary to find out!


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