Allen J. Bard: Winner of the King Faisal International Prize in Science Award

Allen J. Bard

Allen J. Bard, regarded as the “father of modern electrochemistry,” was recently announced the winner of the 2019 King Faisal International Prize in Science. According to UT NEWS, the University of Texas at Austin professor of chemistry received $200,000 and a gold medal from the King Faisal Foundation, as a result of the big win.

Bard, an ECS member for over 50 years, is a big believer in chemistry—the chemistry found among people.

“There’s a chemistry that can develop in a group, and that chemistry can lead to very good science,” says Bard.

So it’s no surprise that his team player mentality has indeed led him to “very good science,” so good it earned him the international award, given to only those who have made outstanding contributions in physics, chemistry, biology, or mathematics through original scientific research that brings major benefits to humanity.

The prize will be shared with fellow chemist Jean M.J. Fréchet of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

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Bard’s contributions to science do not just start here. Over the years, he has taught and mentored over 75 PhD students and 150 postdoctoral fellows, including Paul Kohl, who served as ECS president from 2014-2015; Larry Faulkner, serving as ECS president from 1991-1992, later becoming a key player in the establishment of the Free the Science initiative; and Johna Leddy, also a former ECS president from 2017-2018.

For his exceptional hard work and dedication, the Society founded the Allen J. Bard Award in 2013, with the first award presented to yet another former Bard student and world leader in electrochemistry, Henry White.

This year, ECS will award the Allen J. Bard Award to Héctor Abruña from Cornell University at the 235th ECS Meeting taking place in Dallas, Texas this May. Join us for a chance to meet with scientists, engineers, and industry leaders from around the world!

Learn more about the Allen J. Bard Award.

Hear former Executive Director and CEO Roque Calvo’s conversation with Allen J. Bard.


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