Expert in Carbon Materials Kicks off 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS18 Plenary Session

Dr. Rodney Ruoff

Dr. Rodney Ruoff

Dr. Rodney Ruoff delivers the ECS Lecture on May 31

The ECS Lecture at the Plenary Session of the 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS18 will be delivered by Dr. Rodney Ruoff, Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science, and the School of Energy Science and Chemical Engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, and Director of the Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM). The Plenary Session is from 2100-2200h EST on Monday, May 31, after which the content will be available through June 26, 2021. The 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS18 takes place in a digital format. There is no cost to participate, however pre-registration is required.

ECS Lecture

For more than 50 years, notable leaders in the fields of electrochemistry and solid state science—including numerous Nobel Laureates—have presented the ECS Lecture. In his presentation, “Carbon Materials,Dr. Ruoff discusses the intimate connection between carbon materials and electrochemistry such as electrochemical synthesis, energy storage, catalysis, and basic science such as of the redox behavior and studies of kinetics and thermodynamics of a variety of (electro) chemical processes (e.g., the formation of graphite intercalation compounds by electrochemistry). He will describe efforts at CMCM exemplifying the range and utility of electrochemistry for basic science. The lecture is a prominent feature of the Society’s biannual meetings.

Plenary Session

The ECS Lecture is presented at the Plenary Session, the one meeting event where all presenters and participants come together before dividing into topic interest area symposia. In a world divided by the COVID-19 pandemic, where isolation is the norm, the Plenary Session provides unparalleled opportunities for meeting participants, even in a digital setting. “The plenary session brings everyone together,” said Christopher J. Jannuzzi, ECS Executive Director and CEO. “Colleagues create long-lasting collaborative efforts. Participants enrich and energize their professional lives. New friends are made and old friends revisited. Leading authorities showcase important innovations in the electrochemical and solid state sciences which can impact attendees’ research.” Meeting participants can communicate with participants and presenters via a built-in peer-to-peer messaging tool and Q&A/comment fields. Connections expand through the meeting’s more than 150 live topical sessions. Twice daily, ECS symposia hold video breakout sessions featuring live presentations, question and answer opportunities, topical discussions, and more.

Rodney Ruoff

Dr. Ruoff co-founded the ECS Fullerenes Group which evolved into the current ECS Nanocarbons Division. He is a Fellow of the Materials Research Society, American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Royal Society of Chemistry. He received the American Physics Society’s James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials (2018), American Carbon Society SGL Skakel Award (2016), and Materials Research Society Turnbull Prize (2014). Ruoff has authored or co-authored some 500 peer-reviewed publications related to chemistry, physics, materials science, mechanics, and biomedical science. Clarivate Analytics named Ruoff a Citation Laureate for many years. He has been a Highly Cited Researcher in Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science since such statistics have been reported.

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More information is available on the ECS Lecture, Plenary Session, and 239th ECS Meeting with IMCS18.  


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