PRiME 2020 Best Poster and Presentation Winners

ECS is pleased to announce the winners of the PRiME 2020 symposia-funded best poster and presentation awards!

Awards of this type are presented at every ECS meeting thanks to the generous funding of individual symposium sponsors. Please take a moment to celebrate the excellent work of the authors listed below.

If you missed the opportunity to view these presentations, there is still time! All presentations are accessible until November 9, 2020! Pre-registration is required.

A04 – Electrolytes, Interfaces, and Interphases – Best Poster Award Winners

Thank you to Enchem Co, Ltd for their generous sponsorship of this symposium.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Sodium-Ion Batteries – The Quest for Quasimetallic Nanoparticles
Claire Doswell, University of Birmingham

Formation Mechanism and Stability of Solid Electrolyte Interphases in Linear Carbonate-Based Electrolytes
Mahsa Ebrahiminia, University of Utah, Materials Science and Engineering

Improved Low-Temperature Performance of Lithium-Ion Battery with so2-Based Inorganic Electrolyte
Seong Hoon Choi, Hanyang University

Effects of Anion Species on Li Ion Transport and Electrochemical Properties in Highly Concentrated Electrolytes
Yosuke Ugata, Yokohama National University

G03 – SiGe, Ge, and Related Compounds: Materials, Processing, and Devices 9 – Best Paper Award Winners

Thank you to GlobalFoundries for their generous sponsorship of this symposium.

Analysis of Sn Behavior During Ni/GeSn Solid-State Reaction by Correlated X-ray Diffraction, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Ex-situ/In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
Andrea Quintero Colmenares, Université Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI

Si-Passivated Ge Gate Sacks with Low Interface State and Oxide Trap Densities Using Thulium Silicate
Laura Zurauskaite, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

I01 – Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells & Electrolyzers 20 (PEFC&E-20) – Best Poster Award Winners

Thank you to the Office of Naval Research and Army Research Office for their generous sponsorship of this symposium.

First Place:Nanocellulose Crosslinked with Sulfonic Acid as an Alternative Proton Conductive Membrane for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Olena Selyanchyn, Kyushu University

Second Place:Molecular Analysis of Cerium Ion Transport Properties in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
Kyohei Ishikawa, Tohoku University

Second Place:Simulation of Reaction and Mass Transport in PEFC Cathode Catalyst Layer Fabricated by Inkjet Printing Method
Yuting Wei, Kyushu University

Second Place:Investigation on Methanol Tolerance of Pt/C Cathode Catalyst with Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Layer for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Jung-goo Choi, ERTL, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Third Place:Effect of Copper Precursor and Composition on Catalytic Activity of Fe-N-C Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Medium
Jong Gyeong Kim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Thank you to these companies and all of our other symposium sponsors for supporting the PRiME 2020 Meeting! Be sure to also view the Student Poster Session Award Winners.

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