2024 ECS Society Officers Election

We are pleased to announce the candidates for ECS Society Officers positions in the upcoming election.

The early months of each year are an exciting time at ECS, when the officers’ election takes place from January through March. Elected officers constitute the organization’s executive committee and include the following positions: president, three vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer.

This year, we vote for the new President, 3rd Vice President, and Secretary. Voting begins January 15. We encourage all ECS members to exercise their right to vote. Read the candidates’ bios and candidacy statements below, followed by voting instructions.

Vote now! Voting closes at 2400h, March 15, 2024 


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The ECS Twin Cities Section held its 2022 Officer Election in March. Thank you to everyone who voted in the election; and thank you to the new officers for serving their section.

Announcing the new ECS Twin Cities Section officers
  • Chair: Victoria Gelling, Sherwin-Williams
  • Vice Chair: Vincent Chevrier, Partner, Cyclikal; CTO, Trion
  • Secretary: Peter Zhang, Medtronic
  • Treasurer: Hui Ye, Medtronic
  • Members-at-Large:
    • Bill Howard, ECS Emeritus Member
    • Lifeng Dong, Hamline University
    • Alan Shi, Medtronic
    • Delenn Fingerlow, Sherwin-Williams


The following are the biographical sketches and candidacy statements of the candidates nominated for the position of ECS Battery Division Treasurer. ECS division officers serve the Society as volunteers.

ECS Battery Division members are urged to take part in this important election! Voting begins September 1 and ends September 29.


The following are the biographical sketches and candidacy statements for the candidates nominated for the position of ECS Sensor Division Treasurer.

ECS Sensor Division members are urged to take part in this important election! Voting begins September 1 and ends September 29.


2017 ECS Elections

This is a message to all voting members of The Electrochemical Society. The electronic proxy will arrive in your email inbox on Jan. 15, Feb. 15, and March 10. Candidates for the open officer positions within our governance structure are listed below.

Take a moment to review the full candidate biographies and election statements to make the most informed decision.

The voting deadline is midnight ET March 15, 2017.

Office of the President

Johna LeddyJohna Leddy

“As president of ECS, I will ensure a steady flow of information and ideas about how to engage Free the Science. Information plus energy will set the research free.”

Office of Vice President

Stefan De GendtStefan De Gendt

“Advancing science and technology is not just the mission of ECS, it should be the goal of every scientifically educated individual.”


Andrew HoffAndrew Hoff

“Nearly two decades into its second century, ECS strives to enable and advance electrochemical and solid state science and technology exploration and knowledge generation through the active participation of its members.”

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ECS Tellers of Election

According to Wikipedia, a teller of an election is “a person who counts the votes in an election, vote, referendum, or poll.” The ECS Tellers of Election recently met to do just that: verify our 2016 Society Elections.

Tellers of the Election

ECS Tellers of Election as they verify the 2016 Society votes – from left, Prof. Craig B. Arnold, Dr. Ronald E. Enstrom, Mr. Norman Goldsmith and Dr. William M. Ayers.

Let’s backtrack a moment where we must first and foremost thank members of ECS for voting this year. Our second thoughts of appreciation go to the wonderful slate of candidates who are not only recognized professionals in their own areas of the sciences, but are dedicated enough to vie for ECS leadership. Thank you very much to Drs. Christina Bock and Thomas Moffat for considering the Vice President opportunity. Four years ago, Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar was in this race to become an ECS Vice President which allowed him to now be on the ballot for the organization’s President. We extend similar appreciation to Drs. James Fenton and Douglas Hansen for competing for the role of Secretary.