Volunteers Sought to Shape the Future of ECS Continuing Education

The ECS Education Committee recently voted to combine the Short Course Subcommittee and Career and Professional Development Subcommittee into one committee: the ECS Continuing Education Subcommittee. The conjoined committee is looking for motivated individuals to help shape the future of continuing education opportunities for the ECS community.

As the fields of electrochemistry and solid state science and related technologies continue to evolve, so do the educational needs of our community. COVID-19 changed education dramatically, forcing a precipitous shift away from the classroom to online learning. While face-to-face education can never be completely replaced, certain aspects of online learning are here to stay.

Be part of the dialog on how the Society maintains its preeminence in continuing education in electrochemistry and solid state science and related technologies—and meets the challenges of an ever-changing education landscape!

ECS continuing education programs

  • ECS Professional Development programs help students, young professionals, and mid-career researchers develop and/or enhance skills for their current and future careers. Courses also assist participants build professional networks.
  • ECS Short Courses are designed to provide students or seasoned professionals with in-depth education on a wide range of topics. Small-sized classes taught by academic and industry experts create excellent opportunities for personalized instruction, helping novices and experts advance their technical expertise and knowledge. Short Courses will be offered online in September 2021 and during the 240th ECS Meeting.
  • ECS Digital Media—including podcasts, videos, and original news stories—expands constantly to serve as a go-to source for electrochemistry and solid state science content.
  • The ECS Webinar Series, launched in June 2020, showcases distinguished speakers and members of the ECS community, presenting on a multitude of topics. The popular presentations are hosted by IOP Publishing and PhysicsWorld.com.
Interested in volunteering?

Submit an interest form at Continuing Education Subcommittee Interest Form.


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