A Light Show on Four Wheels

Because it does not require heat to produce light, EL is safe, efficient, and long lasting.Credit: Darkside Scientific

Because it does not require heat to produce light, EL is safe, efficient, and long lasting.
Credit: Darkside Scientific

Imagine being able to paint light on an object. With Darkside Scientific’s patented technology known as LumiLor, the company is now able to turn light into paint.

Recently, the company released a video of a car treated with LumiLor, which showcases the patented technology in all its luminescent glory.

The process is made possible through electroluminescent (EL) coating technologies, which is a characteristic of material that enables it to emit light in response to an electrical field.

The from Darkside Scientific:

At the sub-atomic level, the process behind electroluminescence is radiative recombination, also known as spontaneous emission. In radiative recombination, phosphorescent substances emit photons (light particles) in response to alternating electrical current.

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For more information on electroluminescent technologies, check out the wealth of information on the topic in ECS’s Digital Library.


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