Digital Advertising Opportunities

Interface advertising

Advertise in our quarterly magazine, Interface. More than 6,000 people read this publication, including leading electrochemical and solid state science engineers and scientists. In 2020, Interface received over 68,000 downloads from the ECS Digital Library, and readership grew by 13 percent from 2020 to 2021.

Spring 2022

Special issue: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Electrochemistry

Advertising close date: January 24
Advertising copy submission: February 4
Publish date: March 25

Summer 2022

Moving Science Forward

Advertising close date: April 25
Advertising copy submission: May 6
Publish date: July 8

Fall 2022

The Impact of Li Batteries on Our Lives

Advertising close date: July 25
Advertising copy submission: August 5
Publish date: September 23

Winter 2022

Pathways to Sustainability

Advertising close date: October 24
Advertising copy submission: November 4
Publish date: December 16

Meeting advertising

Share your message with thousands of meeting attendees by advertising in the Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide). Each international ECS meeting and exhibit is a forum for the latest scientific and technical developments in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology. These events offer technical presentations, poster sessions, panel discussions, professional development workshops, special summits, and a variety of networking and social events. More than 4,000 participants attend ECS meetings each year.

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Digital advertising opportunities:

Advertising on ECS’s digital properties is the best option for getting your brand and information out to our community.

ECS Digital Library

The ECS Digital Library attracts 241,000 visitors per month. Home to all ECS peer reviewed research, the ECS Digital Library serves the broad scientific and technical community.

ECS News

The ECS News is a conversation between you and our community. Reach over 6,000 viewers per week.

Weekly eNews

The weekly ECS eNews is filled with breaking news, important announcements, and feature stories for your potential customers. Advertise in eNews and get your message delivered to over 32,000 inboxes.

ECS job board advertising

Place your job or exclusive banner in the next ECS Job Flash Email to Qualified Professionals to increase candidates by up to 500%! For package selections and pricing, visit here.

ECS website

Get your organization front and center on the ECS website by advertising on the homepage. The ECS website, which provides our members and constituents with timely information on ECS programs, receives 36,100 sessions/month!

ECS Digital Exhibitor & Vendor Guide (DEVguide)

Strategically showcase your organization and product(s) in the ECS DEVguide.

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