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The meaning of ECS as told by its members

Society members say that ECS is their professional home. It’s where they meet new colleagues and discover valuable peer collaborations.

ECS connects you to a global network of scientists and engineers in academia, industry, and government—leaders in the fields of electrochemistry and solid state science and technology.

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  • ECS Community Adapts and Advances Through COVID-19 (Elizabeth Biddinger, Venkat Viswanathan, Netzahualcó yotl [Netz] Arroyo-Currá s, Marion Jones, Joe Stetter, Jerry Woodall, Colm O’Dwyer, Mark Orazem, Brett Lucht, Shelley Minteer, Jason Keleher, Alex Peroff, Arumugam “Ram” Manthiram, Marca Doeff, Chris Beasley, Janine Mauzeroll, Alice Suroviec, Greg Jackson)
  • Discover your community (Ralph J. Brodd, Elizabeth Biddinger, James Fenton, Shirley Meng)
  • Join your community (Robert Savinell , Marca Doeff, Daniel Arenas Esteban, Jeffrey Henderson, Alice Suroviec, Yue Kuo)
  • Build your community (Richard Alkire, Doron Aurbach, Gordon E. Moore, EJ Taylor, Allen J. Bard, Esther Takeuchi, Johna Leddy, Gerald Frankel, Nobel Prize Laureates)
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  • Access the latest research with 100 free downloads from the ECS Digital Library;
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  • Gain recognition through our awards;
  • Participate in grants and fellowships like the ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship; and,
  • Connect with an outstanding professional network of 8,000 scientists and engineers from over 70 countries worldwide.

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ECS community adapts and advances through COVID-19

Discover your community

Ralph J. Brodd – ECS awards pay for the baby

Elizabeth Biddinger – Good for young faculty

James Fenton – You get adopted by everybody

Shirley Meng – Priceless collaboration

Join your community

Jeffrey Henderson – Opportunities abound

Alice Suroviec – A closer network 

Yue Kuo – Paying it forward

Build your community

Richard Alkire – ECS is family

Doron Aurbach – Collaborating with open minds

Gordon E. Moore – Home court advantage

EJ Taylor – Inspired by ECS

Allen J. Bard – “Chemistry” leads to good science

Esther Takeuchi – Building networks

Johna Leddy – My go-to community

Gerald Frankel – My technical home

Nobel Prize – ECS home to many Nobel laureates