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What is electrochemistry?

Electrochemistry is the study of the relationship between chemical and electrical change. Electrochemical science has a multitude of applications, ranging from solar technology to biomedical innovations.

What is solid state science?

Solid state science deals with the relationship between atomic structure and the electrical, chemical, optical, and physical properties of solid materials. Applications include electronic and optical devices, displays, and sensors.

Meet the scientists

Why Your Battery Doesn’t Last Forever
Daniel Abraham talks Li-ion and capacity fade

Microgrids Paving the Way
Venkat Subramanian on renewable grid controls

Predicting Corrosion: From Flint to Infrastructure
Robert Kelly discusses corrosion science

How to Make Solar Work
Meng Tao on large-scale solar

What’s Next for Batteries?
Robert Kostecki reflects on past innovations

The Future of Batteries
Shirley Meng talks energy storage

Transforming Greenhouse Gases
David Go’s work in clean burning fuel

Energy (R)evolution
Jim Fenton on EVs and the grid

Meet the Scientists

Perspective on Semiconductors
Stephen Pearton on the future of electronics

Renewable Liquid Fuels
From energy storage to transportation

What is Blue Energy?
Hear from leaders in osmotic power

Following Hawaii’s Lead in Renewables
See what happened at the PRiME energy summit

For-science or For-profit?
Technical editors discuss scholarly publishing

How Lead Pipes Poison Your Water
Gerald Frankel talks corrosion and infrastructure

Preventing Foodborne Illness with Biosensors
Discussing Salmonella with Shin Horikawa

Exploding Hoverboards Explained
K.M. Abraham on Li-ion battery safety

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