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White and Bard

Henry White (left) and Allen J. Bard (right) during the Allen J. Bard Award session during the 227th ECS Meeting.

Topic Close-up #8

SYMPOSIUM C06: Metallic, Organic and Composite Coatings for Corrosion Protection

FOCUSED ON all aspects of corrosion protection by coatings. Coating systems of interest include organic coatings, organic-inorganic hybrid coatings, corrosion protective compounds to be used in organic coatings, novel pretreatments, and metallic coatings, such as novel galvanic zinc alloy coatings and novel coatings applied by PVD or CVD processes. A special focus is on smart coatings and coatings capable of self-repair or self–healing. Also advanced characterization techniques and new approaches for accelerated corrosion testing of coatings will be covered.

FEATURING a number of outstanding invited speakers from industry and academia and in expectation of many high level contributions from all over the world, this symposium will provide an excellent platform for intense scientific discourse on cutting edge research in the field of coatings. Learn about all the topics!

(MORE: See a full list of topic close-ups.)

Topic Close-up #9

SYMPOSIUM I01: Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells 16 (PEFC-16)

FOCUSED ON on all aspects of research, development and engineering of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and electrolyzers, as well as low-temperature direct-fuel cells using an anion or cation exchange membrane. This annual symposium at the ECS Fall Meeting is the premier venue for the dissemination of technical content related to polymer membrane type fuel cells and electrolyzers to an international audience. A Plenary Session on Monday 3rd October 2016 is the symposium high spot with 9 Plenary Lectures of broad appeal to the community and the lectures drawing over 300 people. The program on the other days is structured into six parallel sessions: Diagnostic techniques, Systems Design and Components, Membranes, Catalysts, Alkaline and Direct Fuel Cells, Polymer Electrolyte Electrolysis.

PLENARY SPEAKERS: Takashi Moriya (Honda R&D), Elena Savinova (University of Strasbourg), Kenji Miyatake (University of Yamanashi), Ulrike Kramm (Technical University of Darmstadt), Karren More (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Anusorn Kongkanand (General Motors), Nemanja Danilovic (Proton OnSite), Jrgen Stumper (AFCC), Shinji Kinoshita (Asahi Glass Company).

INVITED SPEAKERS: Mathias Gerard (CEA Grenoble), Hyunchul Ju (Inha University), Shen Pei-Kang (Sun Yat-sen University), Sung Yung-Eun (Seoul National University), Sugimoto Wataru (Shinshu University), Imai Hideto (Nissan Ark), Toshiyuki Suzuki (Toyota Motor Corporation), Daniel Herein (Umicore Corp), Simon Thiele (Imtek, University of Freiburg), Anthony Kucernak (Imperial College), Mike Yandrasits (3M), Wei Wang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory).

TRAVEL GRANTS to encourage active participation of new and talented young researchers in the field.


SHORT COURSE on fundamental catalysis and its application to low-temperature fuel cell diagnostics and kinetic studies. Learn about all the topics!

Topic Close-up #10

SYMPOSIUM L02: Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids 20

FOCUSED ON broad discussions of research and development in the field of molten salts and ionic liquids including topical focus on: power and energy, separations, rare earth and nuclear chemistry, electrodeposition, catalysis, solute-solvent properties, biomass and materials applications, new salt mixtures, and historical development of the field.

FEATURING international invited speakers including: Daniel Armstrong, Joan Brennecke, Susumu Kuwabata, Anja Mudring, Robin Rogers, Paul Trulove, Tom Welton as well as numerous contributed presentations and posters pertaining to molten salts and ionic liquids.

STUDENT POSTER COMPETITION will be held during the symposium. A limited number of student travel grants are also available. Refer to the PRiME 2016 Call for Papers for details.

PROCEEDINGS VOLUME: ECS Transactions will be published, available at the meeting. Learn about all the topics!

Topic Close-up #11

SYMPOSIUM G01: High Purity and High Mobility Semiconductors

FOCUSED ON: This 14th High Purity and High Mobility Semiconductor symposium, which is an extension of the previous High Purity Silicon symposium, provides a forum for discussion of the latest developments in the growth, characterization, device processing, and applications of high purity and high mobility semiconductor materials in either bulk or epitaxial form. The emphasis is on the control and prevention of impurity incorporation, characterization and detection of defects and impurity states in high purity and high mobility semiconductors for superior device performances. Device and circuit aspects related to the use of devices on high quality and advanced silicon wafers will also be addressed. Special attention will be given to alternative and high-mobility substrates and their material and device aspects.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Prof. H. Wakabayaski (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Prof. W. Vandervorst (imec & KU Leuven), Dr. Luo Jun (Imecas, Beijing, China), Prof. Toshiali Tsuchiya (Shimane University, Japan), Prof. Yutaka Tokuda (Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan), Prof. Koji Sueoka (Okayama Prefectural University, Japan), Prof. Marco Fanciulli (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy), Dr. John Borland, Prof. H. Radamson (KTH Sweden), Prof. A. Toriumi (University of Tokyo), Dr. Dawid Kot (IHP, Germany), Dr. Francois Rieutord (CEA Grenoble, France), Dr. Andrew Findlay (Semilab), Dr. Victor Moroz (Synopsys), Prof. Kentarou Sawano (Tokyo City University), Prof. Masao Tabuchi (Nagoia University), Prof. Talid Sinno (University of Pennsylvania). Learn more about the topics!

Topic Close-up #12

SYMPOSIUM H04: Low-Dimensional Nanoscale Electronic and Photonic Devices 9

FOCUSED ON The 9th Low-Dimensional Nanoscale Electronic and Photonic Devices symposium will address the most recent developments in nanoscale electronic, photonic, and transparent materials, and devices.

The symposium will encompass low dimensional and transparent novel materials (1D and 2D) and devices, processing, device fabrication, reliability, fundamental optical, growth, electronic, sensing, bio and other related topics. Learn more about the topics!

Topic Close-up #13

SYMPOSIUM C02: Oxide Films: A Symposium in Honor of Masahiro Seo

FOCUSED ON recent progress on formation, breakdown and properties of various oxide films on metals and alloys. Emphasis will be on fundamental studies using novel physicochemical and electrochemical methods for characterizations of oxide films on practical and advanced materials at macro, micro and nano-scales. The scope of the symposium also includes functional materials based on oxides; oxide films for corrosion protection, including the breakdown of such films; formation and applications of nanostructured oxide layers; and oxide layers for dielectric, electrocatalytic and photocatalytic applications.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Philippe Marcus, Chimie ParisTech – CNRS, France; Toshiaki Ohtsuka, Hokkaido University, Japan; Christofer Leygraf, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Detlef Diesing, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany; Hideki Masuda, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan; Robert G. Kelly, University of Virginia; Francesco di Quarto, Palermo University, Italy; Manuel Lohrengel, University of Düsseldorf, Germany; Sannakaisa Virtanen, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany; Hidetaka Asoh, Kogakuin University, Japan; Koji Fushimi, Hokkaido University, Japan; Shinji Fujimoto, Osaka University, Japan. Learn more about the topics!

Topic Close-up #14

SYMPOSIUM C03: High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry 12

FOCUSED ON thermodynamics and kinetics of high temperature inorganic materials reactions in extreme environments. The symposium includes papers on materials behavior in high temperature processing, power, propulsion and energy applications.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Prof. Shigenari Hayashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology – Role of transient oxide scale for development and growth of Al2O3 scale; Dr. Jochen Linke, Forschungszentrum Juelich – Plasma facing materials for future fusion reactors under extreme loading conditions; Prof. Alexandra Navrotsky, University of California Davis – Calorimetric and structural studies of refractory oxides above 1500°C; Prof. Isao Saeki, Muroran Institute of Technology – SPring8 applications for high temperature oxidation. Learn more about the topics!

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