Proceedings from the 241st ECS Meeting

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Planned Issues
ECST Deadlines
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Planned issues: symposia publishing proceedings in ECST*
B01   Carbon Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage
D01   Solid State Devices, Materials and Sensors: In Memoriam of Dolf Landheer
D02   Dielectrics for Nanosystems 9: Materials Science, Processing, Reliability, and Manufacturing
D03   Nanoscale Luminescent Materials 7
D04   Plasma Electrochemistry and Catalysis 2
D05   Advanced Additive Manufacturing 2
D06   Young Scientists on Fundamentals and Applications of Dielectrics 2
G01   17th International Symposium on Semiconductor Cleaning Science and Technology(SCST 17)
G02   Silicon Compatible Emerging Materials, Processes, and Technologies for Advanced CMOS and Post-CMOS Applications 12
H01   Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices 23
H02   Advanced CMOS-Compatible Semiconductor Devices 20
I03   Materials for Low Temperature Electrochemical Systems 7
I04   Renewable Fuels via Artificial Photosynthesis or Heterocatalysis 7
I05   Mechano-Electro-Chemical Coupling in Energy Related Materials and Devices 4
I08   Energy Conversion Based on N, P and Other Nutrients
Z04   4D↓MS+SoRo: 1D/2D/4D Materials and Systems + Soft Robotics

* Issues may be canceled or combined at ECS’s discretion based on the number of ECS Transactions papers submitted from each symposium. 

If you are interested in publishing research related to your presentation, but your symposium has not planned to publish any proceedings, authors are encouraged to submit a proceedings paper to ECSarXiv, ECS’s preprint service. At the time of submission, be sure to include the keyword “241st ECS Meeting” to make sure it is linked to other content from the meeting. Find out more, or submit now.

ECST deadlines: 241st ECS Meeting
February 18, 2022 Accepting submissions; site opens to editors for early review
March 12, 2022 Submission deadline
February 18, 2022 Review period begins
April 15, 2022 Editor first-round reviews completed
April 9, 2021 Author reviews completed; final editor acceptance completed
May 20, 2022 Anticipated volume publish date on IOPscience

Purchasing information

ECS Transactions full-issue PDFs are available for preorder through May 19, 2022. All preordered copies are available for download via your MyECS Account. Once the volume is published, all individual articles are available to browse and read in the ECS Digital Library on IOPscience. Full issues may be purchased through the ECS Online Store. After the meeting, print-on-demand softcover editions are available through ECS’s print-on-demand vendor, Curran Associates.

Proceeding papers found on ECSarXiv are free to read and download.


How do I submit to ECS Transactions?

If you are presenting in a symposium whose proceedings are being published in an issue of ECS Transactions, when the submission site opens, the corresponding author of your meeting abstract receives an invitation to submit. This email contains the URL for the site and basic instructions on how to prepare and submit the paper when it is ready.

Quick guide for submission to ECST
Full ECST submission instructions

Why did I receive an invitation to submit some, but not all, of my papers?

Not all symposia elect to publish conference proceedings. Check the Call for Papers to determine if your symposium is publishing an issue of ECST. If your symposium is scheduled to publish an issue, but you did not receive an invitation to submit one of your papers, please contact for assistance.

Can I still submit to an ECS journal if I publish in ECST?

Since ECS Transactions is not formally peer-reviewed, there is no conflict if an author wants to submit work to both ECST and an ECS journal. With ECS’s continuous journal publication model, there is no deadline for submission. However, the expectation is that six months is sufficient time to revise an abstract and/or ECST paper to meet the journals’ stricter standards. Submissions to journals must be made using the online submission system. Click here for author instructions and to submit your manuscript.

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