239th ECS Meeting with IMCS Topic Close-up: High Purity and High Mobility Semiconductors 16

Topic Close-up #8

Symposium H02 – High Purity and High Mobility Semiconductors 16

Deadline for submitting abstracts: December 18, 2020
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Symposium focus:
The 16th High Purity and High Mobility Semiconductors symposium is an extension of the previous High Purity Silicon symposium. It provides a forum for discussing the latest developments in the growth, characterization, device processing, and applications of high purity and high mobility semiconductor materials in either bulk or epitaxial form. The emphasis is on the control and prevention of impurity incorporation, as well as characterization and detection of defects and impurity states in high purity and high mobility semiconductors for superior device performances. Device and circuit aspects related to the use of devices on high quality and advanced silicon wafers is also addressed. Special attention is given to alternative and high-mobility substrates and their material and device aspects.

Keynote speaker

Hiroshi Iwai
ECS Gordon E. Moore Medal recipient

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