PRiME 2020 Topic Close-up: Pits & Pores 9: Nanomaterials – Fabrication, Properties, and Applications

Topic Close-up #1

Symposium C03: Pits & Pores 9: Nanomaterials – Fabrication, Properties, and Applications

Symposium focus: This symposium is aimed at the fabrication of all kinds of porous structures, their physical and chemical properties as well as their applications. It is a continuous attempt to integrate the diverse research in different fields such as localized metal corrosion, semiconductor electrochemistry, pore-filling, matrix materials, optical spectroscopy, and characterization of magnetic properties in order to develop a highly transdisciplinary approach to the topic. Emphasis will be on pit and pore formation, porous-structure/surface-property relations, work relevant to the formation of advanced materials and their characterization, and applications of these materials in different areas of science such as energy storage and conversion, biomedicine, optics, and magnetism.

The symposium brings together scientists from various research fields such as material science, electrochemistry, physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology.

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Noel Buckley, University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Hiroki Habazaki, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Shinji Yae, University of Hyogo, Japan
  • Lluis Marsal, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
  • Klemens Rumpf, University of Graz, Austria

Deadline for submitting abstracts:
May 29, 2020


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