ETDThe ECS Energy Technology Division recognized the 2022 Energy Technology Division Graduate Student Award Sponsored by BioLogic recipients at the 241st ECS Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Grace Lindquist of the University of Oregon was acknowledged for outstanding research in the development of robust high-performance alkaline membrane electrolyzer technology; and Zachary Schiffer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for developing methods for harnessing renewable ammonia and for understanding energy exchanges in electrochemical transformations.


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Through this award sponsored by BioLogic since 2012, the ECS Energy Technology Division recognizes the accomplishments of a promising young engineering or science graduate student in the fields pertaining to this division. Congratulations to Charles Tai-Chieh Wan, the winner of this year’s ECS Energy Technology Division Graduate Student Award!

Charles Tai-Chieh Wan

Charles Tai-Chieh Wan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S., under the co-supervision of Prof. Fikile R. Brushett and Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang. In 2017, he completed a BS summa cum laude in chemical and biomolecular engineering at Cornell University, U.S.

Wan’s graduate thesis work focuses on developing designer electrode microstructures and surfaces for redox flow batteries by advancing unconventional yet potentially beneficial paradigms. His research efforts include leveraging principles of phase separation to synthesize and probe new electrode microstructures, investigating thin-film organic coatings to mediate the electrode-electrolyte interface, and examining biomass-derived materials for use in redox flow batteries.

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Congratulations to Lisa Housel, recipient of the 2020 ECS Energy Technology Division Graduate Student Award sponsored by BioLogic. The award recognizes and rewards promising young engineers and scientists in fields pertaining to this ECS Energy Technology Division and encourages them to initiate or continue careers in this field.

Lisa M. Housel is a fifth-year PhD candidate in Chemistry at Stony Brook University, U.S., under the mentorship of Drs. Esther S. Takeuchi, Kenneth J. Takeuchi, and Amy C. Marschilok. Housel received her BS in Chemistry and Economics at Muhlenberg College, U.S. Her graduate research aims to understand the impact of charge transport properties on the structural change and electrochemistry of different battery materials. Specifically, synchrotron-based operando methods enabled Housel to probe structural and chemical changes of battery materials during electrochemical reduction and oxidation. Housel’s graduate work resulted in over 20 publications including multiple publications in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. (more…)

New Deadline: September 23, 2020

The nomination deadline for the ECS Energy & Technology Division Awards has been extended to September 23, 2020. Take advantage of this extension to submit your nominations today!

The Energy Technology Division Graduate Student Award sponsored by Bio-Logic was established in 2012 to recognize and reward promising young engineers and scientists in fields pertaining to this division. (more…)

Deadline for Nominations:  September 1, 2020



The Energy Technology Division Research Award was established in 1992 to encourage excellence in energy related research and to encourage publication in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. The award recognizes outstanding and original contributions to the science and technology of energy related research areas that include scientific and technological aspects of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources, energy management, and environmental consequences of energy utilization.