Honorary Membership

Honorary membership was established in 1919 for outstanding contributions to The Electrochemical Society. Qualified candidates will have contributed substantial service to ECS in some appointed or elected capacity to be considered for Honorary Membership.

Nomination Deadline: None, no call for nominations
Presented: At the corresponding Society meeting

Recipient qualifications

Included as qualifications for consideration shall be: participation in Society, Divisional, and Section activities, such as organization and arrangement of Society and/or local meetings. Special weight shall be given to participation in Society activities, since the Divisions, and Sections have other means of recognizing distinguished service at these levels. Consideration shall be given to activities and contributions that foster the aims and image of The Electrochemical Society. The recipient does not need to be a member of The Electrochemical Society.

Nomination process

A complete nomination package includes:

  • Completed Electronic Nomination Form
  • At least two, but no more than five supporting letters (one page in length)
  • Additional documents that may be included:

– Candidate’s curriculum vitae
– Publications list
– Other pertinent information that supports and strengthens the candidate’s nomination


The award consists of a framed scroll bearing the recipient’s name and signed by the President and Secretary of the Society. Honorary Members pay no annual dues and have all the rights and privileges of Members.

About Honorary Membership

ECS Honorary Membership is an exclusive recognition only bestowed on long-standing members who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of electrochemistry and allied disciplines. There are currently 79 Honorary Members of the Society.



M. Stanley Whittingham
Akira Yoshino
Roque Calvo
Dennis Hess
Adam Heller
Allen J. Bard*
John B. Goodenough*
Gordon E. Moore*
John S. Newman
Jerry M. Woodall
Robert P. Frankenthal*
Larry Faulkner
Lubomyr Romankiw
Jefferson C. Cole*
Barry Miller
Robert S. Karpiuk*
Frederick J. Strieter
Wayne L. Worrell*
Richard C. Alkire
Bertram Schwartz*
J. Bruce Wagner, Jr.*
Vernon H. Branneky*

Glenn W. Cullen*
James C. Acheson*
Douglas N. Bennion*
Ralph J. Brodd*
Jerome Kruger*
Paul C. Milner*
Harold J. Read*
Forrest A. Trumbore*
John L. Griffin*
Erik M. Pell*
Samuel Ruben*
N. Bruce Hannay*
Theodore R. Beck*
Vittorio de Nora*
Michael J. Pryor*
Francis L. LaQue*
Dennis R. Turner*
Henry F. Ivey*
Walter J. Hamer*
Ralph M. Hunter*
Harry C. Gatos*

Ernest B. Yeager*
David A. Vermilyea*
Charles W. Tobias*
Ivor E. Campbell*
Ernest G. Enck*
William C. Gardiner*
Henry B. Linford*
Sherlock Swann*
Cecil V. King*
Herbert H. Uhlig*
Norman Hackerman*
Howard A. Acheson*
Charles L. Faust*
A. Kenneth Graham*
Stanislaus Skowronski*
Oliver W. Storey*
Robert M. Burns*
George W. Heise*
Frank C. Mathers*
William Blum*
John W. Marden*

Colin G. Fink*
Oliver W. Brown*
Willis R. Whitney*
Paul J. Kruesi*
Archer E. Wheeler*
Robert A. Witherspoon*
Leo H. Baekeland*
Frederick M. Becket*
Charles F. Burgess*
Edward Dean Adams*
W. Lash Miller*
Thomas A. Edison*
Edward Weston*
Wilder D. Bancroft*
Edward G. Acheson*
Carl Hering*
Charles F. Chandler*
Edgar F. Smith*