40 Years After: A Symposium on Diversity

Wednesday, October 16
Room 313

Diversity and inclusion are growing in recognition as beneficial components in creating positive work environments and meetings, broadening and deepening perspectives in science and technology, promoting R&D and innovation, and enhancing technology. This symposium, on the 40th anniversary of the first female ECS president Joan Berkowitz, seeks to celebrate ECS’s past as well as look to the future.

This unique symposium is designed as a venue for diverse researchers to share technical information as well as their experiences in academia, industry, and national laboratories. This symposium will consist of a mix of contributors, as we look back at significant contributions made by female scientists to the field of electrochemistry and look forward to the future of the Society. Senior and junior electrochemists and engineers will make invited presentations that include their professional experiences, with contributions from a variety of researchers working in the electrochemical sciences.

“The Electrochemical Society strives to be an inclusive organization that promotes and values diversity. We recognize and respect the rights of all, and are committed to building and maintaining a culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the unique backgrounds and experiences of our members, volunteers, employees, and constituents. Diversity is our strength. It fuels innovation, enhances collaboration, enables our best accomplishments, brings us closer to the communities we serve, and advances our mission to promote electrochemical and solid state science worldwide.”

– ECS Diversity Statement

Invited Speakers
“National Science Foundation Innovation Programs”
R. Rincon, Society of Women Engineers
Wednesday at 0840h

“Gender Bias in STEM Workplaces”
J. S. Molla, National Science Foundation
Wednesday at 0940h

“Batteries to Power Implantable Medical Devices: Development and Inspiration”
E. S. Takeuchi, Brookhaven National Lab; K. J. Takeuchi, Stony Brook University; and A. C. Marschilok, Brookhaven National Lab
Wednesday at 1110h

“Finding Creativity and Balance in a Technical Career”
K. J. Hanson, retired (AT&T)
Wednesday at 1440h

“Four Decades of Diversification and Progress at ECS”
R. Calvo, retired (The Electrochemical Society)
Wednesday at 1530h

Symposium Organizers

A. H. Suroviec
C. Bock
J. Leddy
L. Deligianni
S. Virtanen


In honor of the first female president of the ECS, elected in 1979, we are looking back at the past 40 years of science diversity advances and what the next 40 years hold. The panelists are from a variety of backgrounds and will be speaking about their personal experiences and what work they have been doing to advance diversity in science.


Ester Takeuchi, Jesus Soriano Molla, Kathy Ayres, Roque Calvo, and Carrie G. Shepler