Plenary Sessions Provide Opportunities

Chris Jannuzzi

ECS Executive Director & CEO Chris Jannuzzi

The Electrochemical Society meetings’ plenary sessions provide unparalleled opportunities for participants. Christopher J. Jannuzzi, ECS Executive Director and CEO, described these benefits in his introduction to the 235th ECS Meeting. The plenary session brings everyone together. Colleagues create long-lasting collaborative efforts. Participants enrich and energize their professional lives. New friends are made and old friends revisited. Leading authorities showcase important innovations in the electrochemical and solid state sciences which can impact attendees’ research.

Last spring, at the 235th ECS Meeting’s plenary session, Héctor Abruña and David Lockwood received Society Awards. They spoke on new research in energy conversion and storage, and silicon-based photonic integrated circuits.

This fall, at the 236th ECS Meeting plenary session, conference attendees will benefit from interacting with their community. Shimshon Gottesfeld will be recognized for his leadership in the field of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and receive the Olin Palladium Award. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Gottesfeld talk on PEFCs: Recognition of a Field of Electrochemistry for Technical Contributions Made by Outstanding Technical Teams.

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