PRiME 2016 Student Poster Session Award Winners

Student Poster Session winners

Congratulations to the PRiME 2016 Student Poster Session winners!

It is with great pride that ECS honors the winners of the General Student Poster Session Awards for the PRiME 2016 meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In following with the meeting tradition, awards recognized the top poster presentations in electrochemical and solid state categories.

ECS established the General Student Poster Session Awards in 1993 to acknowledge the eminence of its students’ work. The winners exhibit a profound understanding of their research topic and its relation to fields of interest to ECS.

In order to be eligible for the General Student Poster Session Awards, students must submit their abstracts to the Z01 General Society Student Poster Session symposium and present their posters at the biannual meeting. First and second place winners receive a certificate in addition to a cash award.

The winners of the General Student Poster Session Awards for the PRiME 2016 Meeting are as follows:

1st Place – Electrochemical
Name: Mallory Fuhst
Institution: University of Michigan
Poster Number: 4088
Poster Title: Atomic-Scale Mechanisms for Electrolyte Decomposition in Li-Ion Battery Cathodes

2nd Place – Electrochemical
Name: Shota Matsumura
Institution: Osaka Prefecture University
Poster Number: 3912
Poster Title:  Development of Novel Electrolyte for Rechargeable Aluminum Battery with a Wide Potential Window

3rd Place – Electrochemical
Name: Hiyori Sakata
Institution: Shinshu University
Poster Number: 4092
Poster Title: Dual Electrolyte Hybrid Supercapacitor Using Liquid-Liquid Interface

1st Place – Solid State
Name: Masahiro Kato
Institution: Nihon University
Poster Number: 4020
Poster Title: Synthesis and Evaluation of Heat-Resistant Silver-Platinum Alloy Nanoprisms for Application in Cancer Therapy and Imaging

2nd Place – Solid State
Name: Futaba Yamamoto
Institution: Keio University
Poster Number: 4026
Poster Title: In-Situ XAFS Measurement of K:MnOx Oxygen Evolution Catalyst

ECS would like to thank its sponsors for the PRiME 2016 Meeting, the faculty advisors, and the division members serving as judges for their contributions to the session.

Congratulations to the award winners!


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