Did you know that ECS has published over 20,000 proceedings papers in ECS Transactions? Then, in 2018, we launched our preprint server, ECSarXiv, in order to provide our community with even more opportunities to share their research. Now, we need your feedback.

Share your thoughts on ECS’s alternative publications venues by taking our brief 5-minute survey. Your feedback will help provide us with valuable information to improve our authors’ publishing options.

Respondents will have the option to provide their contact information in order to be entered in a drawing for one of six $20 Amazon gift cards. (more…)

Signals of Trust in Preprints Survey

Help us understand how researchers assess the credibility of manuscripts by taking a short (15 minute) survey. The Center for Open Science is seeking graduate students, post docs, researchers, and academic faculty to participate in this survey to investigate the factors that affect the perceived credibility and use of preprints.


ECS Survey Winners

Juho Lehmusto

Juho Lehmusto, enjoying his Bose QuietComfort35 wireless headphones II.

Thank you to all of those who participated in The Electrochemical Society’s survey! Your feedback helps shape the future of ECS, including the direction of open access, the membership program, and ECS’s quarterly magazine, Interface. Your input is valuable in achieving the Society’s mission to advance theory and practice at the forefront of electrochemical and solid state science and technology, and allied subjects.

Because ECS values your thoughts, the Society has awarded three survey participants for their contributions. The awards feature a pair of Bose QuietComfort35 wireless headphones II, a $350 prize; a complimentary five-year membership to ECS; and a complimentary registration to attend one ECS 2019 biannual meeting. (more…)

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The Electrochemical Society aims to advance theory and practice at the forefront of electrochemical and solid state science and technology, and allied subjects. To better serve the needs of researchers, scientists, and engineers across the field, we’d like to gather your thoughts on open access, membership, and the ECS quarterly magazine, Interface. Your feedback will inform the future direction of ECS programs.

Let us know your thoughts


ECS prides itself on publishing high-quality, rigorously vetted content in its peer-reviewed journals, the Journal of The Electrochemical Society and the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology.

As one of the last remaining independent, nonprofit society publishers of electrochemical and solid state science and technology, ECS is committed to the provision of valuable and efficient services for its authors, whose research accelerates advances toward sustainability on a global scale.

Success in this endeavor requires the Society’s constant critical attention—to its authors, its publications, and vacillating trends in scholarly publishing.

To that end, ECS would like your feedback.

After over 115 years of peer-reviewed research, what is it that keeps authors publishing in ECS journals? In what ways do ECS journals excel?

To those who have opted to publish elsewhere, how might ECS journals adapt to meet your needs as an author? What aspects of ECS journals need reexamination?

Above all else, what do you look for in a scientific journal?

Whether you’re a proponent or a critic of ECS journals, please take a few minutes to tell us more.

Any feedback you are able to provide—positive or negative—will assist ECS in evaluating the strength and scope of its peer-reviewed journals.

Share your thoughts today to help shape the future of these publications!

How Did We Do? Open Access Week 2015

ECS Digital LibraryIn honor of Open Access Week 2015 (October 19-25), ECS removed the paywall from the Digital Library in order to show readers our vision of the future.

Now, we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete our brief (4 question) survey to share your feedback on ECS’s participation in Open Access Week, as well as ECS’s transition to Open Access.

Take the survey.

2014 ECS Web Survey Results

ECS logoThanks for participating in our survey about what you want the new electrochem.org (link to the current site – new site coming in the 4th quarter) to look like. We had over 500 people respond with some great suggestions. Thanks so much! Here’s a little peek inside.

(BTW: We picked a winner for the gift card too, waiting for confirmation and I’ll share the name. Check your email!)


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