ECS Donation to Toys for Tots

Lance Corporal Kleshick

With Mickey Mouse peaking his head out a fully stocked Toys for Tots box, Lance Corporal Kleshick picked the mouse and friends up from The Electrochemical Society’s office in Pennington, NJ, in route to the arms of children and their new homes.

To date, over 250 million children have been supported by donations like these, helping spread the magic of the holiday season each year.

ECS’s Human Resource and Operations Manager Jessica Wisniewski reached out to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation program to include the Society in their efforts. With that, ECS became a designated toy drop site and throughout the following weeks, staff added games, stuffed animals, trucks, coloring books, and more to the growing box.

“It’s really wonderful and heartwarming to see the widespread staff participation and watch the donation box fill up each year,” says Wisniewski. “Even though the Marine Toys For Tots Foundation runs the program nationwide, volunteering to become a toy drop site allows us to give back to the community that we work and live in. I feel it’s especially important this time of year to keep those in mind that are less fortunate than ourselves.”

Donations like these help support less fortunate families and spread hope to children during the holidays. You can contribute as well! There are many ways to give back, including online donations, starting a Toys for Tots fundraising page, and more.

ECS is proud a participant of this initiative.

ECS wishes you and your family a happy holiday and New Year!


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