Faraday and Roger Parsons Medals of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Roal Society of Chemistry2019 Call for Nominations

This is the formal call for nominations for the Faraday Medal and the newly-established Roger Parsons Medal of the RSC Electrochemistry Group for 2019.

The Faraday Medal is currently awarded annually by the Electrochemistry Group of the RSC to an electrochemist working outside the UK and Ireland in recognition of their outstanding original contributions and innovation as a mid-career researcher in any field of electrochemistry.

The Roger Parsons Medal is a new award by the Royal Society of Chemistry Electrochemistry Group to an independent early career electrochemist working in the UK or Ireland in recognition of their contributions to any field of electrochemistry.

2019 Nomination Deadline: January 15, 2019

Many members of The Electrochemical Society have been honored by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Electrochemistry Group. Notables include Hector Abruña (2019 winner of our Allen Bard award), ECS fellow Christian Amatore and past president Daniel Scherson. The 2018 winner of the RSC Faraday medal was ECS Fellow Yang Shao-Horn of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

I am humbled to be the first woman to receive the RSC Faraday Medal. Without formal training in electrochemistry, this recognition reflects the creativity and dedication of students and postdocs whom I have worked with and also the incredible support I received from the ECS community.

– ECS fellow Yang Shao-Horn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nominations for both medals should be directed to the Group Secretary, Dr. Mark Symes, via email. The nomination deadline is 17:00 GMT on January 15, 2019.


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