Million-Mile Battery to Revolutionize Electric Vehicles

Jeff Dahn

More efficient, longer-lasting batteries are needed to ensure the future of the electric vehicle market. Thanks to Jeff R. Dahn and his Dalhousie University research team, a “million-mile battery” may soon be a reality. Dahn is Tesla’s battery research partner. In “A Wide Range of Testing Results on an Excellent Lithium-Ion Cell Chemistry to be used as Benchmarks for New Battery Technologies,” Dahn describes a new Li-ion battery cell with a single crystal NMC cathode and an advanced electrolyte. The new battery should power an electric vehicle for one million miles and last at least 20 years in grid energy storage—making Tesla’s electric-powered semi-autonomous driving cars and trucks viable.

At the 236th ECS Meeting in Atlanta, GA, Dahn’s research team will deliver a series of lectures including “Investigating the Decomposition of Delithiated LiNi1-XMxO2 (M = Al, Co, Mn or Mg, x = 0 or 0.05).” An ECS member, Dahn delivered The Electrochemical Society’s plenary lecture at the 219th ECS Meeting in Montréal. His JES articles are among the most-read.  As of today, the September 6 Journal of The Electrochemical Society article describing Dahn’s research for Tesla has received over 18,000 abstract views and over 4,000 article downloads!

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