Events at a Glance

Live Topical Sessions

Twice daily, Sunday through Thursday
1100-1300h EDT / 1700-1900h CEST / 0000-0200h +1 JST
1900-2100h EDT / 0100-0300h +1 CEST / 0800-1000h +1 JST

Connect with us twice daily as the various symposia hold video breakout sessions featuring live presentations, question and answer opportunities, topical discussions, and more.

Check the online program for individual session details.

Opening Ceremony

Sunday, October 10, 2100-2130h EDT
Monday, October 11, 0300-0330h CEST
Monday, October 11, 1000-1030h JST

Help kick off the 240th ECS Meeting! Hear about special events and live sessions. Learn how to make the most of all the content and networking opportunities offered in the online program. Make sure not to miss this one as there will also be updates regarding new ECS journals.

ECS Plenary Lecture

Michael Hecht,Electrolysis on Mars: MOXIE and the Perseverance Mission

Monday, October 11, 1400-1500h EDT
Monday, October 11, 2000-2100h CEST
Tuesday, October 12, 0300-0400h JST

The Plenary Lecture is a highlighted meeting event, bringing participants together from every symposia to learn from some of the greatest minds in the field. Don’t miss Michael Hecht of MIT Haystack Observatory and Principal Investigator of the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) presenting the 240th ECS Meeting Plenary Lecture.

ECS Carl Wagner Memorial Award Address

Tuesday, October 12, 1400-1500h EDT
Tuesday, October 12, 2000-2100h CEST
Wednesday, October 13, 0300-0400h JST

Join us for the 2021 ECS Carl Wagner Memorial Award address, “Towards Platinum-free Fuel Cells for Affordable Zero-emission Vehicles” by Yushan Yan of the University of Delaware.

ECS Olin Palladium Award Address

Wednesday, October 13, 1400-1500h EDT
Wednesday, October 13, 2000-2100h CEST
Thursday, October 14, 0300-0400h JST

Join us for the 2021 ECS Olin Palladium Award address, “Pitting Corrosion Retrospective” by Gerald S. Frankel of the Ohio State University.

Edward Goodrich Acheson Award Address

Thursday, October 14, 1400-1500h EDT
Thursday, October 14, 2000-2100h CEST
Friday, October 15, 0300-0400h JST

Join us for the ECS Edward G. Acheson Award address, “Investigation of Batteries over Multiple and Length and Time Scales” by Esther S. Takeuchi of Stony Brook University.

Awards and Recognition Ceremony

Thursday, October 14, 2100-2145h EDT
Friday, October 15, 0300-0345h CEST
Friday, October 15, 1000-1045h JST 

Celebrate the achievements of today’s greatest researchers in electrochemistry and solid state science! We recognize the winners of the 240th Student Poster Awards, as well as ECS Society, Division, and Chapter Awards, ECS Toyota Fellowships, Leadership Circle Awards, and more.