Upcoming ECS Award Nomination Deadlines

Note these April and June deadlines

Apply now or nominate someone you know for an ECS award or travel grant. Award recipients join an elite group of past Society, division, and section winners. Click on the links below for further details.

ECS uses an electronic portal for all applications. Here are some tips for the best results. Questions or concerns? Send a message as we are here to help.

Society Awards

Allen J. Bard Award
Nomination deadline – April 15, 2022
Distinguished contributions to electrochemical science are recognized by the Allen J. Bard Award. A plaque containing a glassy carbon medallion; US $7,500; and more are awarded.

Gordon E. Moore for Outstanding Achievement in Solid State Science and Technology Award
Nomination deadline – April 15, 2022
The Moore award honors distinguished and outstanding contributions to solid state science and technology. The award consists of a silver medal; a plaque with a replica of the medal; US $7,500; and more.

Division Awards

Electrodeposition Division Early Career Investigator Award
Nomination deadline – April 1, 2022
An outstanding early career researcher in the field of electrochemical deposition science and technology receives this stature-enhancing award. The goal is to encourage especially promising researchers to remain active in the field. The award consists of a framed certificate; US $1,000; and complimentary meeting registration.

Electrodeposition Division Research Award
Nomination deadline – April 1, 2022
This award honors outstanding research contributions to the field of electrodeposition and encourages the publication of high quality papers in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. The award consists of a framed certificate and US $2,000.

Energy Technology Division Walter van Schalkwijk Award for Sustainable Energy Technology
Nomination deadline – April 15, 2022
The van Schalkwijk Award rewards research scientists, academicians, and entrepreneurs who make innovative and transformative contributions to sustainable energy technologies (devices, materials, and/or processes). Research innovations that contribute to sustainability goals such as pollution prevention, resource conservation, and waste reduction/minimization are recognized in lean manufacturing; responsible consumption; alternative energy; waste management; and/or reuse/recycling. The award consists of a framed certificate and monetary prize that is 1/25th of the endowment with a maximum amount of US $2,500.

Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering Division New Electrochemical Technology (NET) Award
Nomination deadline – May 15, 2022
This IE&EE award recognizes significant advances in industrial electrochemistry by an organization sponsoring novel electrochemical technology practiced on a commercial scale. The award consists of a commemorative plaque and complimentary tickets to the IE&EE Division business lunch at which the award is presented.

Student Awards

ECS General Student Poster Session Awards
These student poster awards were established in 1993 to acknowledge candidates’ quality and thoroughness of work; originality and independence of contributions; significance and timeliness of research results; and depth of understanding of the research topics and their relationship to the Society’s fields of interest. Three awards are given at each Society biannual meeting. The first place award is a US $1,500 cash prize; second place is a US $1,000 cash prize; and third place is a US $500 cash prize. Awardees are also recognized with a certificate and announcement in Interface issues accompanying the respective meeting’s “Biannual Meeting Highlights” article. To be considered, students must submit an abstract to the General Student Poster Session by the biannual meeting abstract deadline. 242nd ECS Meeting abstract submission deadline – April 8, 2022. Meeting abstract deadline subject to change.

ECS Outstanding Student Chapter Award
Application deadline – April 15, 2022
Distinguished student chapters are recognized for demonstrating active participation in the Society’s technical activities; establishing community and outreach activities in electrochemical and solid state science and engineering education; and creating and maintaining a robust membership base. The award consists of a plaque; US $1,000; and award recognition and a chapter group photo in Interface or other electronic communications. Chapters of Excellence members receive mailed recognition certificates and acknowledgement in Interface.

Biannual Meeting Travel Grants
Application deadline – June 27, 2022
ECS divisions and sections award travel grants for the 242nd ECS Meeting to undergraduates and graduate students; postdoctoral researchers; and young professionals and faculty presenting papers at the meeting. Awards consist of a varying levels of financial support ranging from complimentary meeting registration to luncheon/reception tickets, travel support, etc. Each division and section maintains different application requirements. The 242nd ECS Meeting takes place in Atlanta, GA, from October 9-13, 2022.


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