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Heinz Gerischer Award

Award Rules

The Heinz Gerischer Award of the Europe Section of The Electrochemical Society has been founded by the friends of the late Prof. Gerischer (1919-1994) in order to honor his immense contributions to the science of semiconductor electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, and to that of physical and materials chemistry in general. In addition, this award is intended to recognize the scientific leadership of Prof. Gerischer and his tireless efforts to promote scientific collaboration in post WWII Europe. The establishment of the prize was supported by a generous contribution from the family of the late Prof. Heinz and Dr. Renate Gerischer.

The award shall consist of a plaque, a check for the sum of 2000 euros and, if required, financial assistance for un-reimbursed travel expenses incurred to receive the Award, not to exceed 1000 euros. If a group of either 2 or 3 individuals are selected to receive the award, a plaque will be prepared for each winner but the cash prize of 2000 euros will be split equally between the winners, and the expense reimbursement of 1000 euros will be shared according to the financial needs of the winners.

The objectives of the prize are to recognize an individual or a small group of individuals (no more than 3) who have made an outstanding contribution to the science of semiconductor electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry including the underlying areas of physical and materials chemistry of significance to this field.

The award will be given biannually and the winner will be invited to deliver the “Gerischer Prize Lecture” during the international meeting at which the prize will be presented. No individual can win the award more than once, and candidates need not be members of The Electrochemical Society.

Selection of Award Committee and Recipient
The Heinz Gerischer Award Committee shall comprise of 5 members including the Chair who will be a scientist with accepted international scientific stature. The Chair of the Europe Section shall appoint the Chair and 3 members of the Committee (who need not be members of the Europe Section). The final seat on the Committee will be occupied by the Europe Section Chair who will be an ex officio member. Each Committee member will serve for 2 years beginning January 1st of odd numbered years, and membership of the Committee will be limited to 2 periods of 2 years each. The selection of the Committee members will reflect the deep involvement of Prof. Gerischer in promoting scientific relations between electrochemistry and physical chemistry across the Atlantic, and subsequently across the globe, which today are served by The Electrochemical Society.

The Award Committee shall solicit nominations by announcement in a Society or Section publication that will be distributed to all members. Once the Committee has made the selection of the Award recipient(s) or come to the decision that a suitable recipient cannot be found, the Committee Chair will report their findings to the  Chair of The Electrochemical Society’s Honors and Awards Committee. The names of the nominees will remain confidential.

If a relationship exists between a nominee and a Committee Member which might seriously bias the Committee member's vote, for example as former supervisor, subordinate, or co-author, the Committee member should declare their interest and withdraw from discussion of the nominee's qualifications. If a Committee Member is nominated for the Award, the Committee member may either remove his/her name from consideration for that year's Award or else withdraw from the Committee so that the Chair of the Europe Section may select a replacement. A quorum consisting of a majority of the Committee including the Chairman shall meet either in person or through an extended conference call in order to reach their decision.

The Executive Committee of the Europe Section of The Electrochemical Society will give the technical support to run the selection process of the Award winner(s). It will also decide during which meeting the award will be presented (NTP series, Electrochemical Society general meeting, or another appropriate international meeting).

Nomination Process
Nominations can be made by a single scientist or a group of scientists. Self-nomination is not permitted. The nomination package shall include the original and four copies of the following documents: a letter of nomination highlighting the nominee’s contributions to the field(s) outlined above, a CV and list of publications, copies of the nominee’s four most important papers (or patents) and letters of support from scientists in the field.

The name(s) of the winner(s) will be made public after the Committee has reached its decision. It will be the responsibility of the Award Committee Chair to notify the winner.

An unsuccessful nominee shall automatically be considered for the two following Awards. If a nominee is unsuccessful after being considered on three successive occasions, then six years must elapse before they may be nominated again.

Approved by the Board of Directors   September 6, 2001


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