199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


Click on the symposium titles below to retrieve the complete technical program for that symposium. The icons include links to descriptions of the particular division or group it represents.

A1 - General Society Student Poster Session (P.S. Fedkiw and J.M. Fenton)
B1 - Battery/Energy Technology Joint General Session (E.S. Takeuchi and T.F. Fuller)
C1 - Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (S. Narayananan, S. Gottesfeld and T. Zawodzinski)
D1 - Polymer Electrolytes for Batteries and Fuel Cells (K.M. Abraham and T. Zawodzinski)
E3 - Corrosion General Session (G.S. Frankel)
F1 - State-of-the-Art Application of Surface and Interface Analysis Methods to Environmental Material Interactions: In Honor of James E. Castle's 65th Year (D.R. Baer, C.R. Clayton, G.P. Halada, and G.D. Davis)
G1 - Corrosion Sensors (P.J. Moran, P. Vanysek and R.G. Kelly)
H1 - Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technologies (H. Barankova, C. Bardos and D.W. Hess)
H2 - Fourth International Symposium on Environmental Issues with Materials and Processes for the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries (L. Mendicino, L. Simpson and P.N. Gadgil)
H3 - Sixth International Symposium on Low and High Dielectric Constant Materials: Materials Science, Processing, and Reliability Issues (R. Singh, H.S. Rathore, S.S. Ang and M.J. Loboda)
I2 - Sixth International Symposium on Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films (K.B. Sundaram, M.J. Deen, D. Landheer, W.D. Brown, D. Misra, M.D. Allendorf and R.E. Sah)
J1 - Morphological Evolution in Electrodeposition (K. Kondo, J.-C. Bradley, F. Argoul and D.P. Barkey)
K1 - Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication and Electrodeposition of and on Semiconductors IV (P.C. Andricacos, P.C. Searson, C. Riedsma-Simpson, P. Allongue, J.L. Stickney and G.M. Olsszek)
L1 - Electrodeposition of Nanoscale and Nanophase Materials II (J.A. Switzer and J.-L. Delplancke)
L2 - Molecular Structure of the Solid-Liquid Interface and Its Relationship to Electrodeposition III (D.M. Kolb and R.C. Alkire)
M1 - Nitride Based Semiconductor Electrode and Optical Devices (F. Ren, S.J. Pearton, J. Han, J.F. Chyi, T.D. Moustakas, H.M Ng and S.N.G. Chu)
M3 - Second International Symposium on ULSI Process Integration (C.L. Claeys, F. Gonzales, J. Murota and K. Saraswat)
M4 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXIV (D.N. Buckley, S.N.G. Chu, A.G. Baca, Y. Mochizuki and J.P. Vilcot)
M5 - Tenth International Symposium on Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices (S. Cristoloveanu, K. Izumi, F. Assaderaghi, Y.W. Kim, G.K. Celler and P.L.F. Hemment)
N1 - Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology Joint General Session (R.K. Ulrich, C.L. Claeys, K.B. Sundaram and M.J. Deen)
N2 - Rapid Thermal and Other Short-Time Processing Technologies II (D.-L. Kwong, K. Reid, M.C. Ozturk, P.J. Timans and F. Roozeboom)
O1 - Photovoltaics for the 21st Century (R.D. McConnell, V.K. Kapur, D. Carlson, G.P. Ceasar, A. Rohatgi, and J. Smith)
P1 - Metal and Semiconductor Nanoclusters (S. Mukerjee, P.V. Kamat and G. Hartland)
Q1 - Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanoclusters - Session I (R.B. Weisman, F. D'Souza, S. Fukuzumi, E. Osawa, Z. Slanina, O.V. Boltalina, D.M. Guldi, K.P. Dinse, M. Maggini and N. Martin)
Q2 - Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanoclusters - Session II (S. Subramoney, Z.F. Ren, H. Shinohara, T. Akasaka, Y. Iwasa, K. Prassides and O. Gunnarsson)
R1 - High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry III (E.J. Opila, M.D. McNallan, D.A. Shores and D.A. Shifler)
S1I1 - Fundamental Gas-Phase and Surface Chemistry of Vapor Deposition II and Process Control, Diagnostics, and Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing IV (M.D. Allendorf, M. Swihart, M. Meyyappan, S. Seal, D.J. Economou, S.W. Butler and B. Herner)
T3 - Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering General Session (G. Pillay)
V1 - Reactive Intermediates in Organic and Biological Electrochemistry in Honor of the Late Professor Eberhardt Steckhan (J. Yoshida, D.G. Peters, M.J. Workentin and H.J. Schaefer)
X1 - Bioananalytical Electrochemistry (M. Gratzl, R.M. Crooks, P. Vanysek and S.R. Mikkelsen)
Y3 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session (J. Leddy)
Z1 - Electrodes Based on Conducting Polymers (J. Farraris, D. Belanger, V. Birss, J. Prakash and G. Nagasubramanian)
AA2 - The Eighth International Symposium on Olfaction and the Electronic Nose (ISOEN8) (J.R. Stetter, H. Baltes, A. D'Amico, I. Lundstrom, P. Mielle, T. Moriizumi, G. Sberveglieri, D.R. Walt, J. Gardner, K. Persaud, P.J. Hesketh, U.P. Weimar, N. Barsan, M. Frank, H. Wohltjen and M.A. Butler)
AA3 - DNA Sensors (C. Bruckner-Lea, W. van Schalkwijk, C.A. Mirkin and F.A. Schultz)