199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


N1 - Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology Joint General Session

Electronics Division/ Dielectric Science and Technology Division

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Room 3, Meeting Room Level

Oxidation and Processing

Co-Chairs: M.J. Deen and K.B. Sundaram

8:50 Introductory Remarks by M.J. Deen, R.K. Ulrich, C.L. Claeys and K.B. Sundaram
9:00541 The Effects of Oxidation on the Optical Properties of Amorphous SiC Films - K. Sundaram and Z. Alizadeh (University of Central Florida) PDF
9:20542 Electrical Characterization of Low Thermal Budget Gate Oxides on Si/Si1-xGe_x/Si Substrates - A. Sareen, P. Lundgren, and S. Bengtsson (Chalmers University of Technology) PDF
9:40543 Microstructural Evolution during Annealing of Low-Dose Low-Energy SIMOX Implanted at 65keV - B. Johnson, P. Anderson, S. Seraphin (University of Arizona), and M. Anc (Ibis Technology Corporation) PDF
10:00544 Preparation of Copper-Aluminum Oxide Films by Solution Method - K. Shimokawa, K. Tonooka, and O. Nishimura (Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute) PDF
10:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Silicon Processing

Co-Chairs: K.B. Sundaram and M.J. Deen

10:40545 On the Inherent Robustness of Silicon Epitaxy - R. Spivak-Roshal and J.P. Doench (Sumitomo SiTiX Silicon) PDF
11:00546 Behavior of Zirconium in Silicon Crystals - M. Koizuka and M. Kase (Fujitsu Limited) PDF
11:20547 Junction Termination for Very Deep-Trench Devices - H. Hakim, J.-P. Laur, and J.-L. Sanchez (LAAS-CNRS) PDF
11:40548 Study of a New Anodic Material for SOFC Operated at Intermediate Temperature Under Methane - A.L. Sauvet and J. Fouletier (INPG, UJF et CNRS) PDF

Processing, Sensors and Data Storage

Co-Chairs: C.L. Claeys and R.K. Ulrich

2:00549 Removal Rate Study in Two Type of Slurry with Polish Pad - B.-T. Lin and C. Lee (Colleague of TSMC) PDF
2:20550 A Quasi-Frozen Junction Polymer Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell with Imidazolium Salt as Ionic Conductor - Y. Li, C. Yang, and G. He (Chinese Academy of Sciences) PDF
2:40551 A Polymer Humidity Sensor Stabilized against Oxidative Gases and Its Signal Processing Circuits - S. Nakagawa, A. Shibue, K. Namba, and K. Ohe (TDK Co. Technical Center) PDF
3:00552 3 D Volume Holographic Data Storage - M. Thomas (Colossal Storage Corporation) PDF
3:20553 Quantification of the Sensitivity to Environment in P(phosphor)-Doped and B(Boron)-P-Doped Silicate Glasses(PSG and BPSG) - S.-J. Oh (Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.) PDF
3:40554 Reacitivity of Carbon Monoxide with Hastelloy. Determination of Activation Energy for the Reaction of Carbon Monoxide with Nickel - E. Witt, G. Leggett, and S. Mankowsky (Millipore Corporation) PDF
4:00555 Study of Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LP-CVD) Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Haze Mechanism and Solution - W.-J. Liu (Wei-Jen Liu) PDF
4:20556 Identification of Silicon Crystalline Defects on Epi-Wafer in Wafer Fabrication - H. Y. N. (Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd) PDF