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ECS Short Courses

Las Vegas, NV | Sunday, October 10, 2010

Short Course #5
Electrodeposition Fundamentals and Applications
Sudipta Roy and Stanko Brankovic, Instructors

Electrodeposition is a simple but powerful film deposition technique that is increasingly being used in the fabrication of materials systems and devices, also in many instances by those who have limited formal preparation in the subject. This course will offer the opportunity to students and researchers alike to either be introduced to or to refresh the fundamentals of the subject. The approach will be rigorous but geared toward applications. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn practical aspects of this technology; in particular, lectures on the electrodeposition of magnetic materials, their alloys, and compositionally modulated materials.

Four lectures in the morning afternoon session are planned. Each will last about 45 min. The lectures are planned to develop fundamental concepts in the morning session, and which forms the basis of lectures related to practical applications in the afternoon. Answers to queries of attendees will be discussed during the session, breaks, and lunch hour. Topics include:

  • overview of electrodeposition;
  • thermodynamics and kinetics;
  • electrocrystallization and microstructure;
  • mass transfer;
  • electrodeposition of magnetic materials;
  • role of chemistry and additives;
  • current distribution; and
  • electrodeposition of compositionally modulated magnetic materials.


About the Instructors

The two lead lecturers come from different backgrounds and therefore will be able to cover a broader and wider range of viewpoints. Prof Roy has a background in chemical engineering and chemistry and Prof Brankovic brings in materials chemistry aspects. Both are experts in electrodeposition with academic and (some) industrial experience, in addition to 12-15 years of teaching experience.

Sudipta Roy is the Professor of Electrochemical Nanomaterials in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. She was appointed to her first academic position in 1994 and leads an Electrochemical Materials Engineering research group. She has been delivering lectures on electrodeposition to students from European universities and industry. She will discuss fundamental electrochemical aspects involved in electrodeposition in the morning session. In the afternoon, she will discuss how cell geometry and engineering parameters, such as applied current or electrolyte agitation can influence deposit uniformity and properties.

Stanko Brankovic is the Assistant Professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Houston. He also holds joint appointments with Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry Deartments. Dr. Brankovic joined University of Houston in 2005 after spending four years in Seagate Research Canter in Pittsburgh and two years at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He will lecture specific aspects of electrodeposition with particular focus on the relation between deposition condition vs. the crystal structure of deposit, composition and composition modulation, and on the role of additives on magnetic, corrosion, and mechanical properties of the electrodeposit.

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