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Past "XYZ...for the Rest of Us" Talks



Spring — 219th ECS Meeting, Montreal, QC, Canada — Charles M. Lieber, "Semiconductor Nanowires: A Platform for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology"

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Fall — 218th ECS Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, USA — Bolko von Roedern, "Status and Outlook on the Photovoltaic Solar Industry Based on Solar Cell R&D"

Spring — 217th ECS Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada — Phaedon Avouris, "Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene: Prospects in Electronics and Photonics"

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Fall — 216th ECS Meeting, Vienna, Austria — David Shoesmith, "Electrochemistry and the Performance Assessment of Nuclear Waste under Permanent Disposal Conditions"

Spring — 215th ECS Meeting, San Francisco, CA — Vijay K. Varadan, "Development of Organic Sensors and Electronics in Medicine and for Point-of-Care Patient Health Monitoring in Real Time"

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Spring — 213th ECS Meeting, Phoenix, AZ — Marc D. Porter, "Nanometric Objects and Chip-Scale Platforms for Disease Diagnosis"

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Fall — 212th ECS Meeting, Washington, DC — Laurie Peter, "Understanding Non-Conventional Photovoltaic Cells"

Spring — 211th ECS Meeting, Chicago, IL — Milton Feng, "Transistor Lasers: Opening New Optoelectronic Frontiers"

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Fall 2006 Talk — 210th ECS Meeting, Cancun, Mexico — Jim Fenton, "Polmer Electrolyte Fuel Cells"

Spring 2006 Talk — 209th ECS Meeting, Denver, CO — Charles R. Martin, "Bio/Nanoscience and Electrochemistry … for the Rest of Us"

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Fall — 208th ECS Meeting, Los Angeles, CA — Clare Grey, "Looking for Lithium ions: New Approaches for Investigating Function and Failure of Litium-Ion Battery Materials"

Spring — 207th ECS Meeting, Quebec City, Canada — Andrew Gewirth, "AFM, STM, and Related Techniques: Advances in methods to Study Atoms and Molecules at Interfaces"

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Spring — 205th ECS Meeting, San Antonio, TX — Howard Huff, "Transistors to Integrated Circuits: Origins, Status, and Future Trends"

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Fall — 204th ECS Meeting, Orlando, Florida — Bernard Tribollet, "The Hidden Treasures of Impedance Spectroscopy"

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Fall — 202nd ECS Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT — Antonio Ricco, "Advances in Plastic Microfluidics: Disposable Microcircuitry for the Life Sciences"

Spring — 201st ECS Meeting, Philadelphia, PA — Dennis Hess, "Plasmas: Chemical Reactive Environments for Thin Film and Surface Engineering"

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Fall — 200th ECS Meeting, San Francisco, CA — Ulrich Stimming, "Fuel Cells: Concepts and Challenges"

Spring — 199th ECS Meeting, Washington, DC — Fred Wudl, "Fun with a Nearly Spherical-Electron-Molecule"

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