Institutional Membership

Join an elite group

Institutional membership is a relationship of great mutual benefit to both member organizations and ECS. By joining ECS as an institutional member you’ll immediately be on the inside of an elite group of members in the corporate, academic, government and national laboratory sectors. You’ll gain access to the information, people, and breaking research that many of your colleagues and competitors — already ECS members — rely on every day. Institutional membership opens a new network for your organization and your designated member representatives.

Your organization may choose its own membership level – what works best for the group. One member representative? Six or fifteen people? Perhaps there are twenty-five individuals in your organization who would benefit most from membership. It’s your choice! Interested in free ECS meeting registration packages, sponsorship and exhibit discounts, advertising opportunities? Select what works best. Educational opportunities? Discount subscriptions? Special open access author credit waivers? All a part of ECS institutional membership!