Technical Exhibition Information


199th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc.
Washington D.C., USA
March 26-28, 2001
Renaissance Washington DC Hotel


The program for the 199th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society contains a full complement of Technical Symposia, and is expected to attract over 1,500 scientists and engineers. This is a terrific opportunity for you to present, face-to-face, your products and services to a vital research market which is ordinarily difficult for sales people to reach. This Exhibition will be conveniently located adjacent to the Program and Poster Sessions, and the meeting has been arranged to allow ample time for participants to visit the Technical Exhibits.


Show Dates and Hours are:
Monday, March 26, 2001 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday, March 27, 2001 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday, March 28, 2001 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


The traditional Monday Evening Mixer and General Society Student Poster Session will be located in the Exhibit Hall and will coincide with the opening of the Technical Exhibition.  The Society will sponsor a coffee break in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday morning and will sponsor a complimentary reception in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday evening.


Booth spaces are 8' x 10' and cost $1,500 each. The standard booth package includes one 8' high back wall, two 3' high side walls, one 7" x 44" two-line ID sign, one 6' draped table, two chairs and one wastebasket. Special literature display tables are available for Publishers at a cost of $500 each.


Parties interested in exhibiting at this Technical Exhibition should send their completed reservation forms and inquiries to Barbara Baggott at The Electrochemical Society Headquarters Office, 65 South Main Street, Pennington, New Jersey 08534-2896; Phone: (609) 737-1902; Fax: (609) 737-2743, E-mail:


20,Avenue Didier Daurat

Toulouse 31400 France

Contact: Tze Tsung Tan

Booth: #28


Alpha MOS is an analytical instrumentation company which has been set up in 1992 to develop, manufacture and sell Smart Sensing Systems. First to introduce Sensor Array Systems commonly called Electronic Noses on the

market, Alpha MOS has dedicated its development to this technology and to its applications from R&D to QC and on line production.




400 Lanidex Plaza

Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA

Contact: Cindy Cavalli

Booth: #12


AppliedSensor offers Intelligent Chemical Sensors for Quality Assurance.

Our products are easy to use and provide fast reliable detection of volatile

organic compounds. Included are the 3320, the latest generation of chemical

sensors utilizing MOSFET and MOS technologies for quality control and the

VOCmeter series using QMB and MOS technologies to detect volatile compounds

found in the packaging, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

AppliedSensor products are also well-positioned to work with process control





3206 Longmire Drive

College Station, TX 77845 USA

Contact: Mia Tjondrowardojo

Booth: #32

Arbin manufactures electrochemical testing systems for batteries,

supercapacitors, fuel cells, power tools, and chargers. Featuring multiple

current ranges, PST/GST, high-speed pulse, analog feedback control, bipolar

output, and custom-designed modular plug and play structure. We offer

testing services, software/hardware training, and seminar on Arbin's




One Cantiague Road
Westbury, NY 11590 USA
Contact: Lisa G. Grima
Booth: #20


Brinkmann Instruments will be featuring the ECO Chemie Autolab line of versatile potentiostat/galvanostats and introducing our NEW ELECTROCHEMICAL SPR INSTRUMENT. These versatile instruments, driven by easy-to-use Windows® -based software, are modular in design and are able to grow with your needs e.g. a low current(0.3fA) module or multiplexing (96 cells) modules.



ELTRAN Business Center 6770 Tamura
Hiratsuka, Kanagawa-pref. 254-0013 Japan
Contact: Kikuo Yoshikawa
Booth #26


Canon manufactures the SOI-Epi Wafer TM, ELTRAN having great features, excellent quality of SOI/buried oxide layer and wide range thickness flexibility of the layers. It must increase the process yield of SOI semiconductor devises and make it possible to be used for many applications.




8 NE Executive Park, Ste. 310

Burlington, MA 01803

Contact: Stacy Johnson

Booth # 29


FEMLAB is a powerful interactive environment for modeling and solving scientific and engineering problems. It brings the power of numerical analysis into your multiphysics applications through an interactive user environment. In FEMLAB, you can specify your own coupled nonlinear systems of partial differential equations, and robust and efficient solvers provide

numerical solutions. FEMLAB is implemented in Matlab and C and runs on top of the Matlab platform. FEMLAB is developed by COMSOL, Inc.



619 East 8th Street
Suite 3E
Lawrence, KS 66044 USA
Contact: Michael Weber
Booth: #19


Cypress Systems offers electrochemical measurement instruments (microprocessor or computer-controlled), cells and electrodes designed for chemical, analytical, bioscience research, and the teaching laboratories. The Acquire software/hardware computerizes analog potentiostats with I/O to other devices or sensors. Also check out our new "All-purpose cell", you can do batch of fully-automated FIA electrochemical and optically-coupled experiments. We have minature Ag/AgCI reference electrodes including our latest "no-leak" reference. We provide a variety of miniature working electrodes encased in either glass or PEEK.



112 Robin Hill Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA
Contact: Terry Mehr
Booth: #17


Digital Instruments/Veeco Metrology Group showcases the new NanoScope IV" Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) controller. NanoScope IV features up to 1-times faster scanning speeds, up to 8-times higher density of data points per scan line, as well as on-board Lock-in amplifier, analog feedback loop, and AFM-cantilever Q-control electronics and software. It is built with expanded input/output capabilities for custom applications, and for supporting the next generation of SPM-based products for research and development in nanotechnology. SPM Electrical Characterization modules (Capacitance Microscopy, Spreading Resistance Microscopy, and Tunneling-AFM) are featured on the popular dimension® 3100 SPM platform. Information on electrochemical SPM models are also on display.




734 Louis Drive

Warminster, PA 18974 USA

Contact: Pete Peterson

Booth #34


Gamry is introducing the PHE200 Physical Electrochemistry Software in Washington.  Electrochemical instrumentation for battery and fuel cell developers, corrosion scientists, and electrochemical researchers will also be on display.  Gamry offers three potentiostats, eight standard electrochemical software packages, a LabVIEW driver, and custom systems for unique electrochemical applications.




P.O. Box 389

Loveland, CO 80539 USA

Contact: Linda Brainard

Booth #22


Radiometer Analytical manufactures research laboratory instruments for many applications including meters and electrodes for pH, Conductivity, and Dissolved Oxygen.  Simple to high performance automated Titration systems.  Trace element analyzers with dedicated software, stands, and accessories for trace applications.  And VoltaLab systems for performing a broad range of conventional electrochemical, dedicated corrosion analysis, and EIS techniques.




Linder Hoehe Building 2A

Cologne, Germany D-51147

Contact: Hildegard Sung-Spitzl

Booth #23


iplas designs and manufactures microwave excited plasma sources and systems based on the patented CYRANNUS® technology.  This technology provides homogeneous, non-equilibrium plasmas over a wide pressure range from vacuum to ambient pressure.  Plasma systems from iplas are available for various applications like plasma surface treatment and plasma chemical phase reactions with high efficiency and fast throughput.



101 Philip Drive
Norwell, MA 02061 USA
Contact: Marcia Kidston
Table: #LD-3


Kluwer Academic Publishers will be displaying the latest titles in Electrochemistry, including: The Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, Mallinson's Ageing Studies and Lifetime Extension of Materials, Tomanek's Science and the Application of Nanotubes, Conway's Electrochemical Supercapacitators, and the Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry series. Visit the catalogue at our website:




3900 St. Hwy 6 South, Suite 104

College Station, TX 77845 USA

Contact: Abigail Smith

Booth: #31


Lynntech Industries Ltd. manufactures and distributes modular Fuel Cell

Test Systems for PEM, Solid Oxide, and Direct Methanol fuel cells. Standard

equipment is available for fuel cells up to 10kW. Support components, which

include MEAs and Single Cell Endplates, are also available. Unique

applications? Ask us about customization!



9830A South 51st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044 USA
Contact: Gwen Ganut
Booth: #30


Molecular Imaging will demonstrate the operation of its scanning probe microscopes (PicoSPM) that are specially designed to provide innovative solutions for imaging in fluids with electrochemical, temperature and environmental control. Magnetic AC mode (MACMode) provides the latest technology for imaging soft and delicate samples in fluids. It can be combined with any controlled conditions imaging that we offer. We will also show the new software options for spectroscopy with electrochemical STM.



100 Bureau Drive
Stop 3460
Room A903
Building 101
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-3460 USA
Contact: Ronald Meininger
Booth: #35


The National Institute of Standards and Technology is an agency of the U.S.  Department of Commerce's Technology Administration. Established in 1901, NIST strengthens the U.S. economy and improves the quality of life by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards. It carries out this mission through a portfolio of four major programs: Measurements and Standards Laboratories, Advanced Technology Program, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and Baldrige National Quality Award.



Princeton Applied Research
801 S. Illinois Avenue
Oak Ridge, TN 37831 USA
Contact: Susie Brockman
Booth: #24


PerkinElmer Instruments is a manufacturer and global distributor of Princeton Applied Research instrumentation used for materials characterization, electrochemistry, corrosion and impedance measurements. PerkinElmer provides a full suite of potentiostats, galvanostats, impedance analyzers, imaging equipment, cells and accessories for research and applied applications. A team of technical and application experts is available to assist and support you with your application needs. For further instrument and application specific training, PerkinElmer offers an extensive list of courses through PAR University.



150 E. Connecticut Avenue
Southern Pines, NC 28387 USA
Contact: Louie Scribner
Booth: #33


SAI will be demonstrating our advanced Fuel Cell Test equipment for research and development of PEM, DMFC and other fuel cell technologies at the Technical Exhibition. Featured will be the new Model 880 Low Power Fuel Cell Test System for use with Micro Fuel Cells and Direct Methanol research. We will also be demonstrating the Multichannel Microelectrode Analyzer and MMA software at the Technical Exhibition. This exciting new product represents a breakthrough in potentiostat design for electrode arrays and has many applications for sensor development and combinational electrochemistry. Also featured will be our benchmark Electrochemical Measurement Software for EIS and conventional electrochemical techniques and materials characterization.



51 Daggett Drive
San Jose, CA 95134 USA
Contact: Elizabeth Sendil
Booth: #25 and LD-1


Silicon Genesis Corporation ("SiGen") is a technology development company with a focus on SOI wafers for advanced electronics. SiGen is extending the capabilities of its layer transfer technology through the use of high-mobility, Ge-rich channel layers for RF-CMOS channels and laminated structures for optical couplers, multiplexers and other photonic devices.



2 Centennial Drive
Peabody, MA 01960 USA
Contact: Andrew Wittkower
Booth: #18


SOITEC manufactures UNIBOND® SOI wafers in 4", 6", 8" and now 12". The thickness of the surface silicon ranges from 1000A to 1.5 micron (with epi growth available for thicker layers): buried oxide thichness ranges from 2000A to 3 micron. Our manufacturing facility near Grenoble, France, had a present capacity of 4000,000 wafers/year, which will double by the end of 2001.




P O Box 769

Westford, MA 01886 USA

Contact: J.C.Fouere

Booth: #LD-4


SOPRA has specialized in the design and manufacture of advanced optical

systems for over fifty years. Current product lines include very

high-energy excimer lasers for material annealing, and instruments and tools

for thin film characterization. It is considered as the leader in the

development of thin film metrology characterization instruments and tools

for the photonic, semiconductor and flat panel display industries. Visit

SOPRA's newly designed web site,, and find out more about

the company and its lines of instruments and tools.




15 Sedling Road

Wear Industrial Estate, District 6

Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE38 9BZ, UK

Contact: James Hambleton

Booth: #21

Sycopel Scientific Limited designs and manufactures a range of electro-chemical products with current outputs from 1 picoAmp to 1000 Amps, computer controlled laboratory and portable field instruments for corrosion testing, research and teaching electro-chemistry and powerful amplifiers controlling up to 300 Amperes for both battery and fuel cell design.