Honolulu PRiME 2012 - Honolulu, Hawaii

October 7 - October 12, 2012



E4 - Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide Power Technologies 2


Monday, October 8, 2012

316C, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Plenary Session

Co-Chairs: Krishna Shenai & Noboru Ohtani
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   2513   Overview of Three-Dimension Integration for Point-of-Load Converters F. C. Lee and Q. Li (Virginia Tech)
08:30   2514   Development of High Power Density All-SiC Three-Phase Inverter S. Sato, K. Matsui, Y. Zushi, Y. Murakami, and S. Tanimoto (R&D Partnership for Futire Power Electronics Technology)
09:00   2515   Defect Electronics in SiC and Fabrication of Ultrahigh-Voltage Bipolar Devices T. Kimoto (Kyoto University)
09:30 Intermission (30 Minutes)

Silicon Carbide Power Devices I

Co-Chairs: Mietek Bakowski and Sunny Kedia
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:00   2516   SiC Trench Devices with Ultra Low Ron T. Nakamura, M. Aketa, and Y. Nakano (ROHM Co., Ltd.)
10:20   2517   Fabrication of a SiC Double Gate Vertical Channel JFET and It's Application in Power Electronics A. Schöner and M. Bakowski (Acreo AB)
10:40   2518   Recent Advances in VJFETs at SemiSouth K. Chatty, D. C. Sheridan, V. Bondarenko, R. Schrader, K. Speer, and J. B. Casady (SemiSouth Laboratories)
11:00   2519   Optimization of 4.5kV Si IGBT/SiC Diode Hybrid Module K. D. Hobart, E. Imhoff (Naval Research Laboratory), T. Duong, and A. Hefner (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
11:20   2520   Aspects on SIC Switches for Soft-Switching Converters in an Industrial Application P. Ranstad and J. Linner (Alstom Power)
11:40   2521   Fast High Voltage Switching With SiC Power Devices T. Funaki (Osaka university)

Silicon Carbide Crystal Growth

Co-Chairs: Mike Dudley & Noboru Ohtani
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   2522   On the De-Rating of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Devices K. Shenai (University of Toledo)
14:20   2523   Managing Basal Plane Dislocations in SiC: Perspective and Prospects D. Gaskill, R. Myers-Ward, V. Wheeler (U.S Naval Research Laboratory), R. Stahlbush, N. Mahadik, E. Imhoff, L. O. Nyakiti, and C. Eddy Jr (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
14:40   2524   Growth and Characterization of Thick 4H-SiC Epilayers for Very High Voltage Bipolar Devices H. Tsuchida, T. Miyazawa, X. Zhang, M. Nagano, R. Tanuma, I. Kamata, and M. Ito (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
15:00   2525  
Life-Time Killing Defects in Ion-Implanted 4H-SiC; Enhanced Annealing and Lateral Distribution L. Sundnes Løvlie, L. Vines, I. Pintilie, and B. G. Svensson (University of Oslo)
15:20   2526   Silicon Carbide Bulk Crystal Growth Modeling from Atomic Scale to Reactor Scale S. NISHIZAWA (National Institute of Adanced Indusctrial Science and Technology)
15:40   2527   Modeling of SiC CVD Epitaxial Growth using CFD-ACE+ A. Bhoj (ESI US R&D Inc), S. Tangli (University of Southern Carolina), and K. Shenai (University of Toledo)

Panel # 1: Can We Eliminate Defects in Bulk SiC and GaN Materials ?

Co-Chairs: Krishna Shenai & Noboru Ohtani
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
18:00 Introduction of Panelists (15 Minutes)
18:15 K. Gaskill (10 Minutes)
18:25 T. Kimoto (10 Minutes)
18:35 K. Waldrip (10 Minutes)
18:45 M. Mann (10 Minutes)
18:55 S. Nishizawa (10 Minutes)
19:05 M. Dudley (10 Minutes)
19:15 Q&A (45 Minutes)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

316C, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

GaN Power Switching Transistors

Co-Chairs: Mike Spencer & Joachim Wurfl
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   2528   Physics of GaN-based Power Field Effect Transistors M. Shur (RPI)
08:20   2529   Recent Advances in III-N High-Power Electronics R. Dupuis, Y. Lee, Z. Lochner, H. Kim, Y. Zhang, J. Ryou, and S. Shen (Georgia Institute of Technology)
08:40   2530   Quasi-Vertical GaN-on-Silicon Transistors for Compact Enhancement-mode Power Switches B. Brar, D. Kim, C. Neft, C. Nguyen, and V. Mehrotra (Teledyne Scientific)
09:00   2531   Demonstration of Low ON-Resistance CAVETS with Ammonia MBE Grown Active p-GaN Layer as the Current Blocking Layer for High Power Applications R. Yeluri, C. Hurni, S. Chowdhury, J. S. Speck, and U. Mishra (University of California Santa Barbara)
09:20   2532   AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction FETs for High-Breakdown and Low-Leakage Operation M. Kuzuhara and H. Tokuda (University of Fukui)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)

GaN Crystal Growth and Characterization

Co-Chairs: Mike Dudley & Ken Jones
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:00   2533   III-Nitride High Voltage Power Electronics M. Spencer and W. Schaff (Cornell University)
10:20   2534   Hydrophobic Growth of GaN Material: Current Status and Future Potential J. M. Mann (US Air Force Research Laboratory), B. Wang (Solid State Scientific Corporation), and D. Bliss (US Air Force Research Laboratory)
10:40   2535   Electrochemical Solution Growth of Gallium Nitride T. C. Monson, K. Waldrip (Sandia National Laboratories), V. Krishnamoorthy (Wish Consulting), A. Mollo, and L. E. Johnson (Sandia National Laboratories)
11:00   2536   Comparison of Si, Sapphire, SiC, and GaN Substrates for HEMT Epitaxy M. Leszczynski, P. Prystawko (Institute of High Pressure Physics), J. Plesiewicz (TopGaN Ltd.), L. Dmowski, E. Litwin-Staszewska, S. Grzanka, E. Grzanka (Institute of HIgh Pressure Physics), and F. Roccaforte (CNR-IMM)
11:20   2537   GaN-on-Si for Power Technology D. Visalli, J. Derluyn, S. Degroote, and M. Germain (EpiGaN)
11:40   2538   Scalable GaN-On-Silicon Using Rare Earth Oxide Buffer Layers M. Lebby (Translucent Inc.), F. Arkun (Translucent Inc), R. Dargis, R. Roucka, R. S. Smith, and A. Clark (Translucent Inc.)

GaN Power Transistor Reliability and Control

Co-Chairs: Aivars Lelis & Durga Misra
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   2539   Recent Advances in Wide Bandgap Power Devices K. Sheng (Zhejiang University)
14:20   2540   Advanced Driver and Control ICs for GaN and SiC Power Devices S. P. Pendharkar and C. Chey (Texas Instruments Inc.)
14:40   2541   GaN-Based Wide-Bandgap Power Switching Devices: From Atoms to the Grid S. Atcitty, R. Kaplar, S. DasGupta, M. Marinella, A. Armstrong, L. Biedermann (Sandia National Labs), M. Sun, T. Palacios (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and M. Smith (Sandia National Labs)
15:00   2542   Device Breakdown and Dynamic effects in GaN Power Switching Devices: Dependencies on Material Properties and Device Design J. Würfl, E. Bahat-Treidel, F. Brunner, M. Cho, O. Hilt, A. Knauer, P. Kotara, M. Weyers, and R. Zhytnytska (Ferdinand-Braun-Institut)
15:20   2543   Degradation Study of Single and Double-Heterojunction InAlN/GaN HEMTs by Two-Dimensional Simulation V. Palankovski and J. Kuzmik (TU Wien)
15:40   2544  
Temperature Dependence of Kink Effect for AlGaN/GaN/SiC High Electron Mobility Transistors C. Cheng, T. Chang, S. Liao, H. Chang, W. Ho, Y. Shiau, and J. Sen (Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology)

Panel # 2: Safe Operating Area (SOA) - Silicon vs. SiC and GaN

Co-Chairs: Reenu Garg & Mike Dudley
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
16:00 Introduction of Panelists (15 Minutes)
16:15 Mietek Bakowski (10 Minutes)
16:25 Joachim Wurfl (10 Minutes)
16:35 Krishna Shenai (10 Minutes)
16:45 Aivars Lelis (10 Minutes)
16:55 Robert Kaplar (10 Minutes)
17:05 Bobby Brar (10 Minutes)
17:15 Q&A (45 Minutes)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

316C, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

SiC MOS Devices

Co-Chairs: Mietek Bakowski & Stan Atcitty
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   2545   Band Diagrams and Trap Distributions in Metal-SiO2-SiC(3C) Structures with Different Metal Gates H. M. Przewlocki, T. Gutt, K. Piskorski (Institute of Electron Technology), and M. Bakowski (Acreo AB)
08:20   2546   Angle-Resolved XPS Studies on Transition Layers at SiO2/SiC Interfaces H. Okada, A. Komatsu, M. Watanabe (Tokyo City University), Y. Izumi, T. Muro (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute), and H. Nohira (Tokyo City University)
08:40   2547   Effect of Stress and Measurement Conditions in Determining the Reliability of SiC Power MOSFETs A. Lelis, R. Green, M. El, and D. Habersat (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
09:00   2548   POCl3 Annealing as a New Method for Improving 4H-SiC MOS Device Performance H. Yano, T. Hatayama, and T. Fuyuki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
09:20   2549   Passivation in High-Power Si Devices - An Overview U. Grossner, A. Mihaila, U. Vemulapati (ABB Corporate Research), and C. Corvasce (ABB Switzerland Ltd., Semiconductors)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)

High-Frequency Power Transistors

Co-Chairs: Mike Spencer & Joachim Wurfl
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:00   2550   Broadband GaN Power Amplifiers S. Leong (PolyFET RF Devices) and K. Shenai (University of Toledo)
10:20   2551   A Promising New n++-GaN/InAlN/GaN HEMT Concept for High-Frequency Applications V. Palankovski and J. Kuzmik (TU Wien)
10:40   2552   Achieving Low Doped (<1016) GaN with Large Breakdown Voltages (~1000 V) K. A. Jones, R. P. Tompkins, M. A. Derenge, K. W. Kirchner, S. Zhou (Army Research Lab.), R. Metzger, J. Leach (Kyma Technologies), P. Suvana, M. Tungare, and F. Shahedipou-Sandvik (SUNY-Albany)
11:00   2553   GaN Technology for Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers A. K. Oki, M. Wojtowicz, B. Heying, I. Smorchkova, B. Luo, and M. Siddiqui (Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems)
11:20   2554   A Simple and Accurate Physics-Based Circuit Simulation Model for Depletion-Mode GaN Power Transistors K. Shenai (University of Toledo) and S. Leong (PolyFET RF Devices)
11:40   2555   Current Status and Future Prospects of GaN HEMTs for High Power and High Frequency Applications T. Kikkawa, M. Kanamura, T. Ohki, K. Imanishi, K. Watanabe, and K. Joshin (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
12:00   2556   S-Band 300 W Output SiC MESFET S. Cai, L. Li, J. Li, J. Mo, B. Liu, and Z. Feng (Science and Technology on ASIC Lab.)

GaN Power Transistors and Converters

Co-Chairs: Reenu Garg & Ken Jones
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   2557   Low Dynamic ON-Resistance in AlGaN/GaN Power HEMTs Obtained by AlN Thin Film Passivation K. Chen, S. Huang, and Q. Jiang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
14:20   2558   Thickness Dependent Electrical Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMT with La2O3 Gate Dielectrics J. Chen, K. Tsuneishi, K. Kakushima, P. Ahmet, Y. Kataoka, A. Nishiyama, N. Sugii, K. Tsutsui, K. Natori, T. Hattori, and H. Iwai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
14:40   2559   Field Control Energy-Band (FCE) Technology for GaN-Based Heterostructure Power Devices W. Chen, Z. Wang, X. Deng, and B. Zhang (University of Electronics Science and Technology of China)
15:00   2560   Electro-Thermal Circuit Modeling of Power Inductors K. Shenai (University of Toledo), J. Wu, and H. Cui (University of Tennessee)
15:20   2561   eGaN FETs in Low Power Wireless Energy Converters M. A. De Rooij and J. T. Strydom (Efficient Power Conversion Corp.)
15:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)

SiC Bipolar Power Diodes

Co-Chairs: Mike Dudley & Aivars Lelis
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
16:00   2562   Ion Implanted 4H-SiC p-i-n Diodes: Comparison between 1600-1650°C and 1950°C Post Implantation Annealing R. Nipoti (CNR-IMM)
16:20   2563   Thermal Behavior of SiC Power Diodes J. Millán, P. Godignon, and V. Banu (CNM-CSIC)
16:40   2564  
Multilayer Epitaxial Growth and Fabrication of 4H-SiC BJT with Double Base Epilayers Y. Zhang, L. Yuan, Y. Zhang, X. Tang, Q. Song, X. Zhang, and Q. Zhang (Xidian University)
17:00   2565   Merits of Buried Grid Technology for SiC JBS Diodes M. Bakowski (Acreo AB), J. Lim, and W. Kaplan (Acreo)
17:20   2566   Towards Very High Voltage SiC Power Devices D. Planson, P. Brosselard, D. Tournier (Université de Lyon, INSA de Lyon, CNRS UMR 5005 Ampere Lab), and C. Brykinski (Université de Lyon, Université Lyon1, CNRS UMR 5615 Laboratoire des Multimatériaux et Interfaces)

Panel #3: Switch vs. Reverse Conducting Diode in a Power Module

Co-Chairs: Krishna Shenai & Durga Misra
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
18:00 Introduction of Panelists (15 Minutes)
18:15 Stan Atcitty (10 Minutes)
18:25 M. Bakowski (10 Minutes)
18:35 T. Funaki (10 Minutes)
18:45 S. Sato (10 Minutes)
18:55 R. Ranstad (10 Minutes)
19:05 K. Hobart (10 Minutes)
19:15 Q&A (45 Minutes)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

316C, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

GaN Material Processing and Characetrization

Co-Chairs: Reenu Garg & Robert Kaplar
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   2567   GaN Technology for Energy Efficient Electronics K. Boutros, R. Chu, B. Hughes, and S. Khalil (HRL Laboratories, LLC)
08:20   2568   Nanoscale Probing of Interfaces in GaN for Devices Applications F. Giannazzo, G. Greco, P. Fiorenza, R. Lo Nigro, F. Roccaforte (CNR-IMM), and A. Scuderi (STMicroelectronics)
08:40   2569   Ti Silicide Electrodes Low Contact Resistance for Undoped AlGaN/GaN Structure K. Tsuneishi, J. Chen, K. Kakushima, P. Ahmet, Y. Kataoka, A. Nishiyama, N. Sugii, K. Tsutsui, K. Natori (Tokyo Institute of Technology), T. Hatorri (Frontier Research Center), and H. Iwai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
09:00   2570   Fully Copper-Based Metallization for GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor Devices E. Yi Chang, Y. Lin, L. Chang, Y. Chen, and Y. Wong (National Chiao Tung University)
09:20 Intermission (40 Minutes)
10:00   2571   XPS analysis of AlGaN/GaN Surface after Chemical and N-Containing Plasma Treatments R. Meunier, A. Torres, M. Charles, E. Morvan (CEA - Leti), C. Petit-Etienne (CNRS - LTM), O. Renault, and T. Billon (CEA - Leti)
10:20   2572   Characterizations of GaN Films Grown on Si (111) Substrates under Various Growth Temperatures of Multiple AlN Buffer Layers B. Tran, E. Chang Yi, K. Lin, T. Luong, H. Yu, M. Huang, C. Chung, H. Trinh, H. Nguyen, C. Nguyen, and Q. Luc (National Chiao Tung University)
10:40   2573   Characteristics of GaN Nanowires Produced Using VLS Method on the Growth Temperatures J. Yoon (Korea Basic Science Institute), B. Oh (Chungnam National University), and J. Yang (Korea Basic Science Institute)