Honolulu PRiME 2012 - Honolulu, Hawaii

October 7 - October 12, 2012



F3 - Electroless Deposition: Principles, Activation, and Applications 2


Monday, October 8, 2012

306A, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Co-Chairs: Stojan Djokic, John Sickney, T. Homma, W.Cai
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00 Introductory Remarks (5 Minutes)
08:05   3312   Influence of Added Elements on Electroless Ni-P P. Cavallotti and L. Magagnin (Politecnico di Milano)
08:25   3313   Corrosion of Copper and Nickel During Electroless NiP/Pd Deposition C. S. Tiwari and R. Nguyen (Micron Technology Inc.)
08:45   3314   Electrochemical Evaluation of Electroless Ni-Zn-Cu-P Alloy Deposition M. Zaimi and K. Noda (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
09:05   3315   Deposition of Thin Metallic Films on Semiconductor Substrates S. Djokic (Elchem Consulting, Ltd.), N. Djokic (Elchem Consulting Ltd.), and T. Thundat (University of Alberta)
09:25   3316   Copper Electroless Deposition on a Glass Substrate P. Chan and W. Dow (National Chung Hsing University)
09:45   3317   Co-Ni Electroless Composite Plating of 20 nm Diamond particles on 10 micrometer Plastic Balls and the Application of thus prepared devices to Post CMP Processes S. Yoshihara (Utsunomiya University)
10:05 Intermission (15 Minutes)
10:20   3318   Impact of the Silicon Substrates Cleaning and Activation in the Nickel Electroless Plating M. Bouttemy (Institut Lavoisier de Versailles), H. El Belghiti (OMG Ultra Pure Chemicals), D. Aureau (CNRS-UVSQ), E. Delbos (OMG Ultra Pure Chemicals), and A. Etcheberry (Institut Lavoisier de Versailles)
10:40   3319   Fluoride Free Galvanic Displacement of Copper and Silver as Surface Modifications for MEMS D. Serrao, A. Raygani, and L. Magagnin (Politecnico di Milano)
11:00   3320   Solution-Source Vapor-Phase Mist Deposition Method for Future Roll-to-Roll Process in Semiconductor Device Fabrication S. Fujita, S. Katori, T. Ikenoue, and J. Piao (Kyoto University)
11:20   3321   Effect of Light/Heat on Fast Formation Reaction of Highly-Conductive Polymer with Metal Shell Structure Y. Hashimoto (Chiba Institute of Technology), J. Kawakita, T. Chikyow (National Institute for Materials Science), and Y. Sakamoto (Chiba Institute of Technology)
11:40   3322   Deposition Rate of Metal on Conducting Polymer Under Photo Irradiation H. Fujihira, J. Kawakita, T. Chikyow (National Institute for Materials Science), and Y. Sakamoto (Chiba Institute of Technology)
Co-Chairs: J. Stickney,Stojan Djokic, L. Magagnin,
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   3323   On the Mechanism of Electroless Deposition of Ni-P: Electrochemical and Computational Investigations L. Magagnin, C. Cavallotti, and P. Cavallotti (Politecnico di Milano)
14:20   3324   Electroless Deposition for Developing ATR Surface Enhanced IR Spectroscopy W. Cai (Department of Chemistry, Fudan University)
14:40   3325   Investigation of Reactions and Additive Effects in Electroless Deposition by In-Situ Transmittance Measurement K. Park, T. Lim, M. Kim, and J. Kim (Seoul National University)
15:00 Intermission (20 Minutes)
15:20   3326   Factors Affecting Reaction Rates of Chemical Bath Deposition of Copper Oxide Thin Films J. Sasano, Y. Adachi, and M. Izaki (Toyohashi University of Technology)
15:40   3327   The Interaction of Tantalum with Tellurite Ions in Basic Solution C. Tsang and J. Stickney (The University of Georgia)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

306A, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Co-Chairs: Stojan Djokic, T. Homma, L. Magagnin, J. Stickney
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
10:00   3328   Electroless Atomic Layer Deposition: a Scalable Approach to Tailored Surface Structures D. B. Robinson, P. Cappillino (Sandia National Laboratories), L. Sheridan, and J. Stickney (The University of Georgia)
10:20   3329   Electroless Deposition of Cu and Ag on Valve Metal Substrates L. Nolan (University of Alberta), S. Djokic (Elchem Consulting Ltd.), K. Cadien, and T. Thundat (University of Alberta)
10:40   3330   Chemical Modification of Nano-Nonwoven Fabrics Using Electrochemical and Electroless Deposition S. Ndzesse and C. Shannon (Auburn University)
11:00   3331   Miniature Fuel Cell with Monolithically FabricatedSi Electrodes -Reduction of Pt by UPD-SLRR- D. Ogura, T. Honjo, and M. Hayase (Tokyo University of Science)
11:20   3332  
Large Scale, Electroless Synthesis of Highly Stable Flower-like Silver Nanostructures by a Templateless Method for SERS Application C. Desmonda and Y. Tai (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
11:40   3333   SERS-Active Substrates Fabricated by Displacement Deposition of Metals on Porous Silicon K. Artsemyeva (BSUIR), H. Bandarenka (Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics), A. Panarin, I. Khodasevich, S. Terekhov (NASB), M. Balucani (University Sapienza), and V. Bondarenko (Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics)

Kamehameha Exhibit Hall 3, Level 1, Hawaii Convention Center

F3 - Poster Session

Co-Chairs: Stojan Djokic
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   3334   The Kinetic Parameter of the Ni-W Alloy Electrodeposition H. Xiao, N. Yu, Y. Feng, and Z. Liu (Yunnan University)
o   3335   Cohesion Property of Electroless Plated Ni-P Coating on Fiber Bragg Grating L. Fang, P. Zhang, A. Tang, and S. Xue (ChongQing University)
o   3336   Oxygen-Assisted Vacuum Ultra-Violet Surface Modification of Polymers as a Pretreatment for Electroless Nickel Platimg A. Nakamura, N. Mukado, T. Ichii, and H. Sugimura (Kyoto University)
o   3337   Enhanced Pd Distribution by Three-Step Activation Process for Electroless Cu Plating C. Lee, H. Lee, M. Lee, J. Hur, and H. Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
o   3338   Preparation and properties of Ni-Co-P/nano-sized SiC electroless composite coatings J. Hu, L. Fang, P. Zhong, and Y. Yang (ChongQing University)
o   3339   Raman and DFT study of Reductant Adsorption on Metal Surfaces in Electroless Deposition Process B. Jiang (WASEDE UNIVERSITY), M. Kunimoto, M. Yanagisawa, and T. Homma (Waseda University)