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Technical Exhibit List

2006 Joint International Meeting
| Cancun, Mexico

October 30-November 1, 2006


Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.
Booth 24

Amy Vidler
1110 West Keystone Avenue
Catoosa, OK 75015
United States

Advance Research Chemicals has acquired a reputation of being a corporation who values the trust and respect of Global leaders in the chemical industry due to the highest professional and ethical standards adopted. ARC is proud to be servicing the world's elite high tech businesses by providing quality products with customer satisfaction to over 200 Fortune 500 companies. From its founding in 1987, as a Research Chemical House, ARC has rapidly grown into one of the premier specialty chemical companies in the world.


Advanced Battery Technology/Advanced Fuel Cell Technology
Booth 14
(Literature Display)
Brenda Geary-Bucek
Seven Mountains Scientific, Inc.
913 Tressler Street
Boalsburg, PA 16827
United States

ABT (Advanced Battery Technology) provides the latest battery-related news, products, patents, R&D, vehicles, meeting/technical reports, and upcoming events. Started in 1964, this essential monthly publication connects you with international battery manufacturers, industry suppliers, research organizations, government and military agencies, and the vehicle industry. Print and online subscriptions.

FCT (Advanced Fuel Cell Technology) provides the latest fuel cell-related news, products, patents, R&D, vehicles, meeting/technical reports, and upcoming events. Started in 1996, this essential monthly publication connects you with international manufacturers, industry suppliers, research organizations, government/military agencies, and the vehicle industry. Print and online subscriptions.


Agilent Technologies / Molecular Imaging
Booth 38
Steve Miller
4666 South Ash Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
United States

Agilent Technologies, the leader in test and measurement tools, has recently acquired Molecular Imaging, the premier manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) systems. This of high-resolution AFM instruments is ideal for nanometer scale measurement while imaging fluids, air or gases and under controlled temperature and environmental conditions.

Applied Microengineering Ltd. (AML)
Booth 15
Rob Santilli
Unit 8, Library Avenue
Harwell International Business Centre
Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0SG
United Kingdom

AML – Bonding & MEMS experts (20 yrs.), supplies equipment, e.g. AWB-04 Aligner-Wafer Bonder range. Processes on AML’s unique in-situ align & bond platform: anodic, direct, low temperature, glass frit, eutectic, thermo-compression, adhesive bonding, and aligned embossing. The stand-alone machines are used in research to volume production. An integral aligner provides fastest throughput on the market. The best bonding package – cost, performance, and flexibility to satisfy most applications. AML’s new BONDCENTRE service supports machines sales with process/applications development and pre-post bond services e.g. metrology, wafer prep. and processing, CMP & SAM.

Arbin Instruments
Booth 27
Antony Parulian
762 Peach Creek Cut Off Road
College Station, TX 77845
United States

Arbin supplies testing systems for energy storage and energy conversion devices such as for batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells. Arbin’s battery testing systems feature multiple current ranges, potentiostat/galvanostat, pulse testing, smart battery testing, fast current rise time, and modular plug and play structure. Arbin’s fuel cell testing systems feature wide range of power and flow rates, efficient electronic load, and precisely-controlled humidifier.


Booth 16
Craig Bruntlett
2701 Kent Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47906
United States

BASi has developed and manufactured unique instruments for electrochemistry for over 30 years. A full product line of accessories and electrodes complements the current instrument platform called epsilon. This instrument is the basis of a series of instruments for doing voltammetry, potentiometry and amperometry including detection for LC; single and multiple channels. These instruments are particularly good at measuring small current such as those encountered in nano-technology related experiments.


Canitec - Corporacion Analitica Integral S.A. de C.V.
Booth 20
Victor Hugo Casasola Mendoza
Andalucia No. 14 Col. Alamos
Mexico, DF 03400

Authorized distributor and representative of Dionex, the leader in liquid and ionic chromatography and rapid extraction systems.


Centrotherm Thermal Solutions GMBH
Booth 19
Georg Ritter
Johannes Schmid Strasse 8
Balubeuren D-89143

Horizontal and vertical furnaces for annealing, oxidation, LPCVD, PECVD of different semiconductor substrates (Silicon, SiC, Compound Semiconductors) with diameters from 2“ to 12“. Batch and single wafer processing. Thermal solutions for extreme requirements. Low Temperature Si- and SiGe EPI, ultra high annealing temperatures for SiC devices.


Booth 17
Lourdes Montoya
Parque Tecnologico Qro.
Pedro Escobedo, Querètaro 76700

The Electrochemistry Technological Research and Development Center – CIDETEQ has concentrated its efforts toward the development of attractive and pertinent technological solutions, trying to create links with industrial, academic, and governmental sectors. Today, CIDETEQ specialized in developing projects and services with high value added content in three strategic areas: Electrochemical processes, Environment, and Materials.


Booth 22
65 South Main Street
Building D
Pennington, NJ 08534
United States

Founded in 1902, ECS has become the leading society for solid-state and electrochemical science and technology. ECS has 8,000 scientists, engineers and students in over 65 countries worldwide that hold individual membership, as well as roughly 75 corporations and laboratories who hold corporate membership.


FuelCon Systems, Inc.
Booth 41 (Literature Display)
Blair Heffelfinger
4250 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T1W5

FuelCon is a leading supplier of testing equipment to the fuel cell industry. With over 14 years experience in the test business, FuelCon has installed hundreds of stations to premium customers. Our Evaluator® series of test stations can test from single cells to 150kW stacks based in PEM, DMFC, SOFC and MCFC technologies. FuelCon is also a leader in the supply of our TrueData® diagnostic tools including; impedance analyzers, cell voltage monitors, current density distribution analyzers, and cell fixtures.


FUMATECH Functional Membranes and Fuel Cells
Booth 31
Bernd Bauer
Am Grubenstollen 11
St. Ingbert D-66386

FuMA-Tech GmbH is a member of BWT - Best Water Technology - Europe's leading water technology group. FUMATECH offers fumion® polymers and fumapem® proton-conductive membranes for fuel cells as well as fumasep® ion exchange membranes for use in redox-flow batteries, electrodialysis, bipolar membrane technology, water electrolysers, electrolysis and membrane humidifiers.


Gamry Instruments
Booth 1 & 2
Pete Peterson
734 Louis Drive
Warminster, PA 18976
United States

Visit the Gamry exhibit to see a powerful new electrochemical instrument, the Reference 600 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA! Any desktop or notebook computer can control the Reference 600 through the USB Interface. The modern design of the Reference 600 exhibits impressive levels of performance, such as 1 MHz EIS, 250 nanosecond rise time, and 3.3 microsecond data acquisition time. You can also see complete electrochemical systems for DC corrosion techniques, electrochemical noise, and critical pitting temperature. Gamry provides expert technical support so you can quickly generate reliable results with your instrument.


Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems
Booth 9
C. C. Huang
10 Chatham Road
Summit, NJ 07901
United States

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems develops and manufactures various particle processing and dry particle bonding equipment for producing fine, ultra-fine powders and nanocomposites used in electronics, energy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, military, and aerospace industries. Application examples of producing fine/ultra-fine powder, particle coatings, and nanocomposites are to be displayed.


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
Booth 37 (Literature Display)
Michael McCabe
379 Thornall Street
Edison, NJ 08837
United States
1.732.321.5579 x205

The IET is Europe’s largest professional engineering society and a leading international scientific and technical publisher, offering a wide range of publications in many areas of engineering, science and technology. Stop by for more information on all of our leading books and journals, including the brand new journal Micro & Nano Letters, which provides a rapid route for international dissemination of high quality research findings from both the micro and nano communities.


Maccor, Inc.
Booth 42
Mark Hulse
2805 West 40th Street
Tulsa, OK 74107
United States

Maccor, Inc. was the pioneer, and is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer of computerized Battery Test Systems for all cell chemistries, including Alkaline, Nickel, Lithium Ion, and Lithium Polymer. The founders of Maccor designed and built their first computer based battery test system in 2983. Maccor’s range of equipment not only provides standard discharge and cycle testing but is capable of sophisticated pulse testing, together with high-speed data acquisition and interface with smart battery packs. In addition, cyclic voltametry, 3-electrocde, and AC Impedance experiments can be performed. Today Maccor has over 1,500 systems in more than 40 countries with local sales and customer support services available in many areas. Please visit our website at for more details.


MALT Group
Booth 35
Takafumi Matsumoto
Kagaku Gijutsu-sha
1-5-31 Yushima
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034

MALT Group introduces the Thermodynamic Database MALT (Materials-oriented Little Thermodynamic database for PC). MALT ensures the utilization of the high quality thermodynamic data in practical materials problems. In addition to its well defined data, MALT implements generalized programs for calculating chemical equilibria and constructing chemical potential diagram. This diagram introduces new perspective in thermodynamic analysis and is the very unique feature of MALT.


MAS Instrumentos, S.A. de C.V.
Booth 8
Cecilia Fernandez
Calzada de Tlalpan No. 4261
Mexico, DF 04730

MAS Instrumentos, S.A. de C.V. supplies equipment, instruments, consumables, reagents and services of the highest quality for the development, research and quality control of laboratories and universities in Mexico. The products and services sold by MAS are made with the newest technologies that allow preciseness and reliability in your analysis. Our brands are Autolab/Ecochemie, Metrohm, Eppendorf and Seward.


Materials Research Society
Booth 6
Mary Kaufold
506 Keystone Drive
Warrendale, PA 15086
United States

An interdisciplinary scientific society, the Materials Research Society (MRS) publishes periodicals (MRS Bulletin), journals (Journal of Materials Research), proceedings volumes (over 900 to date) and monographs covering a wide range of topics in materials science. Among them: ceramics, nanomaterials, biological and biomimetic materials, electronic materials, glasses, materials characterization, metals/alloys, polymers and more. And now. all current MRS members now enjoy free print and electronic subscriptions to MRS Bulletin, as well as free access to over 15,500 (and growing) proceedings papers online.


Materials Today
Booth 28
James Quinney
The Boulevard
Langford Lane
Kidlington, Oxford OXS 19B
United Kingdom

Materials Today is the international magazine for researchers with an interest in materials science and technology. Our aim is to provide the most relevant and informative articles on the areas of materials R&D that most interest our readers. Materials Today is distributed free of charge to readers who match our circulation profile. To apply to receive Materials Today, please complete the registration form at


Matheson Tri-Gas
Booth 12
Beth Sullivan
166 Keystone Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
United States

Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. is a single source provider of industrial and specialty gases, including bulk and cylinder gases, gas handling equipment, high performance purification systems, and related hardgoods. The company also provides support services, engineering services, and systems management services to analytical laboratories and semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.


Maxtek, Inc.
Booth 4
Todd Johnson
5980 Lakeshore Drive
Cypress, CA 90630
United States

Maxtek, Inc. manufactures QCM instruments for thin film, plating and research applications. The RQCM provides an advanced method of measuring film properties during processes such as deposition, dissolution and permeation. Data is logged and graphically displayed using Windows™ based software in real time. Stop by our booth for a demonstration.


PEC North America
Booth 39
Peter Ulrix
2385 NW Executive Center Drive
Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431
United States

PEC Quality Control Solutions for the battery industry. PEC develops and manufactures quality control solutions such as high precision life test equipment for individual cells and battery packs; cell formation; and grading systems for NiMH and Lithium-based chemistries; inline test equipment for 100% quality control during cell assembly and finishing; and laboratory execution systems for heterogeneous battery testing facilities.


Pine Research Instrumentation
Booth 3
Jenny Lytle
5908 Triangle Drive
Raleigh, NC 27617
United States

Pine Research Instrumentation manufactures a full line of affordable, reliable, and durable rotating electrode products. With over 40 years of experience fabricating precision rotating disk (RDE), rotating ring-disk (RRDE), and rotating cylinder (RCE) electrodes, Pine is able to manufacture standard rotating electrodes out of platinum, gold, glassy carbon, and various steels. We also welcome inquiries for electrodes made with custom materials or geometries.


Princeton Applied Research / Solartron Analytical
Booths 21 & 26
Delores Wood
801 S. Illinois Avenue
Oakridge, TN 37830
United States

Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical are the two leading manufacturers of electrochemistry, materials, and corrosion laboratory equipment. Together we offer our customers the benefit of the combined knowledge, expertise, products, and solutions necessary for research of corrosion, impedance, trace element analysis, electroplating, fuel cell, and battery development. The global presence and wide product portfolio from our two companies is unprecedented. Our solutions range from entry-level equipment to the highest performance reference systems.


Radiometer Analytical
Booth 5
Dominique Drouin
33 rue du Balon
Noisy le Grand 93165

Radiometer Analytical SAS develops and manufactures an extensive range of electrochemical systems dedicated for routine testing, research and teaching in the laboratory. Our potentiostats/galvanostats are able to perform conventional electrochemical measurements as well as dedicated corrosion and EIS techniques. In addition to corrosion studies, you can experiment with new material and battery performance testing or electroplating using methods such as polarization curves, coulometry, pitting test and polarization resistance. We also offer bipotentiostats and useful accessories such as corrosion cells or rotating disk electrodes. For more information, visit us at


Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials LLC
Booth 13
Jennifer Swanson
60 Willow Street
North Andover, MA 01845
United States

Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials LLC is a leading worldwide manufacturer of high purity metalorganic CVD precursors. Our product line comprises precursors for Ga, In, Al, As, and several dopants. To these products we recently added a line of germanium precursors for growth of SiGe films and new precursors for the growth of high-k dielectric films. Our plant is highly automated for ultimate product consistency. Our sales professionals have direct experience with epi-growth and device fabrication giving customers superior technical service value. Whether it is on-time delivery through global inventory management, technical service competency, or simply the highest purity, most consistent performing sources available, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials is the leader in customer satisfaction.


Scribner Associates
Booth 30
Louie Scribner
150 E. Connecticut Ave
Southern Pines, NC 28387
United States

Scribner Associates will display the 850C Compact Fuel Cell Test System, a fully-integrated, high-performance turn-key instrument for research, development and training in PEM, DMFC and other fuel cell technologies. New 850C features include a 100 A / 100 W load, automatic water fill, and reactant flow capacity up to 5 SLM. The 850C augments Scribner’s line of fuel cell test equipment including our 100 W to 3 kW Fuel Cell Loads and 896 Stack Monitor System. Coupled with FuelCell®, the most powerful and versatile operating software package in the industry, Scribner’s products offer unmatched performance and flexibility for the most demanding applications. We will also demonstrate the 910 Multichannel Microelectrode Impedance Analyzer, a breakthrough product for EIS and DC electrochemistry of up to 100 electrodes with applications in combinatorial electrochemistry, electrocatalyst and battery research, corrosion, and sensors. Also featured will be MultiStat®, ZPLOT® and CorrWare® Electrochemical Measurement Software. All of our products are available for quick delivery and are backed by extensive technical support.


Booth 7
Ken Howell
233 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
United States

Springer offers excellence by collaborating with the world's best authors to produce quality works in science, medicine, and engineering. More than 150 Nobel prize-winners have published with Springer. Many of our publications are considered authoritative in their field, used in libraries and universities, and ready by academics, students, professional, and industrial practitioners.


Taylor & Francis Group
Booth 11 (Literature Display)
Sharon Moran
325 Chesnut Street
Suite 800
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States

For two centuries, Taylor & Francis has been fully committed to the publication of scholarly information. We publish a wide variety of books and journals in the fields of solid-state and electrochemical science and technology. Be sure to stop by Booth 11 to pick up FREE sample copies of our journals!


Technologies & Devices International, Inc.
Booth 25 (Literature Display)
Tatiana Dmitriev
12214 Palm Orchard Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20904
United States

Technologies and Devices International, Inc. (TDI) is developing, fabricating, and selling GaN, AlN, AlGaN, and InN materials for advanced semiconductor devices. Available products include 2- and 4- inch low defect GaN/sapphire template substrates for blue LEDs, AlGaN/sapphire substrates for UV LEDs, and 3-inch AlN/SiC semi-insulating substrates for high power GaN-based HEMTs. Six-inch product prototypes have been demonstrated. These novel materials are fabricated by proprietary patented hydride vapor phase epitaxial (HVPE) technology.


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