198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


F1 - Second International Symposium on Pits and Pores: Formation, Properties, and Significance for Advanced Materials

Corrosion Division/ Luminescence Display Materials Division

Monday, October 23, 2000

Yuma 30 & 35


Co-Chairs: D.J. Lockwood and P. Schmuki

10:00 Introductory Remarks
10:05393 Quo Vadis Porous Semiconductors? - L. Canham (DERA Malvern) PDF
10:40394 Mechanistic Aspects of Nucleation and Growth of Corrosion Pits on Metals - H.-H. Strehblow (Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf) PDF
11:15395 A Stochastic Model for Current Oscillations in Space and Time at the Silicon Electrode - H. Foell, J. Carstensen, M. Christophersen, and G. Hasse (University of Kiel) PDF
11:40396 The Early Stage of Localized Corrosion - H. Boehni (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zuerich) PDF

Pit and Pore Initiation

Co-Chairs: H.S. Isaacs and Y. Ogata

1:30397 New Findings in the Pore Formation on Silicon - V. Parkhutik (Technical University of Valencia) PDF
1:55398 Electrochemical Investigations of Pitting Events at Different Temperatures by Current Transients Analysis - S. Matsch and H. Boehni (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) PDF
2:15399 Initial Stages of Etching of Si Electrode Surfaces Investigated by Surface Infrared Spectroscopy - M. Niwano (Tohoku University) PDF
2:35400 Pitting Corrosion of Stainless Steels : Modelling the Relative Effect of Passive Films and Sulfide Inclusions - B. Baroux (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) PDF
2:55401 Solution Chemistry Effects on Stable and Metastable Pitting Corrosion of Fe-Cr Alloys - S. Virtanen and W. Tobler (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)) PDF
3:15402 The Distribution of Pitting Potentials for Stainless Steels - N. Laycock (Materials Performance Technologies), S. White, and D. Krouse (Industrial Research) PDF
3:35403 Interactions Among Localized Corrosion Sites - T. Lunt, J. Scully, V. Brusamarello (University of Virginia), A. Mikhailov (Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft), and J. Hudson (University of Virginia) PDF
3:55 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
4:10404 Formation, Stability, and Dissolution of Low-Dimensional Systems - W.J. Lorenz, W. Wiesbeck (University of Karlsruhe), and G. Staikov (University of Dusseldorf) PDF
4:30405 Theoretical Interpretation of Anion Size Effects in Passivity Breakdown - D. Macdonald (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
4:50406 A Monte Carlo Simulation of the Pit Growth - B. Malki and B. Baroux (INPG-LTPCM) PDF
5:10407 Electrochemical Properties of Fe2O3-Cr2O3 Artificial Passivation Films in A HCl Solutions - K. Sugimoto, M. Son, N. Akao, and N. Hara (Tohoku University) PDF
5:30408 Extended 2D-Defects of the Surface Silicon Layer and the Charged Point Defects Generation Processes in the Silicon Dioxide Layer of Si–SiO2 Structures During Thermal Oxidation - V.Y. Uritsky (St.-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University) PDF

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Structures and Pattering

Co-Chairs: L. Canham and M. Seo

8:30409 Electrochemically-Prepared Highly-Ordered High-Aspect-Ratio Pore Arrays - R. Wehrspohn, A. Birner, F. Muller, K. Nielsch, J. Schilling, and U. Goesele (Max-Planck-Institute of Microstructure Physics) PDF
8:55410 Electrochemical Pathways to Nanostructures - M. Moskovits, K. Shelimov, D. Almawlawi, A. Osika, and D. Davydov (University of Toronto) PDF
9:20411 Electrochemical Deposition of Macroporous Materials Using Polystyrene Latex Sphere Templates and Their Optical Properties - M.A. Ghanem, P.N. Bartlett, and P.R. Birkin (University of Southampton) PDF
9:40412 AFM Induced Nanopatterning of Si Surfaces - L. Santinacci, T. Djenizian, and P. Schmuki (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)) PDF
10:00413 Electron-Beam Induced Nanomasking for Metal Electrodeposition on Semiconductor Surfaces - T. Djenizian, L. Santinacci, and P. Schmuki (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)) PDF
10:20 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:45414 Fabrication of Grooves on Aluminum Surface with Atomic Force Microscope Probe - H. Takahashi, Z. Kato, and M. Sakairi (Hokkaido University) PDF
11:10415 Formation of Metal Oxide Nanotubes through a Surfactant-Mediated Method in Laurylamine / Metal Alkoxide System - M. Adachi, Y. Murata, and M. Harada (Kyoto University) PDF
11:30416 Fabrication of Pits and Grooves on Aluminum by Laser Irradiation and Electrochemistry - T. Kikuchi, M. Sakairi, H. Takahashi (Hokkaido University), Y. Abe, and N. Katayama (Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute) PDF
11:50417 Self Assembly of Porous Silicon Layers - G. Di Francia, V. La Ferrara, L. Lancellotti, and P. Morvillo (CR-ENEA) PDF

Selective Dissolution and Porous Metals

Co-Chairs: H. Foell and H. Takahashi

2:35418 Fundamental Aspects of Alloy Dissolution - K. Sieradzki, N. Dimitrov, and N. Vasiljevic (Arizona State University) PDF
3:00419 Characterization and Formation of Nanoporous Metals by Dealloying - S. Corcoran (Virginia Tech) PDF
3:20420 Electrochemical Behaviour of Nanocrystalline, Porous Nickel - M. Schneider and H. Worsch (Dresden University of Technology) PDF
3:40 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:55421 Oxide Growth in Aluminum Etch Tunnels - R. Alwitt (Boundary Technologies, Inc.) and H. Uchi (Chemi-con Materials Corp.) PDF
4:20422 Modeling the Shapes of Aluminum Etch Tunnels - K. Hebert (Iowa State University) PDF
4:40423 Electrolytic Cathodic Breakdown in Porous Alumina - V.V. Konovalov, R.M. Metzger, and G.W. Warren (University of Alabama) PDF
5:00424 Anodizing of Aluminum in Acid NbO-Oxalate Solutions - N.R. Atz, L.F. Pinheiro Dick (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), and H.P. Strunk (Universitat Erlangen) PDF
5:20425 Stages of Anodic Oxide Film Growth on Titanium - Y. Mueller and S. Virtanen (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) PDF
5:40426 A New Technology of Selaing Treatment for Passivated Porous Surface - C.K. Zhong (Guangzhou Research Institute of Electric Apparatus) PDF

Exhibit Hall D

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: S. Virtanen and N. Laycock

o427 Influence of Polarization Scan Rate on the Pitting Potential of AISI 316L Stainless Steel in NaCl Solution - J.M. Bastidas, C.L. Torres, J.L. Polo, and E. Cano (National Center for Metallurgical Research (CSIC)) PDF
o428 Electrical Properties of Porous Silicon at the Metallization of Pores - O. Bomk, V. Ilchenko, G. Kuznetsov, A. Tsiganova, T. Vdovenkova, and V. Skryshevsky (Kyiv Shevchenko University) PDF
o429 Some Causes for the Localized of Metal Dissolution and Possibilities of Passivation of Porous Surface - Y. Kuznetsov (Institute of Phisical Chemistry of RAS), M. Rylkina (Udmurt State University), and D. Vershok (Institute of Phisical Chemistry of RAS) PDF
o430 Pores Formation and Surface Passivation in Electroless Gold and Tin Films - R. Ann, R. Olga (Physical and Chemical Problems Research Institute), V. Tatyana, and S. Vadim (Belorussian State University) PDF
o431 Impedance Spectroscopy in the Si-HF System Including Time Dependent and Resonant Phenomena - G. Hasse, J. Carstensen, and H. Foell (University of Kiel) PDF
o432 Formation of Porous Composites by a Voltage Pulse Technique - M.-G. Verge and P. Schmuki (EPFL) PDF
o433 Determination of Aluminum Surface Oxide Film Geometry From Electrochemical Transient Measurements - H. Wu and K. Hebert (Iowa State University) PDF
o434 1- Photoluminescence Study of Nanocomposites Based Porous Silicon 2- Resonantly Excited Photoluminescence from Porous Silicon: Effect of Polarisation and Temperature - H. Elhouichet (Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Raman) PDF
o435 Preparation and Study the Transport Properties of Composite Material - LiJO3 + SiO2 - I. Kholmanov, A. Aliev, N. Akhmedjanova, and V. Krivorotov (Uzbek Academy of Sciences) PDF
o436 Microspectrometer of Porous Silicon - G. Lammel, P. Schmuki, and P. Renaud (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)) PDF
o437 A Cellular Automata Simulation of the Pit Growth - B. Malki and B. Baroux (INPG-LTPCM) PDF

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Yuma 30 & 37

Towards Devices and Applications

Co-Chairs: M. Moskovits and T. Yonehara

10:00438 ELTRAN(R); SOI-Epi WaferTM by Epitaxial Layer Transfer from Porous Si - T. Yonehara and K. Sakaguchi (Canon Inc.) PDF
10:25439 Mechanism of Pore-Enlargement in Double Porous Si Layers - K. Sakaguchi, H. Kurisu, K. Ohmi, and T. Yonehara (Canon Inc.) PDF
10:45440 Novel Ultrasonic Technology by Nanocrystalline Porous Silicon - N. Koshida, T. Migita, Y. Kishimoto, and H. Shinoda (Tokyo University of A&T) PDF
11:10441 Electrodeposited Hard Magnetic Nanowires with Anodized Aluminum - N. Myung, D.-Y. Park, M. Schwartz, and K. Nobe (Univeristy of California, Los Angeles) PDF
11:30442 Modelling of Electrodeposition of Copper in a Pore in CuCN-KCN Solutions - A. Katagiri (Kyoto University) GIF
11:50443 Porous GaAs and InGaAs Buffer Layers Grown by MOCVD on This Substrate - A. Akhsakhalyan, Y. Buzynin, N. Vostokov, S. Gusev, D. Gaponova, Y. Drozdov, B. Zvonkov, A. Murel, and V. Shashkin (Russian Academy of Science) PDF

Localized Metal Corrosion

Co-Chairs: H. Boehni and R. Alwitt

1:30444 Development of Quasipotential Transformation Models of the Steady-State Electrochemistry in a Pit with Multiple Heterogeneous Reactions - K. Allahar and M.E. Orazem (University of Florida) PDF
1:50445 The Role of O2 on the Stability of Crevice Corrosion - M. Sawford (Crucible Research), B. Ateya (Kuwait University), and H. Pickering (The Pennsylvania State University) PDF
2:10446 Influence of the Alloying Elements on the Electronic Structure of Oxide Films Formed on 304 Stainless Steel - M.G.S. Ferreira, N.E. Hakiki, G. Goodlet, S. Faty, A.M.P. Simoes, and M. Da Cunha Belo (Instituto Superior Tecnico) PDF
2:30447 Effect of Anodic Oxide Film Structure on the Prevention of Electroless Ni-P deposition on Al5052 Alloy - S.-M. Moon, M. Sakairi, H. Takahashi (Hokkaido University), and K. Shimamura (Sapporo Electro Plating Industry Co., LTD) PDF
2:50448 Surface Treatment of AISI 304 and 316 Stainless Steel with Molybdenum and Niobium containing Solutions - L.F. Pinheiro Dick, L. Vieceli Taveira (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), and H.P. Strunk (Universitat Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) PDF
3:10449 Mechanism of Pit Development on Zinc exposed in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Marine Environments - A. Neufeld and I. Cole (CSIRO Australia) PDF
3:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:45450 Mechanism of Pitting Corrosion of Magnetic Recording Media - A. Hodges and T. Devine (University of California) PDF
4:05451 Passivity and Pitting Behavior of Sputter-Deposited Mo-Zr Alloys IN 12 M HCl - D. Huerta (ABKO) PDF
4:25452 Pitting Corrosion of Porous TiN Deposit on 630 Stainless Steel at Alkaline pH With and Without Chloride - G. Bellanger (Atomic Centre d'Etudes de Valduc) GIF
4:45453 Effect of Lead and Silicon on the Passivity of Incoloy 800 In High-Temperature Water - Y. Lu and B. Cleland (Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.) PDF
5:05454 Local Chemistry and Morphology of Pores developed in 55% Al-Zn exposed to Marine Atmospheric Conditions - A. Neufeld and I. Cole (CSIRO Australia) PDF
5:25455 Changes of Salt-Content the Hydrocarbonate Solutions and Thermal Conditions as Factors of Copper Passivation and Local Activation - S. Kaluzina, I. Kobanenko, and V. Malygin (Voronezh State University) PDF

Thursday, October 26, 2000


Co-Chairs: K. Sieradzki and M. Niwano

8:30456 High Resolution Microscopy and Reaction Distribution Modeling - W. Smyrl, F. Guillaume, and J. Evyu (University of Minnesota) PDF
8:55457 Evidence for the Reactivity of Interfacial Voids in Aluminum - K. Hebert, H. Wu, M. Fomino (Iowa State University), T. Gessmann, K. Lynn (Washington State University), and P. Asoka-Kumar (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) PDF
9:15458 Localized pH Profile of Galvanized Steel in Atmospheric Corrosion Process - K. Noda, M. Yamamoto, H. Masuda, and T. Kodama (National Research Institute for Metals) PDF
9:35459 Open Circuit Pit Growth in Al Thin Films - D. Lu and G. Frankel (The Ohio State University) PDF
9:55 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:10460 Determination of Kinetics of Pitting Corrosion in Jells with pH Indicators - H.S. Isaacs and G. Adzic (Brookhaven National Laboratory) PDF
10:30461 Laser Assisted Electrochemical Etching of Silicon - Simulations and Experiment - R. Juhasz (Royal Institute of Technology), P. Kleimann (Universite Claude Bernard Lyon I), and J. Linnros (Royal Institute of Technology) PDF
10:50462 Scattering Properties of Porous Silicon - R. Sabet-Dariani, A. MortezaAli, and H. Nurani (Azzahra University) PDF
11:10463 Structural Reorganization in p-Type Porous Silicon by Mild Heat-Treatment - Y.H. Ogata, N. Yoshimi (Kyoto University), T. Tsuboi (Niigata University), and T. Sakka (Kyoto University) PDF
11:30464 Evaluation of Porosity of TiO2 Films from Reflection Spectra - A. Katagiri, T. Matsubara, and T. Oishi (Kyoto University) GIF

Porous Semiconductors

Co-Chairs: W.H. Smyrl and N. Koshida

1:30465 Formation and Properties of Porous InP - P. Schmuki, L. Santinacci, T. Djenizian (Swis Fed. Inst. Techn.), and D. Lockwood (Natl. Res. Council) PDF
1:50466 Optical Properties of Porous InP - D.J. Lockwood (National Research Council of Canada), L. Santinacci, T. Djenizian, and P. Schmuki (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)) PDF
2:10467 Cathodic Decomposition and Changes in Surface Morphology of InP in HCl - M. Seo, M. Aihara (Hokkaido University), and A.W. Hassel (Max-Planck Institut fuer Eisenforschung GmbH) PDF
2:30468 Quantitative Analysis of the Morphology of Macropores on Resistive p-Si - J.-N. Chazalviel, F. Ozanam (CNRS - Ecole Polytechnique), N. Gabouze, S. Fellah (UDTS), and R.B. Wehrspohn (Max-Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics) PDF
2:50469 Passivated Luminescent Porous Silicon - R. Boukherroub, D. Wayner, D. Lockwood (National Research Council of Canada), and L. Canham (DERA Malvern) PDF
3:10 Concluding Remarks