2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


B1B - Batteries: Session II

ECS Cosponsors - Battery/Energy Technology; ISE Cosponsors - Electrochemical Energy Conversion/Electronically and Ionically Conducting Phases

Monday, September 3, 2001

Grand Ballroom A, Grand Ballroom Level

Lithium Battery, Cathode Materials

Co-Chairs: G.A. Nazri and J.M. Tarascon

10:30161 Lithium Deintercalation from the O2-LiCoO2 Phase: Structure and Physical Properties - C. Delmas, D. Carlier (Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry ICMCB), I. Saadoune (Unknown), L. Croguennec (Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry ICMCB), E. Suard (ILL), F. Tournadre, Y. Shao-Horn, F. Weill (Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry ICMCB), J. Hirschinger (University of Louis Pasteur), P. Willmann (CNES), and M. Menetrier (Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry ICMCB) PDF
11:00162 Thermal Decomposition Process of Li1yCoO2 - Y. Hosoya, Y. Yamamoto, and M. Nagamine (Sony Corporation) PDF
11:15163 Effect of Li Ordering on Li Diffusion and Cycling Behavior of Thin-Film LiCoO2 Cathodes - Y.-I. Jang and N. Dudney (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) PDF
11:30164 T2 and O2 Li2/3[CoxNi1/3-x/2Mn2/3-x/2]O2 cathode materials - Z. LU and J. Dahn (Dalhousie University) PDF
11:45165 Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Doped LiNi1-xCoxO2 Cathode Materials - Z.R. Zhang, H.S. Liu, J.Y. Chen, and Y. Yang (Xiamen University) PDF

Lithium Battery, Cathode Materials (Cont'd)

Co-Chairs: B. Scrosati and C. Delmas

1:30166 On the Dual Material/Electrochemical Approach for Elaborating Better Electrodes/Batteries - J.M. Tarascon (Universite de Picardie Jules Verne) PDF
2:00167 Layered Nickel Manganese Oxides (LiN1/2Mn1/2O2) Possible Alternatives to LiCoO2 for Lithium-ion Batteries - T. Ohzuku and Y. Makimura (Osaka City University) PDF
2:30168 Degradation of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 Cathode Surfaces at Elevated Temperatures - R. Kostecki and F. McLarnon (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) PDF
2:45169 Deleterious Phase Transitions in Lithium Intercalation Electrodes - T. Richardson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) PDF
3:00170 Comparison of the Chemical and Structural Stabilities of Layered Cobalt Oxide and Nickel Oxide Cathodes - A. Manthiram, R. Chebiam, and F. Prado (University of Texas at Austin) PDF
3:15171 The Influence of Li Intercalation on the Electronic Polarisability of Oxide Lattices Determined by XPS. - J. Castle (University of Surrey), A.M. Salvi (Universita di Basilicata), G. Moretti (Universita degli Studi La Sapienza), R. Guascito (Universita di Basilicata), and F. Decker (Universita degli Studi La Sapienza) PDF
3:30172 Laboratory EDXD and High Energy Synchrotron Radiation for In-Situ Structural Study of Lithium-ion Electrode Materials - S. Panero, P. Reale, F. Ronci, B. Scrosati (Universita “La Sapienza”), P. Perfetti, V. Rossi Albertini (CNR Area di Ricerca di Tor Vergata), A. D'Epifanio, and E. Traversa (Universita “Tor Vergata”) PDF
3:45173 Electrochemical Evaluation of the Multi-component Insertion Mixed LiMn2O4 with LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 for Lithium-Ion Batteries - Z.-F. Ma, X.-Q. Yang, M. Balasubramanian, X. Sun, and J. McBreen (Brookhaven National Laboratory) PDF
4:00 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
4:15174 In-Situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Sony 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells - D. Ingersoll and M. Rodriguez (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
4:30175 Electronic Structure Analysis of Chemically Delithiated LiCoO_2 using Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry - J. Graetz, A. Hightower, C. Ahn, R. Yazami, and B. Fultz (California Institute of Technology) PDF
4:45176 Effect of Aluminum Doping on Impedance of Lithium-Ion Cells during Calendar Life Storage - C. Chen, J. Liu, and K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF
5:00177 RF Sputtered Thin-Film LINiCoO2 Cathodes - J. Whitacre, W. West, and R. Bugga (California Institute of Technology) PDF
5:15178 Effect of Atmosphere on Crystallization of LiCoO_2 Thin Film Deposited by Rf Sputtering - C.-L. Liao and K.-Z. Fung (National Cheng Kung University) PDF
5:30179 Structural Stability of Li1-xNi0.85Co0.15O2 Cathodes Under Mild Heat - A.N. Mada Kannan and A. Manthiram (University of Texas at Austin) PDF

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Lithium Battery, Cathode Materials (Cont'd)

Co-Chairs: S. Whittingham and N.J. Dudney

8:30180 Capacity Fade and Mn Dissolution of LiMn_2O4 - T. Saito, M. Machida, Y. Yamamoto, and M. Nagamine (Sony Corporation) PDF
9:00181 Capacity Fading of Lithium Manganese Oxide Positive Electrode in High Temperature Storage - Y. Kogetsu, M. Kohno, T. Hatanaka, T. Saito, and J. Yamaura (Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd) PDF
9:15182 Capacity Fade Studies on Spinel Based Li-Ion Cells - P. Ramadass, A. Durairajan, B. Haran, B. Popov, and R. White (University of South Carolina) PDF
9:30183 Superlattice Formation and Lithium-Ordering in the Delithiated LiMn2O4 Spinell - H. Bjork, T. Gustafsson, and J. Thomas (Uppsala University) PDF
9:45184 The Effects of Defects on Structural Changes and Capacity Fading for LiMn2O4 Type Cathode Materials During Cycling - X.-Q. Yang, Z. Ma, X. Sun, J. McBreen (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Y.S. Lee, and M. Yoshio (Saga University) PDF
10:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:30185 A Model for the Charge/Discharge Process of Manganese Oxide Thin Films - M. Perez, H.M. Villullas (Ciudad Universitariad Nacional de Cordoba), B.A. Lopez de Mishima (Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero), and M. Lopez Teijelo (Ciudad Universitariad Nacional de Cordoba) PDF
10:45186 Layered O3 Lithium Manganese Oxide Cathode Materials for Secondary Lithium Batteries - Recent Developments - A.D. Robertson, A.R. Armstrong, A.J. Paterson, M.J. Duncan, and P.G. Bruce (University of St. Andrews) PDF
11:00187 Orthorhombic LiCoxMn1-xO2 (0 Âx Â0.2) as Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries - S.-T. Myung, S. Komaba, N. Kumagai, T. Kanouchi (Iwate University), K. Oikawa, and T. Kamiyama (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization) PDF
11:15188 Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Orthorhombic LiMnO2 Material - Y.-S. Lee and M. Yoshio (Saga University) PDF
11:30189 Effect of Cobalt Ions on Electrochemical Properties of Sol-gel Birnessite MnO1.84,0.6H2O - F. Sylvain, B. Stephane, F. Jacqueline, P.-R. Jean-Pierre, and B. Noel (CNRS) PDF
11:45190 Structural and Electrochemical Characteristics of Layered Manganese Bronze Synthesized Using a Sol-Gel Method - K.-S. Park, M.-H. Cho (Chonbuk National University), S.-H. Park, Y.-K. Sun (Hanyang University), K.-S. Nahm (Chonbuk National University), Y.-S. Lee, and M. Yoshio (Saga University) PDF

Lithium Battery, Cathode Materials (Cont'd)

Co-Chairs: J. Dahn and D.A. Buttry

2:00191 Hydrothermal Synthesis and Electrochemical Behavior of Oxide Cathodes for Lithium Batteries - M.S. Whittingham, S. Yang, K. Ngala, and P.Y. Zavalij (State University of New York at Binghamton) PDF
2:30192 Phase Transition of Al-doped LiMn2O4 Cathode Material at Low Temperature - Y.-W. Tsai, B.-J. Hwang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), and H.-S. Sheu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center) PDF
2:45193 Comparison of Spinel Phase LiMn_2O4 Prepared by Different Methods of Synthesis for Li-ion Batteries - H.J. Bang and J. Prakash (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF
3:00194 In-situ XRD Investigation of Al-doped LiMn2O4 cathode material during Charging and Discharging in Nonaqueous Solution - B.-J. Hwang, Y.-W. Tsai (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), and H.-S. Sheu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center) PDF
3:15195 In Situ Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy of LiMn2O4 Cathode in Organic Electrolyte - R. Vidu, F. Quinlan, and P. Stroeve (University of California at Davis) PDF
3:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
4:00196 Electrolytic Nonstoichiometric Molybdenum Oxides in Lithium Batteries - E. Shembel (Ener1), R. Apostolova, V. Nagirny, M. Chuiko, P. Grebenkin (Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University), P. Novak (Ener1), and P. Lytvyn (Institute of Semiconductors Physics) PDF
4:15197 A New Spinel LiMn2O4-x(SO4)x Compounds for Cathode Materials - C. Zhaoyong, G. Lizhen, and Y. Zuolong (Chinese Academy of Sciences) PDF
4:30198 A Spinel Manganese Oxyiodide Cathode Synthesized by Hydrothermal Method for Secondary Batteries - C. Zhaoyong, G. Lizhen, and Y. Zuolong (Chinese Academy) PDF
4:45199 Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Cation-Insertion Reactions at Nanostructured, Mesoporous Manganese Oxide - J. Long and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
5:00200 Metal Doped Lithium Manganese Oxide Spinel as a Cathode for Lithium Second Battery - Z.-I. Takehara, M. Sano, N. Sumitomo, and Y. Yasunaga (Kansai University) PDF
5:15201 LiNi0.4Mn1.604 Cathode for Rechargable Lithium Batteries with 5 V - K. Kanamura, W. Hoshikawa, and T. Umegaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University) PDF

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Lithium Battery, Cathode Materials (Cont'd)

Co-Chairs: G.A. Nazri and C. Julien

8:30202 Approaching Theoretical Capacity of LiFePO4 at Room Temperature - H. Huang, S.-C. Yin, and L. Nazar (University of Waterloo) PDF
9:00203 Investigation of Polyvalent Cation Insertion Reactions Into Transition Metal Based Host Structures - G. Amatucci, F. Badway, M. Bervas (Telcordia Technologies), L. Klein (Rutgers University), A. Singhal, G. Skandan (NEI Corp.), and R. Jaworski (Telcordia Technologies) PDF
9:15204 A New Synthetic Route to Prepare LiFePO4 with Enhanced Electrochemical Performance - P.P. Prosini, M. Carewska, S. Scaccia (ENEA Casaccia), M. Pasquali (Universita di Roma La Sapienza), D. Zane (CNR), and S. Passerini (ENEA Casaccia) PDF
9:30205 Concepts in Design of Olivine-Type Cathodes - A. Yamada, M. Hosoya, S.-C. Chung, Y. Kudo, and K.-Y. Liu (Sony Corporation) PDF
9:45206 Effect of Ion Substitution on the Electrochemical Characteristics of Tunnel-containing Manganese Oxide Electrodes - M. Doeff, T. Richardson, M. Gonzales, and K.-T. Hwang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) PDF
10:00207 Cathode For Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with 5 V - K. Kanamura, W. Hoshikawa, and T. Umegaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University) PDF
10:15 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:30208 Local Structure and Electrochemistry of Doped Lithium-Cobalt Oxides as Positive Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries - C. Julien (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie) PDF
10:45209 Solid State Diffusion in Insertion Electrodes - V. Subramanian, J. Ritter, and R. White (University of South Carolina) PDF
11:00210 Thin Film Route for Optimization of Electrode Materials - A. Rougier, C. Marcel, I. Bouessay, A. Blyr, N. Naghavi, L. Dupont, C. Guery, J.-B. Leriche, and J.-M. Tarascon (Laboratoire de Reactivite et Chimie des Solides) PDF
11:15211 The Effect of Large Surface Area Nickel on The Cycle Life of Sulfur Cathode for Lithium/Sulfur Battery - S.-C. Han, H.-S. Kim, Y.-M. Kang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), H.-J. Ahn (Gyeong-Sang National University), and J.-Y. Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
11:30212 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Manganese Disulfide and Its Electrochemical Behavior - P. Nigrey, R. Guidotti, and F. Reinhardt (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF

Lithium Battery, Electrodes

Co-Chairs: R. Yazami and A. Rougier

2:00213 Enhanced Thermal Stability of Semi-covalent Graphite Fluoride in Primary Lithium Batteries - A. Hamwi (Universite Blaise), P. Hany, and R. Yazami (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) PDF
2:30214 RuO2V2O5 (Aerogel) Nanocomposites as Intercalation Hosts for Li Ions - G. Deluga, F. Zhang, and W. Smyrl (University of Minnesota) PDF
2:45215 Electrochemical and Electrogravimetric Behavior of Composite Formed by Polyaniline and Vanadium Pentoxide - F. Huguenin, M. Malta, R. Torresi (Universidade de Sao Paulo), and D. Buttry (University of Wyoming) PDF
3:00216 The Role of Nanocomposite Electrolytes in the Development of Reliable and Efficient Lithium Polymer Batteries. - F. Croce, F. Serraino-Fiory, J. Hessoun, L. Persi, and B. Scrosati (University "La Sapienza") PDF
3:15217 Mesoporous Vanadium Oxide as Cathodes for Lithium Batteries - P. Liu, S.-H. Lee, C.E. Tracy, and J. Turner (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) PDF
3:30218 Effect of Temperature on the Physical and Electrochemical Characteristics of V2O5 Cathode Materials - P. Smith, S. Dallek, W. Baker (Naval Surface Warfare Center), and S. Weissman (Walt Whitman High School) PDF
3:45219 Confirmed Existence of Omega-Vanadium Oxide - C. Warmsingh, J. Perkins, P. Parilla (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), D. Readey (Colorado School of Mines), and D. Ginley (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) PDF
4:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
4:30220 7Li NMR Studies of Li+ Insertion in V2O5 Xerogels - G. Holland, J. Yarger, and D. Buttry (University of Wyoming) PDF
4:45221 Capacity Losses During Thermal Storage of Graphite Lithium Anode - R. Yazami and Y. Reynier (LEPMI-INPG/CNRS) PDF
5:15222 A High Capacity Natural Swedish Graphite - the Beneficial Effect of Jet-milling - M. Herstedt, L. Fransson (Uppsala Univeristy), C. Borjesson (Tricorona Mineral AB), and K. Edstrom (Uppsala Univeristy) PDF
5:30223 Formation of LiC10 and LiC8 in Chemically-lithiated Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes - H. Gabrisch, R. Yazami, and B. Fultz (California Institute of Technology) PDF

Thursday, September 6, 2001

Lithium Battery, Carbonaceous Anodes

Co-Chairs: K. Zaghib and J. McBreen

8:00224 Surface Modified Graphite for Li-ion Battery - N. Chinnasamy, H. Fujimoto, A. Mabuchi, and T. Kasuh (Osaka Gas Co. Ltd) PDF
9:00225 Degradation of Carbon-Supported Tin Alloys in LiPF6EC: DEC Electrolyte - A. Ulus, E. Peled, L. Burstein, and Y. Rosenberg (Tel-Aviv University) PDF
9:15226 Electrochemical Behavior of Surface-Modified Natural Graphite for High-Power Applications - J. Liu, C.-H. Chen, J.-S. Luo, D.P. Abraham, D.R. Vissers, and K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF
9:30227 Electrochemical and Thermal Behavior of Metal Coated Natural Graphite (MAG) - W. Lu, S. Donepudi, J. Prakash (Illinois Institute of Technology), J. Liu, and K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF
9:45228 Safety Investigations on the Negative Electrode of a Li-Ion Battery by Differential Scanning Calorimetry - F. Joho, P. Novak (Paul Scherrer Institut), and M.E. Spahr (Timcal SA) PDF
10:00229 Electrochemical and Thermal Behavior of Graphite Anode Material for Li-ion Batteries - H.J. Bang (Illinois Institute of Technology), I.V. Barsukov (Superial Graphite Compamy), and J. Prakash (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF
10:15 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:30230 Surface Film Formation of Graphite Negative Electrodes in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - Z. Ogumi, S.-K. Jeong, M. Inaba, and T. Abe (Kyoto University) PDF
10:45231 In Situ Investigation of Electrochemical Lithium Intercalation into Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG) - C. Wang, A.J. Appleby, and F.E. Little (Texas A&M University) PDF
11:00232 Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy of Single Particle Carbon Electrodes - Y. Luo, W.-B. Cai, and D. Scherson (Case Western Reserve University) PDF
11:15233 Diagnostic Characterization of Surface of Electrodes in High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries using XPS and Infrared Spectroscopy - X. Zhang, C. Lee, and P. Ross (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) PDF
11:30234 Kinetics of Metallic Lithium Deposition, a Side Reaction in Li-Intercalation Batteries - P. de Jongh (Philips Research) PDF
11:45235 The Lithium Diffusion in Thermoexpanded Graphite - A. Skundin, O. Grigor'eva, T. Kulova (Russian Academy of Sciences), and S. Pouchko (A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography) PDF

Lithium Battery Inodes

Co-Chairs: M. M. Thackeray and K.A. Striebel

2:00236 Roughness Analysis of Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries - L. Beaulieu, A. Rutenberg, and J. Dahn (Dalhousie Univeristy) PDF
2:15237 EIS Characterization of Unusual Behaviors of Lithiated Graphite-Electrolyte Interface - A. Martinent, J.-P. Diard, B. Le Gorrec, C. Montella, and R. Yazami (Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Electrochimie) PDF
2:30238 Tin Oxalate Modified Graphite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications - J. Lee, R. Zhang (National University of Singapore), and Z. Liu (Institute of Materials Research & Engineering) PDF
2:45239 Effects of Metal Ions Addition on Carbon Anode Performance for Lithium-ion Batteries - S. Komaba, Y. Kataoka, N. Kumagai, T. Ohtsuka, and N. Kumagai (Iwate University) PDF
3:00240 Polymer Graphite Composite as Anodes for Li-ion Batteries - V. Basker, A. Durairajan, R. White, B. Popov (University of South Carolina), and P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico) PDF
3:15241 Ozone Modified Graphite as a Material of the Negative Electrode for a Lithium-ion Battery - T. Kulova, L. Kanevsky, A. Skundin (Russian Academy of Sciences), D. Sklovsky (Moscow State University), and G. Bondarenko (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
3:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:45242 The Electrochemistry of Zinc Nitride: A New Reaction Mechanism for Li-Ion Negative Electrodes - N. Pereira (Telcordia Technologies), L. Klein (Rutgers University), and G. Amatucci (Telcordia Technologies) PDF
4:00243 Dispersion of Amorphous Sn2P2O7 in a Conductive Matrix as an Anode Material in Lithium Secondary Batteries - H. Huang and L. Nazar (Univeristy of Waterloo) PDF
4:30244 Micro-Scale, All Solid-State Li Batteries - W. West, J. Whitacre, B. Ratnakumar, V. White, and S. Surampudi (California Institute of Technology) PDF
4:45245 Study on The Improvement of Cycle Life of Li3CoN as An Anode of Li-Ion Secondary Battery - Y.-M. Kang, S.-C. Park, K.-T. Kim, Y.-M. Kim, and J.-Y. Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
5:00246 Electrochemical Behavior of Tin Hydrogen Phosphate in Lithium Batteries - M.L. Elidrissi Moubtassim, J.I. Corredor Coca, C. Perez Vicente, and J.L. Tirado (Universidad de Cordoba) PDF
5:15247 High-Rate Microstructured Negative Electrodes - A.H. Whitehead and M. Schreiber (Funktionswerkstoffe F & E GmbH) PDF
5:30248 Development of High Performance of Silicon Type Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries by the Carbon Coating - M. Yoshio, N. Dimov, T. Iwao (Saga University), K. Fukuda (Mitsui Mining Co.), and T. Umeno (Mitsui Mining Co.,) PDF
5:45249 A Novel Process to Prepare High-Energy and High Power Composite Anode for Lithium Battery - G.-A. Nazri (GM R&D and Planning Center) PDF

Friday, September 7, 2001

Lithium Battery Anodes

Co-Chairs: R. Koetz and G.A. Nazri

8:30250 Metal-Metalloid Alloys as Alternatives to the Use of Carbons as Negative Electrodes in Lithium Cells - A. Netz, R.A. Huggins, and W. Weppner (University of Kiel) PDF
9:00251 Study on Some Li Alloy Anodes for Lithium Secondary Batteries - N. Tamura, R. Ohshita, M. Fujimoto, S. Fujitani, M. Kamino, and I. Yonezu (Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd.) PDF
9:15252 In situ XRD Studies of Phase Transitions in Lithiated Intermetallic Anodes - L. Fransson, K. Edstrom, J. Thomas (Uppsala University), J. Vaughey, and M. Thackeray (Argonnne National Laboratory) PDF
9:30253 Diffusional Transformations of InSb Electrodes in Lithium Cells - T. Sarakonsri, S. Hackney (Michigan Technological University), C. Johnson, and M. Thackeray (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF
9:45254 The Role of Interparticle Connection and SEI Layers on Capacity Fade in Lithium-Tin Alloy Electrodes - K. Thomas and J. Newman (University of California, Berkeley) PDF
10:00255 Effect of Microstructure on Li Storage Performance in Dispersed Metal Composite Anodes - P. Limthongkul, E. Jud, and Y.-M. Chiang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) PDF
10:15 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:30256 Structure and Properties of Sequentially Sputtered Molybdenum-Tin Films - J. Dahn (Dalhousie University), B. Turner (3M Co.), O. Mao, R. Dunlap, A. George (Dalhousie University), and M. Buckett (3M Co.) PDF
11:00257 Electrochemical Characteristics of Sn-Mo Anodes for Lithium Batteries - R. Turner, B. Amick, L. Krause, L. Christensen (3M Company), and J. Dahn (Dalhousie University) PDF
11:15258 Thermal Characteristics of Sn-Mo Anodes for Lithium Batteries - L. Christensen, J. Landucci, J. Cross, R. Turner, L. Krause (3M Company), and J. Dahn (Dalhousie University) PDF
11:30259 Electrochemical Studies of the Mg2Si Thin Films Prepared with Pulsed Laser Deposition - K. Striebel, S.-W. Song, and E. Cairns (Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) PDF
11:45260 An In Situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of InSb Electrodes in Lithium Batteries - A.J. Kropf (Argonne National Laboratory), H. Tostmann (University of Florida), C.S. Johnson, J.T. Vaughey, and M.M. Thackeray (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF

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