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ECS Copyright and Permissions

Guidelines for Use of ECS Material

How to Ask for Permission
Permission Request Form (PDF)
Credit Lines
Permission to Reproduce Full Articles

Guidelines for Use of Materials from ECS Publications

Before using ECS material or requesting to reproduce ECS material, please see the ECS Transfer of Copyright Form for the rights retained by authors and employers. For example, authors may use their own tables and figures in other scholarly research papers that they write, without writing to ECS for permission. Full credit to the original source should be given, for example, “Reproduced with permission from J. Electrochem. Soc., 150, H205 (2003). Copyright 2003, The Electrochemical Society." Permission is not needed if figures and/or tables from one ECS publication will be reused in another forthcoming ECS publication.

The following are excellent sources of general information on copyright and fair use.

Fees — A fee may be assessed, depending on the use to which the reproduced material is put.

How to Ask for Permission — We do not grant verbal requests, and with the exceptions noted below, requests to use ECS’s copyrighted material must be made in writing to:

Permissions Request
The Electrochemical Society (ECS)
65 South Main Street
Pennington, NJ 08534, USA

Fax: 1.609.737.2743

You may use the ECS Permission Request Form (PDF) to make your request by fax or e-mail attachment.

If you submit your request in the text of an e-mail, you must include the following information:

Full bibliographic reference information — Name of ECS journal, book, or magazine; issue date, volume number, issue number, page numbers; if an ECS book, give the book editor's name(s), the chapter author's name(s), the volume number, year of publication, and pages.

What you intend to use — E.g. If you wish to use a full article, then how many copies will you make? If you are requesting to use a few figures or a portion of an article, tell us which figures and which text (for text, mention the percentage and send a marked copy of the ECS text you plan to use). For figure or table requests, send only one request letter or permission request form and attach a list of the figures and tables with their complete reference citations, organized by ECS title. If you request more than three items from any one paper, the author’s permission will also be required.

Where it will be reused — If making individual photocopies, where will they be distributed: at a conference, to customers, in-house to employees only? If the work will be republished, let us know if the ECS material will be published in a book, journal, magazine, or thesis; give us the title of the work, the name of the publisher of the work in which the ECS material will appear, the editor’s name of the book, the title and list of chapter authors’ names, etc.

The deadline by which you need this permission — We will try to meet your deadline; but keep in mind that our normal turnaround times are 4-5 working days for figure and/or table requests, and 3-6 working days for full article requests.

If permission is granted, the appropriate copyright credit line must be posted along with the ECS material; use of the material should not imply any endorsement by The Electrochemical Society.

The more information you supply to us, the faster we can grant your request. To expedite our handling of your request, please send a self-addressed envelope (no postage is necessary) and only one copy of your request. Also, please include your telephone number and your fax number in the body of your letter; we find it difficult to read phone/fax numbers on letterheads, particularly if this information is printed in a small point size.

Credit Lines — If permission is granted to you, you must print the ECS copyright credit line on the first page of the article or book chapter. For figures and tables, the credit may appear with the figure, in a footnote, or in the reference list. For figures, tables, and journal articles, the standard credit line is

Reprinted with permission from [reference citation]. Copyright [year], The Electrochemical Society. [Example: Reprinted with permission from J. Electrochem. Soc., 150, H205 (2003). Copyright 2003, The Electrochemical Society.]

Permission to reproduce full articles — Reprographic copying of any article for internal or personal use beyond that permitted by ECS or by the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 is granted to libraries and other users registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, provided that any fees are paid directly to the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, USA; tel.: 1.978.750.8400; fax 978.750.4744; e-mail:



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