Minutes of Sensor Division Executive Committee Meeting

May 3, 1998, Sheraton Hotel San Diego.


Present at meeting: Petr Vanýsek, Antonio Ricco, Henry Hughes, Dennis Turner, John Dismukes, Richard Buck, Peter Hesketh.


(*Starred items in brackets are relevant to the Executive Committee meeting but not discussed at the Sunday night meeting. They arose later that week during the 193rd Society meeting.)


Meeting called to order at 8:55 p.m.


  1. Minutes were approved from the Montreal Meeting

Reminder: The requirements for a proceedings volume printing are at least 20 papers and greater than 80 % of the papers included from the symposium. (*Posters are considered regular papers and are included in the 80% requirement.)


Ceramic Sensors IV - 14 papers.

Sensors for environmental monitoring and occupational safety - 16 papers.

Liquid - liquid Interfaces - 34 papers. Terrific program Petr !


Symposia already included in the schedule for Fall 98 Boston Meeting include:

Spring 00 Toronto:

Fall 00 Phoenix:

Spring 01 Washington DC

Fall 01 San Francisco [Joint ECS/ISE meeting] - Sensors V


Spring 02 Philadelphia


New Topics for Sensor Symposia:

Physical Sensors, Scanning Probe Sensors, Lab on a Chip.


There was discussion of holding the majority of our symposia at either the Fall or Spring Meetings, which would help to include international participation rather than asking Division members to attend twice a year. (*Since the business meeting of the Division is traditionally held in fall, we may want to concentrate our symposia efforts to fall. It can be expected that the Society may wish in the future limit the number of symposia scheduled.)

 There are many scientists and researchers in Europe involved in Sensors and they may like to participate in the future Symposia of the ECS. The next joint meeting with ISE will be in San Francisco, Fall 2001. The International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS) is being held in Beijing, PRC, August 1998, and the next meeting will be in Europe in 2000, followed by USA in 2002. Bob Hughes will be attending the IMCS meeting and can explore the possibility of a joint meeting in the USA in 2002. (*The next joint meeting with ECSI and JSAP is tentatively set for Fall 2004 and the next joint meeting with ISE is planned for Spring 2003 in Paris or Vienna.) American Chemical Society, Analytical Chemistry Division and Colloids Division hold chemical sensors meetings also.



Procedure for selecting the recipient of the Sensor Division Award

The following is a recommendation for future selection of an award nominee. It arose from the experience of the past committee.


Prepared by Jiri (Art) Janata

We have a balance of $14,727.85 as of 12/31/97 in the general fund [up from $13,303 a year earlier]. We have a balance of $6,672.08 as of 12/31/97 up from $6,231.62 a year earlier in the award fund.

 These numbers are according to the ECS Headquarters.

 We had about $5195 in Paris Meeting Travel grants to pay but this was offset by about $6,000 from abstracts [$2,334], exhibits [$1,146], and proceedings volume [$2,929] income. Note that at big meetings we spend more on speakers but receive more income to offset this based upon sales of the proceedings volume. Additional expenses were $83.47 for labels, $132.50 for artwork to print 100 certificates of appreciation $685.59 for Microsensors and Microstructures III expenses $185 for immuno and biosensors, $111.37 Paris meeting expenses $5,195 travel grants and symposium expenses at the Paris meeting

 Note that the increase in the award fund from interest was $440.46 and since we are now awarding $1,000 every other year, we need to increase the principal to sustain the fund. Discussion of increasing fund by $1,200 from either Industrial Sponsors or the General Fund. Hesketh offered to contact possible industrial sponsors before the Boston Meeting.


8. Membership status

 Primary 427 Primary and Secondary 779

 (*The growth in the Primary and Secondary was as follows: 1992-326, 1993-411, 1994-463, 1995-564, 1996-689, 1997-666, 1998-779.)

Committee memberships should recruit additional members to members at large and include international representation on the committee.


9. Approval of financial support requests:

  1. Boston Meeting request from the Polymer Symposium. The organizers are bringing $1,000 of their own support and request support for registration of two keynote speakers at $670. As our guidelines allow the support of only one speaker registration per day of conference we have offered support at a level of $335.

Recommendation to verify the number of papers submitted prior to the meeting. (*In few instances the symposium for which funding was requested may turn to be much shorter than expected. In such case it would be reasonable to reevaluate the amount of funding provided, to bring it closer to our one registration per day rule)


10. Slate of officers for Fall election for the term 1998-2000:

Members at Large:

Served Previous Term:

  1. Items of Interest

Physical Electrochemistry has voted to include a $5 membership fee. Is enacting membership fee appropriate for the Sensor Division as we are financially solvent and have not planned major expenses other than sponsoring Symposia? The committee felt that we should not collect fees.

2nd International Symposium of Electrochemical Microsystem Technologies will be held September 9-11th at Wasada University, Tokyo.

 Motion to adjourn 11:05 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted Peter Hesketh, May 4th 1998.

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