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ECS Short Courses

Montreal, QC, Canada | Sunday, May 1, 2011

Short Course #6
Atomic Layer Deposition
Ana Londergan, Instructor

Please visit the Montreal meeting page for registration information. Early-Bird Registration rates are in effect until April 1, 2011. See a list of all Short courses offered at the Montreal meeting.

Recent advancements in nanotechnology have created a need for precise, conformal deposition of thin film materials. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) can enable the precise deposition of ultra-thin, highly conformal coatings over complex 3D topography, with controlled composition and properties. Consequently, ALD has become a technology of choice for a large variety of applications for and beyond the semiconductor industry, as proven from the countless applications emerging.

The first ALD processes were run more than 30 years ago and the first high volume production application of ALD was in the manufacturing of thin film electroluminescent displays by Planar Systems in the mid 80s. More recently, the continuous scaling of semiconductor devices has brought considerable attention to ALD. To date ALD has been introduced in manufacturing of disk drive recording heads as the read gap dielectric, as high dielectric constant material in DRAM capacitors and advanced CMOS gate stacks and in IC interconnects for W seed layer. The wider adoption of ALD as well as the extendibility of current applications face a number of challenges, such as integration into the process flow, productivity enhancement, development of ALD precursors and associated delivery systems, and overall cost of ownership (COO).

The first part of the course will introduce the fundamentals of ALD processing, from theoretical and empirical perspectives. Precursor and delivery systems development for ALD and productivity enhancement of ALD equipment and processes will be addressed. In the second part of the course, ALD applications and opportunities for the following areas will be discussed:

  • semiconductor mainstream CMOS and memory applications: development and integration of ALD high-k oxides and metal electrodes;
  • interconnects and contacts: integration of ALD films with Cu and low-k materials;
  • ALD for optical and photonic applications;
  • coating of nanoporous materials by ALD;
  • selective area ALD for patterning of nanoscale films; and
  • applications for ALD in other areas, such as disk drives, MEMS, nanotechnology, deposition on polymers, fuel cells, solar cells, etc.


About the Instructor

Ana Londergan is a staff engineer/manager in the Technology R&D group at the QUALCOMM MEMS Technologies (QMT) Division. She works on the next generation of mobile information displays with new MEMS-based mirasol technology. Her responsibilities are focused on advanced materials and manufacturing methods.

Dr. Londergan received a PhD in physics from the State University of New York at Albany, and has over ten years of experience in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) of more than 18 different thin films encompassing 20 elements of the periodic system. Prior to joining QMT in 2005, Dr. Londergan worked for seven years at Genus (presently part of AIXTRON), a semiconductor equipment manufacturing company that pioneered ALD equipment for the semiconductor and hard drive industries. As a manager of ALD process development, Dr. Londergan contributed in the company effort to mature ALD technology from R&D level to product manufacturing.

Dr. Londergan is the lead organizer of the Atomic Layer Deposition Applications symposium, held at the ECS fall meetings. She is also editor of the proceedings (ECS Transactions) from the symposium, which are published at the meeting. Over the past six years, this symposium has earned a leading position among the technology symposia where atomic layer deposition is discussed.

For additional information about Education, please contact: education


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