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ECS Short Courses & Tutorials

Seattle, WA, USA | Sunday, May 6, 2012

Short Course #4
MEMS Reliability and Packaging
Slobodan Petrovic, Instructor

Please visit the Seattle meeting page for registration information. Early-Bird Registration rates are in effect until April 6, 2012. See a list of all Short courses offered at the Seattle meeting.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of a broad array of MEMS packaging and reliability issues. While some prior knowledge by the participants of MEMS in general is helpful, the packaging discussion will require a fairly detailed explanation of the principles of operation, fabrication methods, and materials used in building MEMS structures. The course is therefore open to participants with no prior MEMS knowledge and would provide a reasonably broad general introduction into the field. Because each MEMS design deserves its own distinctive packaging approach, packaging considerations will be, whenever possible, illustrated using specific device examples; and every opportunity will be used to demonstrate the uniqueness of a packaging solution and its interaction with a micromachined structure. Using this dynamic teaching method, besides learning in depth about packaging and reliability, the participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about MEMS in general through the eyes of a packaging and reliability specialist.

A broad range of MEMS devices will be discussed while a particular emphasis will be placed on sensors and actuators used in industrial, medical, and automotive applications. Extensive case studies that will be used to most effectively demonstrate diverse packaging principles for devices such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, and digital micromirror devices.

The course will be divided in 2 major sections: general MEMS competence; and packaging and reliability. The following major topics will be covered:

  • Fabrication technologies
  • Materials
  • Design and device physics
  • Main MEMS types
  • Integration aspects
  • Selected industrial application
  • Design considerations
  • Types of packaging
  • Quality control
  • Reliability
  • Failure analysis

About the Instructor

Slobodan Petrovic is an associate professor at the Oregon Institute of Technology in Portland, OR. His research interests are in the areas of MEMS fuel cells, sensor media compatibility, hydrogen generation and storage, and dye-sensitized solar cells. Prior to that, he was at the Arizona State University, where he taught courses in MEMS, Sensors, and alternative energy. Dr. Petrovic also held appointments at Clear Edge Power as a Vice President of Engineering; at Neah Power Systems as Director of Systems Integration; and Motorola, Inc. as a Reliability Manager. Dr. Petrovic has over 25 years of experience in MEMS, sensors, energy systems; fuel cells and batteries; and electrochemical solar cells. He has over 50 journal publications and conference proceedings; 2 book contributions and 24 pending or issued patents.

For additional information about Education, please contact: education


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