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ECS Short Courses

ECS Short Courses are all day instruction designed to provide students or the seasoned professional a wide range of topics. Taught by industry experts, the small class size makes for an excellent opportunity for personalized instruction.

ECS sponsors short courses, each spring and fall, in conjunction with its biannual meetings. These courses are usually run from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM on the opening Sunday of the meeting. Short course notes are available at the time of the course.

Registration fees cover the course, luncheon, coffee breaks, and text materials; these fees are not applicable to any other activities of the Society meetings. Students are offered a 50% discount on course registration. Advance registration is required.

All courses are subject to cancellation pending an appropriate number of advance registrants.

Recent participants have praised ECS Short Courses …

  • “Great opportunity to learn from someone at the forefront of the topic.” — Masters student
  • “Loved the slides … great take-home reference.” — R&D professional
  • “This was a solid introduction to an otherwise inaccessible topic.” — Researcher working on the interactions of electric fields cancer cells
  • “Q&A parts were very helpful, with great insights for future experimental design.” — PhD
  • “Gained a deeper understanding of interpreting data.” — Independent consultant in processing advanced materials
  • “The instructor did a good job of explaining complex ideas, while understanding that it is a difficult field for those not working in it.” — Postdoctoral fellow
  • “Excellent responses to questions, good working examples, thorough explanation of equations.” — Chemical engineer
  • “This course fulfilled my expectations.” — R&D scientist at electroplating company
  • “Gained a broad and fundamental knowledge of electrochemistry.” — Membrane scientist for electrolyzer company
  • “Learned some new methods.” — Lithium ion battery specialist
  • “Basic concept review, very informative.” — Graduate student, PEMFC research
  • “This topic was new to me … very valuable.” — Fuel cell researcher

Do you have an idea for a Short Course?
To send suggestions for future ECS Short Courses, you may send an e-mail to

Are you interested in teaching a Short Course?
To submit a proposal for a Short Course, for consideration by the ECS Education Committee, please complete the questionnaire and send it and the supporting documents to

Past Short Courses
Click here for a list of past ECS Short Courses, instructors, and locations.


For additional information about Education, please contact: education


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