Symposium Funding

for the 203rd Meeting to be held in Paris, 


April 27- May 2, 2003



                        A1- General Society Student Poster Session

   $6825.00      A2- Nanotechnology

                        $6825.00    Authorized by the New Technology Subcommittee- 3/13/03 

                       B1- Aqueous Batteries

                        C1- Battery and Energy Technology Joint General Session

                        D1- Corrosion General Poster Session

                        D2- Passivity and Surface Structures for Corrosion Protection

$3000.00        F1- Science and Technology of Dielectric in Emerging Fields

                        $1500.00    Authorized by DS&T- 6/3/02

                        $1500.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

$7000.00        F2- Thin Films, Materials, Processes, and Reliability:  Plasma Processing for the 100 nm Node               & Copper  Interconnects with Low-k Interlevel Dielectric Films

                        $1500.00    Authorized by DS&T- 6/3/02

                        $1500.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

                        $1000.00    Received from ChemFirst Inc- 1/2/03

                        $1000.00    Received from Ashland Specialty Chem Comp - 1/17/03

                        $2000.00    Received from KLA-Tencor- 3/4/03

                         $500.00            Received from Applied Material- 3/26/03

$3000.00        G1- Seventh International Symposium on Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films

                        $1500.00    Authorized by DS&T- 6/3/02

                        $1500.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

$5000.00          G2- Eighth International Symposium on Diamond Materials

                        $500.00      Authorized by IEEE- 11/27/02

                        $1500.00    Authorized by HTM- 12/3/02

                        $1000.00    Authorized by DS&T- 12/3/02

                        $1000.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

                        $1000.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 1/30/03

 $650.00        H1- Chemical Solution Deposition of Semiconducting and Non-Metallic Films

                        $650.00    Authorized by Electrodeposition- 3/13/03

 $500.00        H2- Science and Applications of Additives in Electrochemical Processes

                        $500.00    Authorized by Electrodeposition- 1/27/03

$400.00            H3- Magnetic Electroplating

                        $400.00    Authorized by Electrodeposition- 2/3/03

$2000.00        I1- Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication and Electrodeposition of and on Semiconductors VI

                       $1000.00    Authorized by DS&T- 6/3/02 

                       $1000.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

$2500.00        J1- ALTECH 2003- Analytical Techniques for Semiconductor Materials and                  Processes                              Characterization IV

                        $2500.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

$13,375.00    J2- Joint Symposium: (1) State of the Art Program on Semiconductors XXXVIII and (2) Nitride &                 Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics IV

                        $4000.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

                        $5000.00    Received from GE Research- 12/30/02

                        $375.00    Authorized by Sensor- 2/14/03

                        $3000.00    Received from the University of North Carolina- 2/19/03

                        $1000.00    Received from William States Lee College of Engineering at UNC-Charlotte- 2/26/03

$9000.00        J3- Eleventh International Symposium on SOI Device Technologies

                        $9000.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/10/02

$9100.00        K1- Advanced Short-Time Thermal Processing for Si Based CMOS Devices

                        $1000.00    Authorized by DS&T- 9/24/02

                        $2000.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

                        $1000.00    Authorized by HTM- 12/27/02

                       $1000.00    Received from Mattson- 3/4/03

                         $500.00    Received from Axcelis- 1/2/03

                        $500.00    Received from Genus, Inc. - 2/5/03

                        $300.00    Received from Vortek Industries, Ltd.- 2/5/03

                        $1000.00    Received from Motorola- 3/4/03

                        $1000.00    Received from Applied Materials- 4/7/03

                        $800.00    Received from Philips Lighting- 4/14/03

$7000.00        L1- ULSI Process Integration III

                        $7000.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

$5000.00         M1- The Seventh International Symposium on Semiconductor Wafer Bonding Science, Technology,      and Application

                        $5000.00    Authorized by Electronics - 12/6/02

                        N1- New Trends in Intercalation Compounds for Energy Storage

                        O1- Fuel Cells from Materials to Systems

$1800.00        P1- Hydrogen Electrochemistry and Generating Systems

                        $1800.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 12/27/02

                        Q1- Electrochromic Materials and Applications

$7171.00         R1-R11- Fullerenes Symposia 

                        $7171.00    Authorized by Fullerenes- 3/13/03

                        R1- Research Overviews

                        R2- Electron Transfer and its Applications

                        R3- Photoinduced Processes

                        R4- Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes

                        R5- Nanotubes, Nanoscale Materials, and Molecular Devices

                        R6- Energetics and Structures

                        R7- Endofullerenes and Carbon Nanocapsules

                        R8- Solid-State Physics

                        R9- Fullerene Based Materials for Medicine

                        R10- Polyphyrins and Supramolecular Devices

 $750.00          S1- Nanostructured Thin Films:  New Routes to Advanced Materials and Application 

                        $750.00    Authorized by the New Technology Subcommittee- 3/13/03

$10,800.00      T1- Eighth International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC VIII)

                        $2500.00    Authorized by Energy Technology- 1/15/02    

                        $2500.00    Authorized by Battery-1/2/02

                        $2500.00    Authorized by HTM- 1/15/02

                        $3300.00    Received from Previous Outside Funding- 1/9/03

$3000.00        U1- High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry IV

                        $2000.00    Authorized HTM- 9/20/02

                        $1000.00    Authorized by Corrosion- 10/20/02    

$15,500.00      V1- CVD XVI and EUROCVD 14

                        $3000.00    Authorized by HTM- 1/17/02

                        $2500.00    Authorized by DS&T- 1/16/02

                        $2500.00    Authorized by Electronics- 12/17/02

                        $5000.00    Received from UT-Battelle- 12/30/02

                         $500.00    Received from Epichem, Inc. - 2/10/03

                         $500.00     Received from Applied Material- 3/26/03  

                        $500.00    Received from Reaction Design- 4/7/03

                        $500.00    Received from Praxair- 4/7/03

                        $500.00    Received from Atofina-4/7/03 

                        W1- Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering General Session

                        W2- Chlor-Alkali and Chemical Synthesis Using Industrial Membrane and Diaphragm Processes 

                        X1- Transient Techniques in Electrochemistry

$500.00           Y1- Sixth International Symposium on Electrochemical Mineral and Materials Processing

                        $500.00    Authorized by IEEE- 1/7/03

                        Z1- Computational Chemistry

                        AA1- Second International Symposium on Organic and Inorganic Materials for Light Emitting Diodes

                        AA2- Twelfth International Symposium on the Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials

                        AB1- First International Symposium on Molecular Magnetic Materials 

                        AC1- Organic and Biological Electrochemistry General Session

  $950.00        AC2- Electron Transfer Through Organic and Biological Bridges

                        $950.00    Authorized by Electrodeposition- 3/13/03

                        AC3- Mechanistic and Synthetic Aspects of Organic and Biological Electrochemistry

                        AD1- Environmentally Friendly Organic Electrode Processes

                        AE1- Physical Electrochemistry General Session 

   $1900.00      AE2- Electrochemistry of Novel Electrode Materials

                        $1900.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 2/3/03

   $750.00        AF1- Gerischer Symposium on Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials and Interfaces

                        $750.00    Authorized by Physical Electrochemistry- 1/30/03

                        AG1- Interfacial Studies By Synchrotron Techniques                    

   $1000.00      AH1- Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session

                        $1000.00    Authorized by the Sensor Division- 12/11/02

                        AI1- Chemical Sensors and Electroanalytical Methods and Systems