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211th ECS Meeting

Chicago, Illinois | May 6-10, 2007
Hilton Chicago

Call for Papers

Last update: 11/14/2006

General Information
The 211th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society will be held from May 6-11, 2007. This major international conference offers a unique blend of electrochemical and solid-state science and technology; and serves as a major forum for the discussion of interdisciplinary research from around the world through a variety of formats, such as oral presentations, poster sessions, exhibits, and tutorial sessions.

Symposium Topics


Abstract Submission and Deadlines

Abstracts are due no later than January 3, 2007.

Submit one original meeting abstract electronically via, no later than January 3, 2007. Faxed abstracts, late abstracts, and abstracts more than one page in length will not be accepted. In February 2007, all presenting authors will receive an e-mail from the ECS headquarters office notifying them of the date and time of their presentation. Only authors with a non-U.S. address will receive a hardcopy acceptance letter. Other hardcopy letters will be sent only upon request.

Note: Some abstracts are due earlier than January 3, 2006. Please carefully check symposium listing for any alternate abstract submission deadlines. For complete details on abstract submission and symposium topics, please see

Meeting abstracts should explicitly state objectives, new results, and conclusions or significance of the work. Abstracts must be properly formatted and no more than one page in length. Please use the preformatted template. Programming for this meeting will occur in January and February of 2007, with some papers scheduled for poster presentation. Check the ECS website for further program details.

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Paper Presentation

All authors selected for either oral or poster presentations will be notified in February of 2007. Oral presentations must be in English. Only LCD projectors will be provided for oral presentations. Presenting authors will be required to bring their own laptops to the meeting. We strongly suggest that presenting authors verify laptop/projector compatibility in the speaker ready room prior to their presentation at the meeting. Speakers requiring additional equipment must make written request to the ECS headquarters office at least one month prior to the meeting and appropriate arrangements will be worked out, subject to availability, and at the expense of the author. Poster presentations should be displayed in English, on a board approximately 4 feet high by 8 feet wide (1.22 meters high by 2.45 meters wide), corresponding to the abstract number and day of presentation in the final program.

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Manuscript Publication

Meeting Abstracts — All meeting abstracts will be published both on the ECS website and in the Meeting Abstracts CD-ROM copyrighted by ECS, and become the property of ECS upon presentation.

ECS Transactions — All full papers presented at ECS meetings are eligible for submission to the online publication, ECS Transactions (ECST). Each meeting is represented by a “volume” of ECST, and each symposium is represented by an “issue.”

Some symposia will publish their issue to be available for sale “AT” the meeting; some of these issues will also be available in a hard-cover edition. Please see each individual symposium listing in this Call to determine if there will be an “AT” meeting issue. In this case, submission to ECST is mandatory, and required in advance of the meeting.

Some symposia will publish their issue to be available “AFTER” the meeting. Even if an individual symposium listing does not specify publication of an ECST issue, all authors are still encouraged to submit their full papers. To determine acceptance in ECST, all submitted manuscripts will be reviewed, either by the symposium organizers or by the ECST Editorial Board. After the meeting, all accepted papers in ECST will be available for sale, either individually, or by issue.

Papers presented at the meeting, and papers submitted to ECST, may also be submitted to the Society’s technical journals: the Journal of The Electrochemical Society or Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters. Full manuscripts must be submitted within six months of the symposium date. “Instructions to Authors” are available from the ECS headquarters office, the journals, or the ECS website.

Please visit the ECST website ( for additional information, including overall guidelines, deadlines for submissions and reviews, author and editor instructions, a manuscript template, and much more.

If publication is desired elsewhere after presentation, written permission from ECS is required.

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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is very limited and generally governed by the symposium organizers. Individuals may inquire directly to the symposium organizers of the symposium in which they are presenting their paper to see if funding is available. Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation should write to the ECS headquarters office; such letters will not imply any financial responsibility of ECS. Students seeking financial assistance should consider awarded travel grants.

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Hotel Reservations

The 211th Meeting will be held at the Hilton Chicago, located at 720 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60605, USA.

Special rates have been reserved at the Hilton Chicago for participants attending this meeting. The reservation deadline is April 6, 2007; please refer to ECS website for rates and reservations.

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Meeting Registration

All participants, including authors and invited speakers of the 211th Meeting, are required to pay the appropriate registration fees. Hotel and meeting registration materials will be distributed in February of 2007 and will also be available on the ECS website ( The deadline for advance registration is April 6, 2007.

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Short Courses

A number of short courses will be offered on Sunday, May 6, 2007 from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM. Short Courses require advance registration and may be cancelled if enrollments are too low. The following Short Courses are planned for the meeting: Basic Electrochemical Measurements, PEM Fuel Cells, Basics of Impedance Spectroscopy, Electrochemical Capacitors, Electrochemical Nanotechnology, Electrical Characterization and Characteristics of MOS Devices with Ultrathin High-k Gate Dielectrics, Lithium Ion Batteries, and Molecular Electronics. Please check the ECS website for the final list of offerings.

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Technical Exhibit

The 211th ECS Meeting will also include a Technical Exhibit, featuring presentations and displays by over 30 manufacturers of instruments, materials, systems, publications, and software of interest to meeting attendees. Full exhibit booths manned by company representatives cost $1,800 and include one free meeting registration. Literature display tables (unmanned by company representatives; no meeting registration included) will also be available for $850. Parties interested in exhibiting should contact Amir Zaman at the ECS headquarters office for more information. Coffee breaks are scheduled each day in the exhibit hall along with evening poster sessions to increase traffic.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

ECS biannual meetings are wonderful chances to market your company through sponsorship. Sponsors will be recognized by level in Interface, the Meeting Program, the Exhibit Guide, on registrant bags, and on the ECS website.

The Levels are: Platinum: $5,000+, Gold: $2,500+, Silver: $1,000+, and Bronze: $1,000.

In addition, sponsorships are available for the plenary talks and other special events. These opportunities include the recognition stated above along with additional personalized packages. Special event sponsorships will be assigned by the Society on a first-come, first served basis. For more information, contact Amir Zaman at ECS headquarters.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions or require additional information, contact The Electrochemical Society, 65 South Main Street, Pennington, New Jersey, 08534-2839, USA, tel: 609.737.1902, fax: 609.737.2743, e-mail:; Web:

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A - General Topics
A1 General Student Poster Session

Tutorials in Nanotechnology: Focus on High Temperature Materials

B - Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Energy Conversion
B1 Electrochemistry of Novel Electrode Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
B2 Characterization and Prevention of Failure Modes of Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion Batteries in Transportation Applications
B3 High Temperature Batteries
B4 Hydrogen Production, Transport, and Storage 2
B5 Medical Batteries
B6 Power Sources for EV and HEV Applications
C - Biomedical Applications and Organic Electrochemistry
C1 Organic and Biological Electrochemistry General Oral and Poster Session
C2 Building Complexity into Electrodes and Electrode Processes
C3 New Bioanalytical and Biomedical Methods
C4 Organic and Biological Nanosystems
D - Corrosion, Passivation, and Anodic Films
D1 Corrosion General Session
E - Dielectric and Semiconductor Materials, Devices, and Processing
E1 Advanced Gate Stack, Source/Drain, and Channel Engineering for Si-Based CMOS: New Materials, Processes, and Equipment 3
E2 Processes at the Semiconductor Solution Interface 2
E3 Silicon Nitride, Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films and Emerging Dielectrics 9
E4 SOI Device Technology 13
E5 State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors (SOTAPOCS 46)
E6 Thin Film Materials, Processes, and Reliability
F - Electrochemical/Chemical Deposition and Etching
F1 Electrochemical Processing in ULSI and MEMS 3
G - Electrochemical Synthesis and Engineering
G1 Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering General Session
G2 Design of Electrode Structures
G3 Membranes for Electrochemical Applications
G4 Multi-Scale Simulations of Electrochemical Systems
H - Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures
H1 Electron Transfer and Applications of Fullerene and Nanostructured Materials, in Honor of David Schuster
H2 Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes
H3 Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Fundamental Properties and Processes
H4 Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Applications and Devices
H5 Endofullerenes and Carbon Nanocapsules
H6 Energetics and Structure
H7 Solid-State Physics
H8 Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures: Medicine and Biology
H9 Porphyrins and Supramolecular Assemblies
H10 Metallic and Semiconductor Nanoparticles
I - Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry
I1 Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry General Session
I2 Advance In-Situ Techniques for Analysis of Electrochemical Systems
J - Sensors and Displays: Principles, Materials, and Processing
J1 Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session
J2 Clinical and Diagnostic Sensors and Systems
J3 Nanoporous Materials: Chemistry and Applications
J4 Persistent Phosphors 3
J5 Sensors Based on Nanotechnology 3

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