221st ECS Meeting - Seattle, Washington

May 6 - May 10, 2012



E2 - Graphene, Ge/III-V, Nanowires, and Emerging Materials for Post-CMOS Applications 4


Monday, May 7, 2012

Room 2B, Level 2, Washington State Convention Center

Physics and Technology of Graphene

Co-Chairs: Yaw Obeng, Purushothaman Srinivasan, Zia Karim, Stefan De Gendt, Durga Misra
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
09:00 Introductory Remarks (5 Minutes)
09:05   750   Physical Properties of Bilayer Exciton Condensates A. H. MacDonald, D. Pesin, I. Sodemann, L. F. Register, and S. K. Banerjee (The University of Texas at Austin)
09:45   751   Bilayer PseudoSpin Field Effect Transistor (BiSFET): Concepts and Critical Issues for Realization L. F. Register, D. Reddy, X. Mau, W. Jung, I. Sodemann, D. Pesin, A. Hassibi, A. H. MacDonald, and S. K. Banerjee (The University of Texas at Austin)
10:25 Intermission (10 Minutes)
10:35   752   Current Switching in Crossed Graphene Nanoribbons R. K. Lake and K. Habib (University of California Riverside)
11:15   753   Graphene Bilayers: Electron Transport and Device Applications E. Tutuc (The University of Texas at Austin)
11:55   754   Wafer-Scale Graphene Nanoribbon Transistor Technology D. Jena, W. Hwang, K. Tahy, P. Zhao (University of Notre Dame), R. Myers-Ward, P. M. Campbell, C. R. Eddy Jr., D. Gaskill (U. S. Naval Research Laboratory), H. Xing, and A. C. Seabaugh (University of Notre Dame)

Performance and Metrology of Graphene

Co-Chairs: P Srinivasan and Jeffry Kelber
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   755   On/Off-Current Ratios of In-Situ CCVD Grown Bilayer Graphene FETs as a Function of Temperature P. Wessely, F. Wessely, E. Birinci (Technische Universität Darmstadt), B. Riedinger (Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik), and U. Schwalke (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
14:40   756   Carbon Device Metrology for Direct Measurement of Reconfigurable p-n Junctions in Graphene Y. Wang and R. E. Geer (University at Albany)
15:20   757   Performance Analysis of Graphene RF Transistors M. C. Lemme (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
16:00   758   In Situ Electrical Studies of Ozone Based Atomic Layer Deposition on Graphene J. Kim, S. Jandhyala, G. Mordi, and B. Lee (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Room 2B, Level 2, Washington State Convention Center

Graphene Growth and Characterization

Co-Chairs: Stefan De Gendt and Erik Neyts
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
09:00   759   Direct Graphene Growth on Oxides: Interfacial Interactions and Band Gap Formation J. A. Kelber, M. Zhou, S. Gaddam, F. L. Pasquale (University of North Texas), L. Kong, and P. A. Dowben (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
09:40   760   Aberration Corrected Microscopy of CVD Graphene and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Epitaxial Graphene and CVD Graphene for Comparison of the Dielectric Function F. Nelson, E. Comfort, D. Prasad Sinha, J. Lee, A. Diebold (SUNY Albany), J. Idrobo (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), A. Sandin, D. B. Dougherty, D. E. Aspnes, and J. E. Rowe (NCSU)
10:20 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:40   761   Modeling the Growth of SWNTs and Graphene on the Atomic Scale E. C. Neyts (Unversity of Antwerp), A. C. Van Duin (The Pennsylvania State University), and A. Bogaerts (University of Antwerp)
11:20   762   Large Area Mapping of Graphene Grain Structure and Orientation H. Floresca, D. Hinojos, N. Lu, J. Chan (The University of Texas at Dallas), L. Colombo (Texas Instruments), R. Wallace, J. Kim, and M. J. Kim (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Ge and III/V Technologies

Co-Chairs: Zia Karim and Wolfgang Stolz
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   763   III-Sb MOSFETS : Opportunities and Challenges A. Nainani (Stanford University), Z. Yuan (Stanford Univeristy), A. Kumar (Stanford University), J. Boos (Naval Reserach Laboratory), B. R. Bennett (Naval Research Laboratory), and K. C. Saraswat (Stanford University)
14:40   764   Passivation Challenges with Ge and III/V Devices S. Sioncke, D. Lin, L. Nyns, A. Delabie, M. Caymax, A. Thean, N. Horiguchi, H. Struyf, and S. De-Gendt (imec)
15:20   765   Investigation of Thermal Stress Relief Mechanism and Corresponding Hole Mobility Improvement in Epitaxially Grown, Wafer-Scale Ge on Si, Using Air-Gapped SiO2 Nanotemplates S. Ghosh (The University of New Mexico), D. Leonhardt (Sandia National Laboratories), and S. M. Han (The University of New Mexico)
15:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
16:00   766   Integration of InGaAs Channel n-MOS Devices on 200mm Si Wafers Using the Aspect-Ratio-Trapping Technique N. Waldron (imec), G. Wang (MEMC), N. D. Nguyen (Université de Liège), T. Orzali, C. Merckling, G. Brammertz, P. Ong, G. Winderickx, G. Hellings, G. Eneman, M. Caymax, M. Meuris, N. Horiguchi, and A. Thean (imec)
16:40   767   Adding New Functionality to Silicon CMOS Integrated Circuits via Deterministic Assembly T. S. Mayer, W. Hu, K. Sun, X. Zhong, T. Morrow, K. Liddell, J. S. Mayer, and C. Keating (The Pennsylvania State University)
17:20   768   Desorption of Ge Species during Thermal Oxidation of Ge and Annealing of HfO2/GeO2 Stacks C. Radtke, G. Rolim (Instituto de Química - UFRGS), S. Da Silva, G. Soares, C. Krug (Instituto de Física - UFRGS), and I. Baumvol (Instituto de Física - UFRGS and UCS)
17:40   769   Supramolecular Organization of Ultra-narrow PbS Nanowires into Dimension Controlled Sheets Comparable to Three Layers of Graphene S. Acharya (IACS)

Ballroom 6E, Level 6, Washington State Convention Center

E2 Poster Session

Co-Chairs: Yaw Obeng and D Misra
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   772   Reduced Perssure-Chemical Vapor Deposition of High Quality Ge Layers on SiGe/Si Superlayers for Microelectronics and Optoelectronics Purposes D. Chen, X. Zhongying (Chinese Academy of Sciences), L. Su (Lanzhou University), and M. Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
o   774   Trimethylaluminum Passivation of Al2O3/InGaAs Interface for Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices J. Ahn and P. McIntyre (Stanford University)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Room 2B, Level 2, Washington State Convention Center

III-V integration

Co-Chairs: D Misra and Sonja Sioncke
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
09:00   775   Novel Dilute Nitride III/V-Semiconductor Laser System for the Monolithic Integration to Si-Microelectronics B. Kunert, K. Volz, and W. Stolz (NAsP III/V GmbH)
09:40   776   New Method to Produce High-Quality Epitaxial Ge on Si Using SiO2-Lined Etch Pits and Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth for III-V Integration D. Leonhardt (Sandia National Laboratories) and S. M. Han (The University of New Mexico)
10:10 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:30   777   VO2, a Metal-Insulator Transition Material for Nanoelectronic Applications K. M. Martens, I. P. Radu (imec), G. Rampelberg (University of Gent), J. Verbruggen, S. Cosemans, S. Mertens, S. Xiaoping, M. Schaekers, C. Huyghebaert (imec), C. Detavernier (University of Gent), S. De-Gendt, M. Heyns, and J. A. Kittl (imec)
11:10   778   Demonstration of Single Crystal GaAs Layers on CTE-Matched Substrates by the Smart Cut Technology T. Jouanneau, Y. Bogumilowicz, P. Gergaud, V. Delaye (CEA-Leti), V. Klinger, F. Dimroth (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems), A. Tauzin (CEA-Leti), B. Ghyselen (Soitec S.A.), and V. Carron (CEA-Leti)
11:40   779   Characterization of Rapid Melt Growth (RMG) Process for High Quality Thin Film Germanium on Insulator N. Zainal (Queen's University Belfast), S. Mitchell (Queens University Belfast), D. W. McNeill, M. F. Bain (Queen's University Belfast), B. Armstrong (Queens University Belfast), P. T. Baine (Queen's University Belfast), D. Adley, and T. S. Perova (The University of Dublin)
12:10   780   High Yield, Low Temperature and Low Pressure Growth of Silicon Nanowires (SiNW) H. Taghinejad, M. Taghinejad, M. Abdolahad, A. Akhavan Farahani, and S. Mohajerzadeh (University of Tehran)

Fabrication and Characterization of III-V's

Co-Chairs: Yaw Obeng, P Srinivasan, Zia Karim, Stefan De Gendt, D. Misra
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   781   Germanium Doping, Contacts, and Thin-Body Structures R. Duffy and M. Shayesteh (Tyndall National Institute)
14:40   782   Ge on Insulator (GOI) Structure Using Ge Lateral Overgrowth J. Nam, T. Fuse, Y. Nishi, and K. C. Saraswat (Stanford University)
15:00   783   Multiple-Gate In0.53Ga0.47 as Channel n-MOSFETs with Self-Aligned Ni-InGaAs Contacts X. Zhang, H. Guo, X. Gong, C. Guo, and Y. Yeo (National University of Singapore)
15:20 Intermission (10 Minutes)
15:30   784   Sub-100nm Non-Planar 3D InGaAs MOSFETs: Fabrication and Characterization J. J. Gu and P. D. Ye (Purdue University)
16:10   785   Many-Body Effects in Epitaxial Graphene Mediated by Localized States C. F. Flipse (Eindhoven University of Technology)


16:50   786   Non-Destructive, Large-Scale Imaging of Anti-Phase Disorder in GaP Epilayers on Si(001) Using Low-Energy Electron Microscopy B. Borkenhagen, G. Lilienkamp, W. Daum (Clausthal University of Technology), H. Döscher, and T. Hannappel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Materials for Photovoltaics)
17:10 Concluding Remarks (10 Minutes)