Honolulu PRiME 2012 - Honolulu, Hawaii

October 7 - October 12, 2012



D2 - Materials Degradation in Energy Systems: Corrosion and Hydrogen-Material Interactions


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kamehameha Exhibit Hall 3, Level 1, Hawaii Convention Center

D2 - Poster Session

Co-Chairs: N. Missert
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
o   2144   First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Chemical Degradation of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes A. Kobayashi, T. Ishikawa, Y. Higuchi, N. Ozawa, T. Shimazaki, and M. Kubo (Tohoku University)
o   2145   Molecular Dynamics Study for Sintering Characterstics of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode K. Nakao, T. Ishimoto, and M. Koyama (Kyushu University)
o   2146   Density Functional Theory Study and Model Development on Pt Nano-Particles G. Brunello, J. Choi, S. Jang (Georgia Institute of Technology), and D. B. Harvey (Queen's University)
o   2147   Density Functional Theory Study of Pt Dissolution at Water-Pt Interface J. Choi, G. Brunello, S. Jang (Georgia Institute of Technology), and D. B. Harvey (Queen's University)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

306A, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Fuel Cell Degradation

Co-Chairs: N. Missert and S. Fujimoto
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   2148   Degradation Mechanisms in PEM Fuel Cells R. L. Borup (Los Alamos National Laboratory), R. K. Ahluwalia (Argonne National Laboratory), K. L. More (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), C. Johnston, and R. Mukundan (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
08:30   2149   Regarding the Enhanced Durability of Platinum Monolayer Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction K. Sasaki (Brookhaven National Laboratory), H. Naohara (Toyota Motor Corporation), K. A. Kuttiyiel, Y. Choi, D. Su, P. Liu, and R. R. Adzic (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
09:00   2150   Dissolution Mechanism of Platinum in Simulated PEFC Conditions Y. Sugawara (Tohoku University), T. Okayasu, A. P. Yadav, A. Nishikata, and T. Tsuru (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
09:20   2151   Selective Dissolution of Binary Pt Alloys in Sulfuric Acid Solution Y. Hoshi (Tokyo University of Science), R. Ozawa, T. Yoshida, E. Tada, A. Nishikata, and T. Tsuru (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
09:40 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:00   2152   Influence of Cathode Polarization on the Chromium Poisoning of SOFC Cathode Materials LSM, LSCF and LNF E. Park (Kyushu University), S. Taniguchi, Y. Tachikawa (International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy), Y. Shiratori, and K. Sasaki (Kyushu University)
10:20   2153   Micro Modeling Study of Cathode/Electrolyte Interfacial Stresses for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells X. Jin, J. Shi, and X. Xue (University of South Carolina)
10:40   2154   High Temperature Oxidation of Ferritic Steels for Solid Oxide Electrolysis Stacks S. Molin, M. Chen, J. J. Bentzen, and P. Hendriksen (Technical University of Denmark)

Corrosion Issues in Nuclear Energy

Co-Chairs: S. Fujimoto
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
11:00   2155   On the Shape of Stress Corrosion Cracks in Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Reactor Piping D. Kramer, S. Lee, and D. D. Macdonald (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:20   2156   Electrochemical Impedance Modeling of the Passivity of Iron in Simulated Concrete Pore Water D. D. Macdonald, S. Sharifiasl (The Pennsylvania State University), and G. R. Engelhardt (OLI Systems, Inc.)
11:40   2157   Comparative Study of Oxide Film Formation as a Function of Potential on High-Purity Co and Stellite-6 M. Behazin, X. Zhang, M. Biesinger, J. J. Noël, and J. Wren (Western University)

Degradation Issues and Mitigation in Batteries, Photoanodes, and Solar Panels

Co-Chairs: N. Missert
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
14:00   2158   Materials and Interfaces Degradation in High-Energy Cathodes for Li-ion Batteries R. M. Kostecki, I. T. Lucas, N. S. Norberg (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and J. S. Syzdek (Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory)
14:30   2159   Corrosion Behavior of Nitride Coatings for Anodic Protection in Liquid Metal Batteries S. Phadke and D. R. Sadoway (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
14:50   2160   Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Nanocomposites for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting P. C. McIntyre (Stanford University)
15:20   2161   Materials Degradation in Solar Panels H. G. Wheat (The University of Texas at Austin)

Degradation during production, transportation, and storage of fuels

Co-Chairs: J. Noel
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
16:00   2162   Degradation of Electrocatalysts Used in the Reduction of CO2 - A Review N. Sridhar (Det Norske Veritas (USA) Inc.), A. S. Agarwal, S. Guan, and E. Rode (Det Norske Veritas (USA), Inc.)
16:30   2163   Computational Study on Nickel Catalyst Degradation Mechanism by Carbon Deposit in Hydrogen Production T. Ogura, H. Tsukikawa, and M. Tajima (Kyushu University)
16:50   2164   Electrochemistry of Ferroelectric PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 Thin Films in Sulfuric Acid L. J. Small (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), C. Apblett, J. Ihlefeld, G. Brennecka (Sandia National Laboratories), and D. Duquette (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
17:10   2165   Electrochemical Mechanism and Model of H2S Corrosion of Carbon Steel Y. Zheng, B. Brown, and S. Nesic (Ohio University)
17:30   2166  
Corrosivity Comparison between Petroleum and Blended Hydro-Refined Diesel and Jet Fuels J. S. Lee, R. Ray, and B. Little (Naval Research Laboratory)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

306A, Level 3, Hawaii Convention Center

Hydrogen Interactions with Materials

Co-Chairs: Lillard, Hebert, Scully
TimeProgr#Title and Authors
08:00   2167   Electrochemical and Metal-Phase Processes Accompanying Hydrogen Absorption in Aluminum During Aqueous Corrosion K. R. Hebert, O. O. Capraz, P. Shrotriya, and G. Zhang (Iowa State University)
08:20   2168   Effect of Absorbed Hydrogen on Cavity Formation at High Temperature Water and Its Role on SCC Growth K. Arioka (Institute of Nuclear Safety System)
08:50   2169   The Effects of Chromate, Molybdate, and other Selected Inhibitors on Surface and Crack Tip Corrosion Inhibition S. B. Madden and J. R. Scully (University of Virginia)
09:20   2170   Hydrogen Diffusion and Trapping in High Purity Al and Aluminum Alloy 5083-H131 J. Ai, M. Lim, and J. R. Scully (University of Virginia)
09:50 Intermission (20 Minutes)
10:10   2171   Lattice Defects Induced by Hydrogen Absorption in Metallic Materials H. Suzuki, K. Takai (Sophia University), and M. Fujinami (Chiba University)
10:40   2172   The Hydriding of Uranium: Bulk Transport and Trapping of Hydrogen in Uranium R. Lillard (University of Akron), C. D. Taylor, J. R. Wermer, N. A. Mara, and J. C. Cooley (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
11:00   2173   The Influence of Hydrogen on Nuclear Fuel Corrosion Inside a Failed Waste Container M. E. Broczkowski, L. Wu, Z. Qin (Western University), and D. W. Shoesmith (University of Western Ontario)
11:30   2174   ZrO2 Passive Layer Stability Loss in the Presence of Hydrogen Defects - Connections to Pit Initiation M. Youssef and B. Yildiz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
11:50   2175   The effect of Thermal Hydrogenation Processing on the Oxide Layer Formation of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy L. Wang, S. Yu (National Defense University), C. Shen (Yuan Ze University), C. Chang, and C. Tsai (National Defense University)